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These are 12 videos result for the Edc new york 2015 after, hit the "Play This Video" to watch streaming the Edc new york 2015 after online. Yesterday Insomniac owl-in-chief Pasquale Rotella promised us a very special announcement for today to follow up on the release of the official EDC NY trailer.
As of today, nine artists have been added to the lineup in addition to Foreign Beggars being pulled. Well start the drumroll because here's the phase one lineup, with more names to be announced in coming weeks!

New confirmed performances come from Cedric Gervais, Sean Glass, Troy Kurtz, Rynecologist, Rene Lavice, Meech, Kromo, Brass Fergie, and Armanni Reign. Join us as we journey deep into the owl realm, a kinetic utopia where the elements of earth, fire, water and air are bound together by our connected energy and amplified by the wonders of technology. We couldn't be more excited for a new and different journey into the world of Electric Daisy here in New York City at a new venue.
We have also confirmed that The Bloody Beetroots will be playing a live set (Sir Bob + Battle on Synths and Edward Grinch on drums) instead of a DJ set which is always a fun time!

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