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With a unique mix of comedy and music, this audience-interactive show features outstanding tributes to Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, Elvis Presley, Connie Francis, and The Everly Brothers. This unique tribute show celebrates the legendary variety program that ran on CBS-TV from 1948 to 1971 and was hosted by New York entertainment columnist Ed Sullivan. Here are my descriptive comments on each song, with my evaluation of their commercial appeal.
I do believe that a major record company such as MGM, if it really believed in Francis, could have promoted her singles so that she wouldn’t have had to wait three years to blossom into the star she eventually became.1.
It has a mid-tempo sound, Latin-ish!  Connie is trying to convince Freddy that she’s the girl for him and she’s better for him than Daisy. After so many times of singing “Freddy,” it becomes annoying and she even ends the record with a really annoying “Freddy.” Meyerson must have really loved his son to have accepted this song.
Incidentally, Eartha Kitt and Perez Prado recorded this — why, I don’t know — to a mambo beat, of course.
It has a similar sound to Patti Page’s “Changing Partners” and Jo Stafford’s “Keep It a Secret.” This one could have made the charts with a little push.

It has a nice sound, like “Goody Goody,” with a tinkling piano, big band, drum and saxes with a  big finish. Sigman wrote many hits, including “Answer Me, My Love,” “Arrivederci Roma” and “What Now My Love.” The ballad has a tango beat with a violin break. Dick Jacob’s book, “Who Wrote That Song” (1988), credits Connie with popularizing it, which, of course is a stretch.9. The chorus begins and sings with Connie, then she does a solo for most of the rest of the record. Suotoky also was the musical director, wrote the screenplay, co-produced, and co-wrote the story for the film “Rock, Rock, Rock.” Connie auditioned for the Tuesday Weld part but wound up singing for her. The film features Connie’s photo in the opening credits as the singer for Dori (Tuesday’s role). However, with the popularity of the film — it features Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers, The Moonglows, Johnny Burnette Trio, etc. Why in the world would MGM decide to release this a year after it had some success by a well-known pop artist? 16.

Connie sings it in a bouncy style.  Men have disappointed her — a woman must stand alone, have a will of stone. The Lord will support her, so, “Why don’t you talk with the Lord?” The BBC banned her recording in England, apparently because the mention of religion in 1957 was controversial. Didn’t Connie have enough difficulty in having her recordings heard without actually being banned?17. It was a duet with Marvin Rainwater, who had a big hit in “Gonna Find Me a Bluebird” earlier in 1957.
The chorus “ooh-was.”This record supposedly sold more that million copies, even though it was only No. Requests for comments by Connie or her representatives sent to her Web site were not answered.20.

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