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This past Memorial Day Weekend, Insomniac Events brought EDC to New York and what a weekend it was.
In the case you were not among the lucky attendees at this year’s EDC New York, know that you never TRULY miss anything in this day in age.
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EDC New York‘s 2016 edition took place this last weekend at Citi Field, and even if you missed it you can still relive some of its more memorable moments.
Jauz, Dillon Francis, Madeon, Marshmello and Oliver Heldens are among the artists whose sets have been uploaded to We Need Music Festival’s Mixcloud account. If these live set recordings are any indicator, EDC New York was easily the best thing going on in the Big Apple this past weekend. Carl Cox is a legend on the decks and anybody who has the opportunity to see him spin live should take advantage.
Gazzo, a name you may have yet to hear of, is a set I am calling my early set to see next weekend. At EDC’s alternate main stage, the EDM king of pop culture Calvin Harris will be playing, but I have to recommend Knife Party closes your weekend.
Another young artist, Oliver Heldens has made quite the rise to stardom in the past year, similar to the rise of Martin Garrix in the year prior.

With a lot of amazing dubstep DJs at EDC this year, I happen to think Seven Lions is (besides Bassnectar) one of the best dubstep sets to see at EDC, or anywhere. The Magician is an artist a lot of people don’t talk about, but he is actually a magician on stage.
Okay, you may have noticed I was missing a trap DJ on my sets to see, but this was alphabetical… last, but not least, Yellow Claw brings an energy to the stage that I never witnessed before I saw the trio live last year at EDC New York. Oh, don’t have tickets, well there are still some available (two days and single day tickets), but there are not many left; I hope to see you there!
For the past two days, hundreds of today’s top artists came and performed in a fashionable way. We at Run The Trap are very selective of the music we post, and make sure to only share the utmost quality works on our website. Electronic music uploaders We Need Music Festival have unearthed a handful of live set recordings from several of the massive’s more recognizable names. Performances by Ephwurd and Drezo bring more bass house to the table, and a disco-heavy set by Australian producer Throttle stands out as a definite highlight. After listening to the sets from the list below, pay a visit to the comments section and let us know if you were lucky enough to be in attendance. The DJ always brings a big crowd, but with the insane sets he delivers, he deserves even bigger. I know a lot of other “more mainstream” artists will be playing at the same time, but will be an hour and a half set so everyone should definitely stop by! Honestly, both of these DJs are going to put on amazing sets and it sucks that we can only see one of them, but whoever you so choose to see you are going to have a good time, that is what matters most!
Gazzo is an up and coming artist who has made large strides in the past year and I highly recommend you check out his set Saturday afternoon!

The DJ duo played what was one of the best sets at Ultra in Miami this year and I do not know how you can miss a chance to see that live! I am not making you go, but there is no reason to hate on this kid because he is good and the only way is up for him!
And like Martin Garrix, Oliver is also a young, yet extremely talented DJ and I also suggest you check out his set Sunday afternoon! Seven Lions played in Philadelphia the other night and I heard it was amazing, you have to see him! He always plays spectacular sets and the second I saw his name on the lineup, I knew that he was on my list to see… he is magical!
Yes, this is the hardest decision I will ever make in my entire life… I cannot help you choose who, I have no idea who I might be going to see. No problem, the internet has you covered. Live sets from the weekend have begun to pop up on Mixcloud and Soundcloud, among other sites. I highly recommend making a stop inside the stadium to see 12th planet kill it on Sunday night! As always, Pasquale Rotella is delivering a massive lineup and with set times now announced, it is time for us headliners to begin planning the soundtrack to our weekend.
He eats, sleeps, and breathes techno, tech house, deep house, and g-house (but well-versed in the majority of electronic genres).

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