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Start off by choosing which chord sheet you would like to go with and downloading the relevant PDF document.
The next stage is to play the song again and try to play along, playing each chord just once on the first time it is played in order to identify all the chord changes and get used to playing them. If you struggle to keep time at this stage, pause the music again and practice the chord changes in the order they appear in the song before trying again.
You are now just one step away from being able to accompany yourself or someone else singing this song! In this first strumming pattern, there isn’t much of a progression from the previous stage of playing the changes.
If you prefer using a pick and either struggle with the percussive tap or you don’t like it, you can try this strumming pattern.
There are also hammer ons and pull offs included in this strumming pattern and I am using the barre chords version in the audio example.
You can try and recreate my version, however I would encourage you to take ideas from it and go in your own direction.
I encourage you to contact me if you have any issues with playing the above song and I’d be more than happy to help out. MusicRadar is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Ed Sheeran - Sing (Part 1) (Guitar Chords & Lesson) By - Sweet new tune to learn today! Ed Sheeran Tour Dates, Concerts & Tickets – Songkick - Find out when Ed Sheeran is next playing live near you.

Best Ed Sheeran Songs - Top Ten List - TheTopTens® - Based on over 9,000 votes, Give Me Love is ranked number 1 out of 88 choices. Ed Sheeran Hit With $20M Copyright Lawsuit Over Photograph - Two California-based musicians are suing British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran for $20 million US over his hit song Photograph, which they claim bears a . This lesson will focus on the chords and the aim will be to help you to accompany either yourself or someone else singing this song. Follow the chords along on the chord sheet whilst you listen and try to identify where the chords changes.
Make sure you know each of the chords used in this song and can change comfortably between them. Repeat this stage until you can keep time throughout the song and are comfortable with the structure and the rhythm of the song. The first two strumming patterns are equally difficult  and you can choose which of those you go for. The only difference is that I have added a percussive tap between the chords to fill out the sound and help emphasise the rhythm.
The idea of this strumming pattern is to act as an example as to where you can take the song. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission. Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran relived old times over the weekend as they performed together for Tay's massive squad at her Fourth of July extravaganza.. Ed sometimes mixes them up, but once you have the foundation here it should be easy to work out what he is doing. This song can be simplified to 4 basic open chords or played with more interesting chords that Ed uses for a jazzyed up sound.

Use this as an opportunity to get the structure of the song into your head as well as the general feel and rhythm.
This is a technique that Ed Sheeran uses a lot and therefore this strumming pattern is an ideal starting point if you want to replicate the original. The above two strumming patterns works perfectly but if you’d like to do more and make it more original then here is an example of how you might go about doing so. Please also subscribe to he mailing list and continue to come back for more free guitar lessons like this one!
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This technique is much easier if you don’t use a pick although it is still possible if you do use a pick. If you like you can add highlights to these layers to make the structure of your haircut more prominent. After you have mastered these strumming patterns, try to come up with your own and put your own stamp on it.

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