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A  I’m in the middle of making the album so I don’t really have time for anything other than that. Q  Seeing as you’re hosting a music video award show, I think it’s fair to ask if you think music videos are still relevant? Ed Sheeran let fans listen to a brand new track from his forthcoming album 'X' at 1pm UK time today (May 2). However, that girl is already out of his life completely and has possibly married another man. To go in the draw, answer the below question:In our interview with Ed Sheeran, who does he say he would date from One Direction?

The three winners will be chosen from all eligible entries received by Coup De Main before December 9th, 2012. One Direction!) and occasional match maker Ed Sheeran has been an unlikely side attraction at the Much Music Video Awards.
When I finish a show I go straight back to work on a song so I don’t have time to focus on anything else. He didn't release the official studio version of the song, though, nor 'One' is available for purchase at the moment. Now 24, a leaner, more world-weary Sheeran returns to the MMVA stage, this time as its host. I wrote it the next morning when I was very hungover. I write about my experiences and that’s what I was experiencing, at the time.

I was reading earlier about how music videos are a great way to judge where you’re most successful. What Ed did was upload a black and white video to his official YouTube page featuring him performing the beautiful ballad 'One' at an empty Wembley Arena in London.
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