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While Paul McCartney sang the ballad Till There Was You, the cameras panned to each of the Beatles in turn, with their names captioned on the screen. The Beatles’ record-breaking live debut, broadcast from 8-9pm, was witnessed by just 728 people in Studio 50, but seen by an estimated 73,700,000 viewers in 23,240,000 homes in the United States. At the start of the hour-long program, Sullivan announced that a telegram had been received from Elvis Presley and his manager, Colonel Tom Parker, wishing the group luck. Tagged: the beatles, my scans, 1964, ed sullivan, ed sullivan show, group, paulmccartney, john lennon, ringo starr, George Harrison, .
Again, George Harrison was feeling ill, and so his place on stage was taken by road manager Neil Aspinall.

I stood in for him so that they could mark where everyone would stand, and I had a guitar strapped round me. This set was broadcast on 23 February as the group’s third Ed Sullivan appearance, after they had left the US. And I’ve heard that while the show was on there were no reported crimes, or very few. With a police escort they walked several blocks to 59th Street where they were ushered into the club’s Penthouse lounge for dinner.
Ed Sullivan’s other guests – Georgia Brown & Oliver Kidds, Frank Gorshin, Tessie O’Shea – followed, after which The Beatles performed I Saw Her Standing There and I Want To Hold Your Hand.

I think that was really one of the big things that broke us – the hairdo more than the music, originally.

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