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Sheeran was asked to the American Institute for Stuttering’s Free Voices Changing Lives Benefit Gala  this week by actress Emily Blunt (who also stuttered when younger). And from from a stuttering point of view, don’t treat it as an issue—work through it and get the treatment that you want to get, but don’t ever treat it as an issue, don’t see it as a plight on your life, and carry on pushing forward.
Stuttering is a speech disorder in which sounds, syllables, or words are repeated or prolonged, disrupting the normal flow of speech. We make speech sounds through a series of precisely coordinated muscle movements involving breathing, phonation (voice production), and articulation (movement of the throat, palate, tongue, and lips) (see figure). Muscle movements are controlled by the brain and monitored through our senses of hearing and touch. Although the precise mechanisms are not understood, there are two types of stuttering that are more common. Developmental stuttering occurs in young children while they are still learning speech and language skills. Neurogenic stuttering may occur after a stroke, head trauma, or other type of brain injury. Although there is currently no cure for stuttering, there are a variety of treatments available. For very young children, early treatment may prevent developmental stuttering from becoming a lifelong problem. Be less demanding on the child to speak in a certain way or to perform verbally for people, particularly if the child experiences difficulty during periods of high pressure.
Many of the current therapies for teens and adults who stutter focus on learning ways to minimize stuttering when they speak, such as by speaking more slowly, regulating their breathing, or gradually progressing from single-syllable responses to longer words and more complex sentences. Many people find that they achieve their greatest success through a combination of self-study and therapy. Join the Celebrity Diagnosis Community for FREE & receive the Top Celebrity Health Fads e-book free!
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It's been QUITE the week for controversial news in the pop world - our heads are pretty much spinning with some of the stories that have come out! From THAT Tweet Zayn Malik sent to (former) friend Naughty Boy, to reports that 1D's Louis Tomlinson is to become a baby daddy it's been one MASSIVE story after another.
Zayn Malik Shocked Us ALL With THAT Naughty Boy Tweet -  But What’s The REAL Story? Rumour has it Louis’ expecting a baby with a US friend and he's yet to confirm or deny the claims - although that hasn't stopped everyone weighing in on whether they're true. The 'Cool For The Summer' star also opened about the judgement she faced when she started dating her boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama. Olly, Mikey and Emre celebrate the release of debut album 'Communion' with an exclusive live session with Max on Capital, which you can watch below. Poor Taylor got STUCK on an extending stage after a series of technical issues during the Washington leg of her tour and it was awkward for everybody involved. The 'Black Magic' stars showcased the artwork and fresh news about the follow-up to 'Salute' emerged. The UK singer is feeling AMAZING after surgery on his vocal chords earlier this year, as he prepares to head out on tour across the US. Cerys' is now 19 months old (right) and has rapidly improved after she had a throat tube replaced with a stomach tube. Relief: Cerys with her sister Megan and brother Evan as well as mother Kerrie and father Gareth. A baby born with a heart defect and kept alive with daily doses of Viagra has delighted her parents by saying her first words. Cerys Small is always smiling because despite a shaky start in life she is finally on the road to recovery.
The 19-month-old toddler, was also born with no spleen and problems with her stomach and bowel.
She is now stringing sentences together after the feeding tube in her nose and throat was removed earlier this month.

