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Molecular cloning and characterization of Phoneutria nigriventer toxins active on calcium channels. Comparison of the partial proteomes of the venoms of Brazilian spiders of the genus Phoneutria. Inhibition of sodium channel gating by trapping the domain II voltage sensor with protoxin II.
SMase D is responsible for the dermonecrotic lesions and serious systemic effects (loxoscelism) that sometimes result from bites by spiders from the genera Loxosceles and Sicarius.
Compared chemical properties of dermonecrotic and lethal toxins from spiders of the genus Loxosceles (Araneae).
The toxin is at least 100-fold more potent against Nav1.7 than other human Nav channel subtypes. Neutralization of gating charges in the voltage sensor (S4) of domain II of Nav1.2 prevents the effect of the toxin on gating current.

SMase D catalyzes the hydrolysis of sphingomyelin to form ceramide 1-phosphate and choline.
A disulfide bond (typically Cys51-Cys57) that stabilizes the tip of the catalytic loop is conserved in all known sicariid SMases. In addition to being cytolytic, it has been proposed that SMase D may be neurotoxic to prey through indirect inhibition of ion channels.
Thus, it has been suggested that the toxin acts by trapping the voltage sensor of Nav channel domain II in the resting state, impeding outward gating movement of the IIS4 transmembrane segment of the channel. The latter intrathecal dose transiently reduced muscle tone and impaired motor function even though systemic levels at 4 hours after toxin administration were below the level of detection (3 nM).
It is also capable of cleaving lysophosphatidylcholine to release the pleiotropic lipid mediator lysophosphatidic acid. Although the North American brown recluse spider (Loxosceles reclusa) is perhaps the most well known sicariid spider, the most important species from a medical perspective are the South American spiders Loxosceles gaucho, Loxosceles intermedia (Mello-LeitA?o), and Loxosceles laeta, which together account for more than 3000 human envenomations per year.

Major lineages within each clade are distinguished by Roman numerals and subgroups within each lineage are distinguished by uppercase letters.
Several antivenoms are available but they are most effective when administered within 12 hours of envenomation. The generic name SicTox for sicariid SMases is derived from name Loxtox suggested by Kalapothakis et al.
The pharmacophore shown in the figure below, which is comprised exclusively of hydrophobic and cationic residues, is for interaction with Nav1.5 channels.

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