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SAN DIEGO (AP) — A consumer advocacy group has filed a class-action lawsuit against Aetna Inc.
Join us for a panel discussion exploring the role of an arts education in developing the skills for success in tomorrow’s job market. Our blog, authored by Gloria Lokos focuses on the professional and educational development of ultrasound technicians.
Are you daunted by the college education required with becoming an ultrasound technician or a medical sonographer?
Your investment in a college education may have a strong impact on your salary upon graduation.
In comparison, a public four-year college asks for nearly $5,500 annual tuition and private four-year university annual tuition can top $21,000. Through ARDMS, you can learn more about the credentials you need for your career and the examinations you’ll need to take to achieve that goal. Ultrasound technicians need both the technical knowhow of operating imaging machinery and interpreting ultrasound images, and the less precise skill of helping patients feel comfortable and helping them understand the information that is derived from the tests they undergo.
Anatomy and Physiology: Learning the parts of the body and how they interact is crucial for any career in the medical field, especially for ultrasound technicians who need to be able to identify internal organs and even abnormalities from the blurry images generated by an ultrasound. Ultrasound Basic Physics: This course will help you understand how ultrasound technology works, and will give you a more complete idea of what you are doing when you scan a person with an ultrasound.
Practical Experience: You’ll probably need at least a year of working in an actual hospital or clinic before you’ll really be considered for great ultrasound tech jobs.
Once you begin your career with these minimum prerequisites, you always can go on to obtain a higher degree later. As an ultrasound technician, you will likely be part of a rotating staff in a clinic or floor of a hospital, and you will need to work smoothly in various roles. As a general rule, statistics show that people with more education earn more money, and since employment for diagnostic medical sonographers is expected to jump around 20% in the next decade, it is a good bet that there will still be well paid jobs available if you go to college now and come out ready to be an ultrasound tech in a couple of years.The chart below indicates median weekly wages across all careers, by education level.
According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median wage for diagnostic medical sonographers was $61,980 as of May, 2008, and there were around 60,000 jobs in the industry. Herzing University — With a 45 year history, Herzing University is an accredited university that offers associate, bachelor's, and master's degrees as well as diplomas in over 45 different programs. Adventist University of Health Sciences — Founded in 1992, the Adventist University of Health Sciences is formerly the Florida Hospital College of Health Sciences, a school focused on privding higher education in the several fields of healthcare. This week we have highlighted some exciting positions with some colleges, start-ups and charter schools so take a look below. This week's job posts, come from various companies,schools and a University within Educational Technology.
This week's job report has some great positions from various Educational Technology companies in New York City. For instance Grovo is currently looking for a Content writer to join their ever growing team. This week's job report has positions from various educational technology startups and universities. For instance, Educate LLC is currently looking for an EdTech Consultant. The holy grail for jobs at app companies or other tech jobs or media jobs isn’t to land a job at Google, or Microsoft, or Apple. Ed tech is fast approaching a $10 billion market, and educational reform is a huge issue in our culture, so opportunities should be abundant. Enter ABCmouse, a learning app for children between ages 2 and 7 (currently, 2-8 soon) made by educational start up The Age of Learning, based in Glendale, CA. After a previous fundraising round in 2011 and 2012 of $30 million, Age of Learning just secured $150 million in new funding at a $1 billion valuation from Iconic Capitol. ABCmouse is a subscription service that provides unlimited access to more than 7,000 activities for $7.95 per month and allows three child profiles. For anyone looking for jobs in media, tech, education, or a mix of these, this seems to be a ripe opportunity that doesn’t always come along.

