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Imagine a place where an electric vibe runs through your body fueled by the thumping bass of music, matching the beating of your  heart.
The 18th annual Electric Daisy Carnival returned once again to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway this year in true Insomniac style.
Insomniac never fails to bring in some of the most sought-out talent from all over the world. Kinetic Field this year was categorized as one of the largest stages built to-date for Insomniac. The Circuit Grounds dome made its triumphant return once again this year doubling in size with over 10,000 square feet of video panels which descended a-top the dome’s ceiling into the crowd below for a truly remarkable visual experience.
Cosmic Meadow was not left out of the upgraded expansion treatment given to the rest of the stages. The Basscon Stage theme is one that we truly enjoyed witnessing ever since it’s debut last year. Aside from elaborate stages, production, and talent: a wide arrangement of art structures was spread around the speedway layout once again this year. As the 4th of July weekend comes upon us, it’s hard to look at your local pyrotechnics show and be content with it. We must give a huge thank you to Pasquale Rotella and the Insomniac team for making all of this happen. After 22 years as an organization, it’s only appropriate that Rock the Vote (RTV) keep track of what today’s youth are rockin’ out to, as well as what concerts are drawing in these young masses. The program has already hunkered down and registered tons of young voters at a slew of Insomniac shows such as, Nocturnal Wonderland in Austin and Electric Daisy Carnival New York. At EDC Las Vegas, Spin the Vote had an awesome army of volunteers who delved into the sea of sparkles and neon each night at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The Spin the Vote Lounge was the perfect place to meet up with friends, chill on comfy couches, and take in the amazing stream of flair flowing between the Cosmic Meadow and Neon Garden stages.
Speaking of Diplo, we caught up with him backstage where he had some powerful words for EDM fans and the importance of Spin the Vote. For everyone at EDC Las Vegas who went #HAM or #YOLO or whatever acronym you’re using these days, we hope you saw our lit-up STV truck, had a chance to check out the booth or had a nice chat with one of our trusty volunteers.
Nowadays, we can do almost anything on a smart phone: send emails, play games, and even watch movies. Pasquale Rotella is known using Twitter to interact with his fans and answer their questions.
We’ve compiled a list of the top 50 EDC Las Vegas questions that Pasquale has recently been asked on Twitter along with his response.
Q: Since cellphones will likely not be working would we be allowed to use our own walkie talkies as an option to communicate? Q: Are we allowed to take the portable chargers for out phones to edc just in case our phones die in the speedway?
Q: Got this backpack for edc it’s a little bigger than 12 x12 can you make an exception? Q: Since we’re allowed to bring gopros at EDC Vegas, do the poles have to be plastic so I can record up high? Q: I know go pros are allowed in but can we also bring extra batteries and the charger for it at EDC LV?

