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EDC Orlando is going to be the last EDC of 2013, so you better make a trip out for this one cuz there won’t be another one for another 6 months or more in 2014. This year, EDC Orlando is happening late in the year again, during November 8 – 9, 2013. Just like EDC PR, the location has not yet been set, but once it has, we’ll be on top of it providing you with the tips and tricks on where to stay, how to prepare… heck even what to wear! Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Reddit SubscribeJoin our listSubscribe to our mailing list and get interesting stuff and updates to your email inbox. It will be a 2 day festival featuring multiple stages, carnival rides, art installations and theatrical performers.

But, assuming Insomniac thought last years location for EDC Orlando was good enough, we can expect this years festival to be in the same place. He wants to virtually take you with him to all of his favorite cities, by knowing the local news, as well as the best hotels, dining, and activities for each city. It also delved into the aspect of PLUR and the reasons behind why some people wore what they did.
Luckily we had Tavits Photography and EDM Sauce on the scene to cover this momentous event. For the most part, everyone wore what they did to express themselves and exemplify freedom.

For those of you who missed out completely and are reading our articles, this is to just make you extremely envious.

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