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There are people of all shapes and sizes here (I’m in PHP), although some of those shapes and sizes are more triggering than others!
Breakfast foods- cereal (Rice Krispies, Shredded Wheat, Raisin Bran, granola, Special K, Honey nut cheerios, corn flakes), white and wheat english muffins, white and wheat toast, cream of wheat, oatmeal, pb+banana quesadillas, pancakes, belgian waffles, rosemary potatoes, apple cinnamon ww pancake, maple cinnamon raisin oatmeal, blueberry muffin, white or wheat bagels, scrambled eggs, poached eggs, hard-boiled eggs, bacon, canadian bacon, omelets, PB banana smoothies every once in a while, cottage cheese, turkey sausage, pb, butter, cream cheese (on bagels), pecans, milk (soy, 1%, and whole), Activia or greek yogurt, really good fresh fruit, apple juice, orange juice, cranberry juice, raisins, etc. I hated the fact that everyone has to have flush checks, regardless of whether or not you have a purging history. I stayed for 6 weeks but I was transferred from somewhere else so I most likely would have stayed longer had I come straight there. The girl who’d been there longest when I was there was going on her 11th week but was getting ready to transfer to PHP. Everyone sits together unless you are on one-on-one in which case you sit at another table with a PCA. Oh, something i forgot to explain…in the morning there a three things you have to do before you start getting ready. The only thing not monitored are bathrooms, however I think if you just come directly into PHP you may be on bathroom observations for a short time or if you are struggling with purging they will put you on observations.
Programing is pretty much all day (8 to 7) so after I personally never really did anything. PS In full disclosure, I am not sure that I would wholeheartedly recommend ERC over some other places that I have been to. General Question and Comment ForumClick here to asks general questions, comments, or concerns that cannot be answered on the treatment pages. Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons License. The menu is also on a two week rotation but when I was there there was talk about getting a whole new menu soon. You literally get like a cup of hummus with just a little tiny pita bread and almost always have to just spoon up the hummus by spoonful to get it down by the end of it. This bugged me because I’ve never purged in my life and I don’t think it was fair since I’d never done anything to lose their trust. I’ve never been to treatment other than this but especially the DBT groups were just so repetitive and boring.
Again I’ve never been any place else so it’s hard for me to compare but for the most part I was impressed with the program.
Yoga 3 times a week if you are stable and even then the yoga is very easy and mostly just stretching. There’s usually only one vegetarian option for every meal and there are some rather gross ones.
If you’re not sure whether or not you want to they’ll just get you weight restored and then discharge you. You’re not allowed to stand either if they redirect you too many times they will put you in the wheelchair. Know that although they tell you you cannot have hairdryers, hiarspray, perfume, etc…it is allowed. This means that if you want to go to sleep before 9, you will not be able to brush your teeth, wash your face, etc. You come in on level one then when your treatment team, you, and your peers think you are ready, you go to level two. There were salads and LOTS of wraps, grilled chicken, but there was also chili and cornbread, pizza, hamburgers, etc.
You can just sleep through it if you want to.) recovery 101, relapse prevention, community (where everyone on your “team” (there are two teams at ERC. Everyone has to hold their flush until the staff sees it, and some rules I’m not sure how they work, so i wont give details. And there is always a line, which is why you want to get up early and beat the line (5:30 usually). Once you are there a while and improving you can move up to level 3 which just means a staff doesn’t sit directly at your table but they are in the room and process with you after.

