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During the evening Elvis rehearsed at home with the band and the Jordanaires for his second performance on the Ed Sullivan Show. Elvis Presleys's songs are unforgettable - they have stood the test of time, especially his singles of the 1950s, a decade in which he had a song at No. Also a a big cut-out of him on the top of the Times Square Paramount Theater was unveilecd promoting the premiere of Love Me Tender. If I did think I was bad for people, I would go back to driving a truck, and I really mean this'. Below, Elvis signs some autographs with British comedienne Joyce Grenfell seen in the background, who starred in the same Ed Sullivan show. Ed was reminding Elvis that this was a family show and he wanted no part of the hip swinging and suggestive movements that had given rise to such negative comments from the first show.

He also gave a press conference, which he handled in a 'polite, personable, quick-witted and charming' manner. Elvis got inoculated with the new polio vaccine as part of a public service announcement for the March of Dimes. From Joyce Grenfell's autobiography 'In Pleasant Places', Joyce recalls that when she arrived at the CBS Studio at two o'clock that afternoon, there were barricades on West 56th Street to hold back the crowds of girls who had been there since early morning hoping to catch a glimpse of Elvis. Fontana and Scotty Moore had met Mr Sullivan, and yet we didn't know what to expect, and neither did Elvis, but Elvis looked everything and did everything the best that he could do, when he was on the Sullivan he was determined to do a super job.
La facon de danser du chanteur est alors un sujet de controverse : son dehanchement etant juge trop sensuel et explicite pour etre diffuse.
De retour pour la seconde partie de son spectacle, Elvis debute par l’interpretation de Teddy Bear.

Every so often she would join in and softly sing a line, while June (Juanico) never shy about her singing, took the alto part on 'In The Garden', which had been part of her high school graduation ceremony. About his influence on teenagers Elvis stated: 'My Bible tells me that what he sows he will also reap, and if I'm sowing evil and wickedness it will catch up with me.
It's been goin' on a year' I thought he was pleasant, a bit of a roly-ploy boy, but a good singer of his sort of hillbilly songs. Later that night she and Elvis drove out to Mud Island, where they had ridden Elvis' motorcycle at what seemed like 100 miles an hour on her first trip to Memphis.

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