Cerys’ parents Gareth and Kerrie both 32, said she has come on leaps and bounds in the past few months, especially since she underwent an operation to fit a feeding tube directly into her stomach on August 2.
Heart specialists are so impressed with her progress they say they do not need to see her for another nine months. They also hope to eventually wean her off Viagra - most commonly used for treating sexual dysfunction in men - which helps her blood circulate around her body more easily. Cerys, who has a brother Evan, eight, and sister Megan, nine, will eventually have to undergo more heart surgery in a few years’ time but for now the family are happy she is making good progress.
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Frank Harrison, 46, sports a nasty bump on in his mug shot after his intended victim pummels him, police say. Our writers survey an eventful year in pop that saw Adele’s rise to world domination and the sad loss of Amy Winehouse. The whole world fell at Adele’s feet when she sang Someone Like You, a lovelorn paean to an ex-boyfriend backed only by piano and her tears. The Montreal group cleaned up at the Grammys and the Brits before headlining Hyde Park and the Edinburgh Festival.
The deceased godfather of hip hop was still a major influence, first on a brilliant remix album by young star Jamie XX and again at the end of year on Canadian rapper Drake’s second record.
Jarvis Cocker had an impressive year, reuniting with Pulp, maturing as a brilliant DJ on 6Music and publishing a book of lyrics.
Last embraced in the Eighties, the sound of the saxophone returned to favour on a diverse range of albums by everyone from Lady Gaga to Bon Iver. During a rocky festival season, a number of events were cancelled and many more didn’t pull the crowds that they had hoped for. The busiest man in pop released an album of Congolese collaborations, unveiled his opera about Elizabethan scientist John Dee, and played his first gig with new band Rocketjuice and the Moon. A noirish aesthetic returned to musical fashion from the black-clad Horrors to the vampish allure of Anna Calvi. Mick Jagger failed to impress with starry collaboration SuperHeavy, but rap titans Jay Z and Kanye West made a bigger impression with their baroque album Watch the Throne.
Pop can be such a fickle business, it was heartening to see acclaim for a mature talent as P J Harvey won the Mercury prize for the second time, operating at the height of her artistic powers. Farmer Alan Graham protested at the urban star’s state of undress while she filmed a video on his land in County Down. New Yorker Lizzie Grant, 24, reinvented herself as a post-modern femme fatale with her spooky, emotionally bruised 21st-century torch song, Video Games.
Two decades of recrimination and denial came to an end at a funny, emotional, combative press conference that bodes well for the return of the the band who gave birth to Britpop. Releasing his first album of new material since 2004, Tom Waits shook, rattled and rolled back to life like a rusty, junkyard wreck hot-wired by local hoodlums. Apparently inspired by a bag of bonemeal fertiliser she left on top of her piano en route the garden, the elusive Kate Bush released two albums this year following a six-year break. Along with his soulful ballad, the 24 yr-old Brit often incorporates rapid-fire rap lyrics into his music. But I think, you know, I’m not very good at speeches, I don’t really do a lot of speeches but I think the one thing I want to say is be yourself, embrace yourself, embrace your quirks, and embrace your weirdness. These speech disruptions may be accompanied by struggling behaviors, such as rapid eye blinks or tremors of the lips. In general, speaking before a group or talking on the telephone may make a person’s stuttering more severe, while singing, reading, or speaking in unison may temporarily reduce stuttering. With neurogenic stuttering, the brain has difficulty coordinating the different components involved in speaking because of signaling problems between the brain and nerves or muscles. The nature of the treatment will differ, based upon a person’s age, communication goals, and other factors.
Certain strategies can help children learn to improve their speech fluency while developing positive attitudes toward communication. This includes setting aside time to talk to one another, especially when the child is excited and has a lot to say. Instead, parents should react to the stuttering as they would any other difficulty the child may experience in life. Most of these therapies also help address the anxiety a person who stutters may feel in certain speaking situations.

For example, one type of device fits into the ear canal, much like a hearing aid, and digitally replays a slightly altered version of the wearer’s voice into the ear so that it sounds as if he or she is speaking in unison with another person.
Self-help groups provide a way for people who stutter to find resources and support as they face the challenges of stuttering. Years & Years play an AMAZING live session and Little Mix reveal ALL about their new album. When I was pregnant the prognosis was grim, we didn’t even know if she would still be with us now. She has proved she is a real fighter undergoing three open-heart operations all before she was five months old, and she continues to amaze doctors with her resilience. In 2011, Aloe Blacc’s I Need a Dollar played the same role and sold more than one and a half million copies.
From Britney Spears to Example and zany newcomers LMFAO, the number-one slot was consistently filled with Euro-cheese-influenced tracks. Sadly, country troubadour Glen Campbell, suffering from Alzheimer’s, bowed out with his last album and tour. And he’s rumoured to be meeting up with Blur bandmates this Christmas to discuss recording new material.
Director’s Cut found her reworking material from her albums The Sensual World (1989) and The Red Shoes (1993) and the hypnotic new work 50 Words for Snow. Winehouse’s lifestyle may have been inherently self-destructive, but it really seemed she had been on her way to recovery before she was found dead, in her Camden home, from alcohol poisoning. Stuttering can make it difficult to communicate with other people, which often affects a person’s quality of life. It occurs most often in children between the ages of 2 and 5 as they are developing their language skills. Some scientists and clinicians believe that developmental stuttering occurs when children’s speech and language abilities are unable to meet the child’s verbal demands. If you or your child stutters, it is important to work with a speech-language pathologist to determine the best treatment options. Health professionals generally recommend that a child be evaluated if he or she has stuttered for three to six months, exhibits struggle behaviors associated with stuttering, or has a family history of stuttering or related communication disorders. This may involve gentle corrections of the child’s stuttering and praise for the child’s fluent speech. Also, help the child learn that a person can communicate successfully even when stuttering occurs.
In some people, electronic devices help improve fluency in a relatively short period of time. Twenty-year-old singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran’s forlorn The A Team took tight times to a darker place.
Recurring throat problems marred an otherwise magical year, in which her second album, 21, reached number one in 24 countries, topped the UK charts for 18 weeks, and sold more than 13 million worldwide. She had made only two albums, and her addiction problems kept her out of the studio for years, but the leftover gems that made up Lioness: Hidden Treasures were enough to remind us what an extraordinary singer and songwriter she really was as it went to number one. Approximately 5 percent of all children will stutter for some period in their life, lasting from a few weeks to several years.
Developmental stuttering also runs in families, but researchers have yet to identify a specific gene or genes involved. Treatment often involves teaching parents about ways to support their child’s production of fluent speech. Nevertheless, questions remain about how long such effects may last and whether people are able to easily use these devices in real-world situations. Boys are twice as likely to stutter as girls; as they get older, however, the number of boys who continue to stutter is three to four times larger than the number of girls.
More information on the genetics of stuttering can be found in the research section of this fact sheet.
For these reasons, researchers are continuing to study the long-term effectiveness of these devices. She was a medical internet pioneer having established one of the first medical practice websites in 1997.

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