Being in PHP does require a lot of accountability, I mean they are pretty good at figure out if your using behaviors and such but if your in PHP it’s expected you want to be there and that you will ask for support if you need it. Some girls would go out, girls that were approved to exercise would go do pole dancing once or twice a week.
I personally only stayed 2 but that’s because I was IP and Res for several weeks and then did a PHP by my home.
Don’t worry about not being the “sickest” or “thinnest” – this is a very common concern in general for people with EDs as I’m sure you know. There are designated pharmacy times when people line up to get meds, but usually is is a pretty broad window of time and there is hardly ever a line.
Psychodrama is a really intense group and most people love it, but it is a little too intense for me. There primarily anorexics and bulimics, and some purely binge eaters and over-exercisers, and its split pretty evenly between the two. I had a problem with the sweetness of most of the snacks but that’s probably more my ED talking anyways. So most meals I was only allowed to have 8oz water and since my meal plan was huge, I never had enough water for the large meals. My last biggest pet peeve was how we had to plan out our meals a week in advance and how we weren’t allowed to pick snacks “in the moment” and instead had to plan them out with our nutritionist. Breakfast and Dinner you sit at a table with a PCA and sometimes a nurse, at lunch on weekdays you sit with your therapist.
That’s about all the privileges you are given, they provide you with a laptop but everything is blocked. They keep it in a locked cabinet and you can only use it durring this time in the morning and at 9 pm when they open the bathrooms again.
Each therapist has 3 or 4 patients, so for this group two therapist and their patients have a small support like group. To be ready you have to finish around 90% of your meals without having to supplement (commonly known as “boosting” there  ) you have to show less behaviors and listen to the leader of the table if you are corrected about behaviors, and you have to be on time for all meals and snacks. When in PHP they may give you an exercise contract so you can exercise at the apartments that you stay at, but it is very general and not monitored. But there were people of all shapes and sizes and to my knowledge no one gave a crap (at least I didn’t). I absolutely adored my dietician and therapist (although the therapist is no longer working there). Also, if you need a specific med at a specific time or if you need something PRN, they will accomodate that.. One thing I love about the program is they are very individualized with ideal body weight and meal plans- they will not make you gain weight if you don’t need to. Eating on the level 1 tables was torture, at least for me because people are struggling a lot more. They also do outings over the weekend (residential goes one day and IP goes the other) and the same compliance rule applies for that outing as well. I was worried about the male thing at first but honestly I ended up liking the 3 males that were there even more than some, if not most of the girls.
They work off the exchange program and all of the exchanges are listed on the menus that you fill out, so its not too difficult.
And the therapists are amazing…but when i got out i realized there was a lot a did not learn. Then you have to get vitals standing up, laying down, temperature, they want to know exactly how many hours you sleep, etc.
There isn’t too much directly around the apartments, you need to take a cab or some of the girls may have their car. I think it would most likely be implemented if the patient requested it or if you were not gaining weight. What I liked about the ERC was the focus on your values system – what is important to your authentic self, what really makes you tick as a person and not as an eating disorder.

They worked well with me, medically; they made appointments for me to see a cardiologist and helped me a lot with my intestinal issues (not ED-related). I am actually going to go visit the place when I’m in Denver soon, just to see the changes that have been implemented and try to help me make up my mind about whether or not to go through it again. Their program is really individualized and they don’t have this “most people need to gain so thats what our meals are intended to do.” They work with you to get to a healthy range through healthy means, whether its to gain, lose, or maintain your current weight (I know, seems impossible! Places they went to while I was there included nails, Michael’s and Ulta (2x), a movie (New Years Eve), um I think that’s it. If you do not complete then you are given Boost which you are given 5 minutes to drink, depending on who’s giving you the Boost they may make you sit there with it for 5 minutes even if they know you’ll refuse. Well usually everyone doesn’t have anything to say because community happens everyday and they keep asking, is there anything going wrong in the community?
I did a 12-step program once and it was absolutely not the right path for me because it didn’t seem as individualized as I wanted. I have gastroparesis as well, among other GI issues, and thought they managed those issues pretty well. Trust me if you want the process to be as easy as possible, GET TO LEVEL 2 AS SOON AS YOU CAN. They give you a yellow see-through gown you have to wear and you have to walk in-front of everyone else in the bathroom until a staff member comes to take you in for weights.
One other thing I appreciated was that they didn’t switch all my meds around like crazy (the ones I came in with) so that was a big bonus.
I’m sure you know to be prepared for fluid shifts as a bulimic, but keep in mind you will never see your weight during vitals. You can talk with your nutritionists about how your weight is compared to what its “supposed to be doing,” which can provide some reassurance. Level three means that you eat without a staff member (although they are still in the room), you have buffet style lunches, and buffet style snacks. Also, in PHP you can get passes, for example I had a pass one day from 1:30-5 so I took a cab to the cherry creek mall (OBSESSED WITH THAT PLACE) and did afternoon snack at starbucks in the mall. I’m a purging anorexic and they’ve been really good about easing me into my meal plan and trying to avoid refeeding syndrome, something the other programs I’ve been to haven’t done so carefully.
I have terrible night fears when alone, and they said they would help me deal with that, but they blew it off. Visitors are allowed on the weekends, but if you are out of town, it can be hard to see others get visitors.
I also feel comfortable to knock on any of my team members’ offices and ask questions, get reassurance, etc. They also said they would challenge me with a day where i could not wear make-up and had to wear sweats all day….never happened. I have my appointments, but they have an open door policy as well, and if they aren’t there I can write them notes. At Castlewood you see your individual therapist 4 times a week where as ERC you see them at least twice a week. Their program is REALLY big- 40+ people on PHP adult alone- so the likelihood of you legitimately being the largest person in the program is very slim (something I feared, &no pun intended).
There have also been a lot of people before us, so any fears your have about anything have probably been felt by someone else too.
ERC is great when it comes to aftercare, where as I don’t think that Castlewood did as good of a job.

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