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Ed Sheeran has revealed an brand new track from his new album as well as a breathtaking new video. The video sees Ed performing to an empty Wembley Arena as he clearly puts a lot of emotion into the track. Lara Rainsforth I am very passionate about music and always dreamt of working in the music industry.
Enter your email address below to receive the latest Updates, Music Videos, Downloads and more by email, directly from the team! To ??? ??? single ?????????? ? Ed Sheeran ?? ??? video clip, ??? ????? ???????? ?? ??? ??????, ?? ??? ????? ??????. In the first video, Ed heads to an empty arena, complete with his guitar to perform the new track.
Ed added, “I wrote it back in 2011 in Perth, on a guitar made out of a whiskey barrel.

British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran could be on the verge of a One Direction-styled US breakthrough. Is Britian’s Ed Sheeran on the verge of a stateside breakthrough a la that of fellow Brits One Direction? Anyway, Sheeran is still promoting his debut album +, which came out in the United States this past June. News, reviews, nuggets and tidbits from the world of pop culture, including movies, music, TV, local and national celebrities. The company was founded in January 2009 by promotions and online marketing manager Ryan Taylor. HZO is a good mix of news, gossip, photos, videos, opinions, reviews, interviews, and more!
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????????? ??? Wembley Arena ??? ?? ??????????, ? Sheeran ?????????? ??? unplugged version ??? ???? ??? ?????????? ?? ???? ?? ???????????? ?? ?????. He helps the website run smoothly everyday and keeps you updated on the latest music, TV, movie, & celebrity news with daily articles on HZO. HZO's goal is to give you up-to-date, fact based articles from the world of pop music with unique spins you might not see elsewhere. This is where you will find latest news, music releases, album reviews, promotional tips, music videos and more from the UK scene! If he’s built even a smidgen of the One Direction following here, then that Palladium Ballroom gig will sell-out in a matter of minutes.

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