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Depending upon your career desires, you may discover that your degree requirements are no heavier than any other degree required by a specialty program. While high school graduates with no college education collect an average weekly salary of $583, that figure jumps nearly fifteen percent to $670 for associate degree holders. Fortunately, your choice of becoming an ultrasound technician or diagnostic medical sonographer (DMS) can help.
You can learn that the least demanding prerequisite is a two-year allied health education program that is patient-care related.
There are courses in medical assisting and sonography programs to address both the technical and more interpersonal aspects of the work. This class will help you know how to handle patients’ sensitive information and other crucial patient relations skills. You will come out with a better picture of the diagnostic capabilities of ultrasound machinery. Explaining the process of administering an ultrasound scan, and describing the type of results that can be obtained. Some diagnostic medical sonographers can diagnose abnormalities detected through ultrasound, but some can only operate the machinery, and must wait for a doctor to see the images and make a diagnosis. Positions for medical assistants and other support staff in medical facilities are all expected to grow faster than the national average job growth until at least 2018.
The sooner you begin your educational career, the sooner you can gain employment as an ultrasound technician. The AS in Medical Assisting program builds on the online diploma program by incorporating the general education requirements required for this level of degree. The BS in Health Information Technology program prepares students to become radiologic technicians. NYU's Stern School of Business is looking for an Educational Technologist to join their team. Globaloria is looking for an East Coast Program Director to manage their program operations for the East Coast. While Skillshare is looking to hire a Creative Producer and a Video Creator.  CourseHorse is seeking a creative and analytical candidate to become their new Content Strategist.
They currently have six different openings ranging from Associate or Assistant Director to Program Coordinator. But while there have been some great products and ideas developed, the next mega-company hasn’t yet emerged.
As far as educational start ups or ed tech go, you could say they’re starting to get grey. Several years ago they had disparate products here and there, but they decided to consolidate them, and their future plans, into a single flagship product which became ABCmouse. That puts it squarely at the top of its space, and there is plenty of room for growth both in the range of the product and in its geographical reach.
If you are interested in a job with Age of Learning, you must apply from a desktop or laptop online here.
So  giving the world renown IMI the credit and respect it is due, at least there is a clear career path set by them, if management in the USA knew, followed or even cared about their occupational guidelines.
While most ultrasound clinical programs require the completion of an associate or bachelor degree before acceptance, you may learn that you do not need a four-year degree to open the door to a career in your chosen profession.
Many students enroll at two-year colleges for an associate degree, and this choice often is based upon friendly tuition rates and the ability to further an education down the road. Many community colleges offer associate degrees in diagnostic medical sonography, and some employers prefer candidates registered through the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS).
Adventist University is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. While Turnaround for Children wants to hire both an Instructional Coach and Program Director for their ever-growing company.

Plus  Knewton is looking to hire a Freelance Visual Designer to join their team as well as a Research Program Manager. Or a Program Counselor - Educational Opportunity Program at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) to a Professional  Development Specialist position, at Teachers College at Columbia.
There is also a Community Coordinator position open at Newsela and Hire Education has several different openings available that are either remote (Educational Content and Integration Specialist) or based in NYC( Head of Data Science). To find that company, you want to look at any nexus between a current or coming societal change and technological advances. The company was founded in 2007 by Doug Dohring and spent four years developing before they launched their first product for parents in 2010 and for teachers in 2011, unlike the prevailing trend in tech of moving as fast and far as possible quickly. Not surprisingly, there are also plenty of job openings at the company right now, from app developers to book editors to customer service reps. The company has over $100 million in annual revenues and is profitable, and the room for expansion is pretty massive. The few Human Resource personnel who do the search and hiring for industrial maintenance personnel instead of the maintenance manager, may have heard of IMI, but most likely did get their education there.
But the real responsibility for lack of clarity, popularity (skill shortage) and uncertainty falls in the hands of the OOH and USA trade organizations. Current average public two-year college tuition comes to a little over $2,000, or roughly equal to the average individual tax refund, according to the IRS.
Schoology has several open positions from a Software Engineer Manager to a Senior Product Designer. The Center for Supportive Schools is also looking for a Senior Trainer and a Community School Director. It is even more likely that whoever is doing the searching and hiring is not referencing IMI or even the OOH. Because those two bodies have not established their own nationally recognized occupational guidelines, skill requirements and titles.
Other product names used herein are for identification purposes only and may be trademarks of their respective owners.
The above numbers are based on general statistics, not data that pertains specifically to ultrasound technicians. The New York Academy of Sciences is looking for a CEO for their Global STEM Alliance group.
While the New York Harbor Foundation wants to hire a Curriculum specialist for their new Billion Oyster Project.
While the Alliance for downtown New York, is looking to hire a Technology Coordinator that will assist their CTO, to ensure downtown New York, is technologically forward thinking.
The app has consistently been listed near the top in the most downloaded and highest grossing categories and is currently available in only the US and (very recently) China. The George School which is located in Newton, Pa wants to hire an Academic Technology Integrationist to join their team. Last but not least,  the Center for Supportive Schools is searching for a Student Engagement Coordinator. While the Family of Excellent Schools is searching for a Learning & Knowledge Management manager to help with the growth of the organization.
Newsela is looking to hire their first  Director of Data Science who will lead their data team and ensuring the practices are innovative and collaborative. Recognized nationwide, and by Federal and State local Governments, license require annual continued education, employers have a better sense of what skill sets they get when hiring. They may be looking for a Millwright who is also an Electrician that they can pay a Maintenance and Repair Worker’s wages to.

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