Q: Will the shuttle passes be able to be used at any shuttle or just the location we purchased it from? Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Think you’re too old for EDC? You may be right, but the longer you wait, the older you’ll get.
Over the last couple of years festivals have started offering payment plans when purchasing tickets so that more people will purchase the tickets and pay for them over the course of four to five months. As you receive your ticket package and shuttle wristband in the mail there’ll be excitement to just put it on and raise your hand in the air in victory but we suggest you wait. Starting on October 1, 2015 Nevada’s amended Live Entertainment Tax (LET) rate will be a flat rate of 9% of the admission charge to a venue where live entertainment is provided. Hosting the EDM Biz conference days just a few days leading up to the main event, Insomniac did not spare a single moment to kick-start the festivities. From artists like Tiesto, Kaskade, Armin Van Buuren, Above and Beyond to Audiofreq to Dubfire to Simon Patterson (to name a few), the musical spectrum that Insomniac crafted for this year was far and wide. Also the Wide Awake Art Cart and the popular BoomBox was a centralized stage, which hosted some smaller crowds at the speedway. Boosting approximately 440 feet wide and 80 feet tall, the gigantic “cathedral” was layered out by a large organ where DJs were stationed, surrounded by two larger than life owls overlooking the crowd. Measuring at approximately 400 feet long, the dome featured more than 750 assorted lighting features and lasers that can be easily said to be quite a success within the crowd favorites. Doubling in size, this stage was another major accomplishment that overtook the festival by storm this year. A beaming pyramid that could be seen behind Circuit Grounds often looked like a teleportation portal of sorts with its mystifying outlines.
Giant mushrooms, the world famous electric daisy, bamboo city, hug life stations, and a 3D backlight gallery were just some of the 20+ art installations that added on to the electrical experience only found at EDC. One can agree there’s nothing like a good 4-6 minute fireworks show that only happens at EDC while an artist is throwing down a set at one of the stages. This year the space and layout to accommodate the growing crowd was noticeable, as the capacity grew. It’s been an amazing experience getting to witness this year’s EDC come together and getting to witness all the hard work that everyone puts into making this mystifying world happen. Not to mention the biggest dance party in America – Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) Las Vegas. With clipboards in hand, our Spin the Vote volunteers were ready to give every festival-goer a chance to vote in 2012. They ripped, cut and fringed their Spin the Vote tees into EDC-worthy wear, rocked their own fun accessories, and added some of our booth’s special patriotic props – how can you pass up an Uncle Sam hat or a red, white and blue garter?!
We had a great view of Steve Aoki “crowd rafting” during super party boy Afrojack’s set on Friday night.
She has worked at several business technology magazines such as Business 2.0 and The Industry Standard, as well other magazine titles such as Allure, Yoga Journal and Dwell.
Imagine a place where lasers, fire, and world class lighting production coupled with hundreds of theatrical performers turn the night into day.
For the crowd that got to witness Eric Prydz’s “Laser Beam” experience, you know what we’re talking about.

It was hard to miss due to the positioning of the stage right when you walk down the grandstands through the main entrance of the speedway. This year, a post-apocalyptic Cyclops took over the stage, housing the artists in it’s mouth. Stage 7 by 7UP was a treat for many this year; incorporating an interactive layout where headliners could walk up on a deck overlooking the crowd and artist below, a disco ball seemed be the centralized piece that worked well along with the led panels that surrounded the stage for a more intimate feel. Just like any other carnival, the festival featured approximately 30 carnival rides for everyone’s enjoyment for free which (besides a short wait for some of them).
Whether it was someone’s first time attending or a veteran returning, there was no shortage of the amount of unity we all felt at any given night. And really, there’s no better way to register youth to vote and engage them face-to-face than by going to shows with them.
Plus, their buddy Kaskade dropped by to sign a poster (who wants it?!) and gave his own STV shout-out. Growing from last year, it’s safe to say that everyone was treated to something much bigger and so much better.
Look closely and you would have seen your favorite DJ jumping up and down to those fast hardstyle beats. The return of the wedding chapel this year was one of our personal highlights as we witnessed a few couples take that large step to proclaim their commitment to one another (about 70 legal weddings took place this year according to Insomniac). From hearing your personal stories, to trading kandi with us, to even offering us a small gesture like offering us water, we look forward to seeing what the rest of the 2014 holds. When she is not helping break the latest Schulz Army and The Scene is Dead news, you will find her at events waving the Schulz Army flag and passing out "Down the Rabbit Hole We Go!" wristbands. A family that you could just hug and embrace at any given moment, knowing everything will be okay. From the beautiful stage setups to their intricate designs, visual effect productions, and talent all came together to celebrate life and the dance music culture. If you’ve heard it, if it makes you move, you best believe you’re bound to have heard and encountered it at EDC. For those that were looking for the “underground” vibe, Cosmic Meadow brought the “underground” to the forefront.
It takes a large amount of time and creativity that can only go into a prestige event like EDC. Suzanne is also part of the TranceFamily SF team and helps out at local trance events hosted by Sondra Productions and Phoria Events.
The stage was also home to a variety of different acts like Carnage, who played a special hardstyle set, and Andrew Rayel who took us on an epic trance journey. EDC for us and for a large majority of others is a getaway, a getaway from the hardships and monotony of our daily lives. It’s not often you can go deep into a world where you don’t feel judged, or upset, or can just get a token of appreciation for a kind act.
For that, we truly are grateful that year after year the Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas comes around and reassures us that everything will be okay, that at the end of the day we are just grown up kids enjoying life and what it has to offer.

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