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In the first video, Ed heads to an empty arena, complete with his guitar to perform the new track.
Ed Sheeran may have just dropped his first, funky x single "Sing" last month, but he's not done teasing new music nor is he done making sweet acoustic songs.
Shot in black and white in a bleakly empty Wembley Arena, Sheeran plucks away at his acoustic guitar, whilst singing about a woman that he desperately desires.
In contrast to "Sing," which shows a bitter, hook-driven Sheeran, "One" finds him back at his roots as a pure singer-songwriter. There is really no excuse for holding back this Acoustic Gold session for as long as I did. Music added to Acoustic Gold, Lynette & Akie and tagged Akie Bermiss, Already At The Bottom, Bob Marley, Cover, Ghosts Au Revoir, Lynette Williams, Nette Williams, Original, Waiting In Vain on April 11, 2016 by Hauke. ADESUWA has been on a creative high, constantly putting out dope music – for the longest! Music added to ADESUWA, Weekly Posts and tagged ADESUWA, Air Light, Air Light EP, Brooklyn, Coach Class, Denitia and Sene, Fire Light, Hot Water, New York, One Only, Wild Light on March 31, 2016 by Hauke. Music added to Glen Hansard, Weekly Posts and tagged Beacon Theater, Concert, Glen Hansard, Live Music, New York, Rhythm and Repose on December 30, 2015 by Hauke.
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As his fans pitter-patter away at their keyboards, the Martin Guitars website slowly becoming more complete, the questions that a click would soon provide were simple: What will it look like?  How much will it cost?
Before settling down for a brief slumber, though, Sheeran is ready to talk us through the creation of the LX1E Ed Sheeran Signature Edition, and how it came about. The possibility of a signature Ed Sheeran guitar becoming a reality also coincided with Sheeran’s huge boom in popularity. Greene kept a lookout for Sheeran’s progress, and as the ‘A Team’ singer’s reputation in the U.S.
Safe in the knowledge that he now had permission from Martin to work on his guitar, Sheeran said that the first thing he had to do was decide on the model he would like. Having opted to go with his current model – the LX1E Little Martin (or that spruce one, as some of you reading this will know it as) –the next step was to decide on the design specifics that Sheeran was looking for.

Essentially, what he wanted was the same model as his current guitar, but with two prominent symbols that mean a lot to Sheeran featuring on the instrument. This acronym stands for East Anglia Children’s Hospice, where Sheeran’s mother, Imogen, helps to raise money through selling specially designed, handmade jewelry and, in honor of that, a portion of the guitar’s proceeds will be sent to the charity. With both the model and design decided upon, the final decision was to make sure everything was in keeping with the one factor that Sheeran continued to stress throughout the process – the cost.
Sheeran decided that he wanted a brown mahogany body, having tried out Martin’s 00-15 model and enjoyed the purity of its tonal range.
Once all of the components were finalised, it was just a matter of waiting for Sheeran – the day that he finally got his hands on the first batch of finished LX1E Ed Sheeran Signature Editions was one that the singer said was much more stressful than he originally hoped. Having tried his instrument firsthand, Sheeran seemed somewhat taken aback when asked if he would ever consider going back to his previous model, or if he will at least see out his current tour with his old spruce.
As we chat about his performance on the Today show – which attracts over 4.5 million viewers each morning – this realisation acts as one of the greatest indicators demonstrating how far the 22-year old has come in such a short space of time. Born in 1991, Sheeran moved from Suffolk to London in 2008 in order to pursue his music career.
Four months later, though, that all changed, when Sheeran decided to sign with urban music-based label Asylum Records, which distributes it releases in conjunction with Warner and Atlantic Records. Many critics questioned whether this single would be a ‘Hey-There-Delilah’-esque flash in the pan for Sheeran, but when his debut album + was released in September that same year, all questions about his credibility as a songwriter were soon put to rest. At the start of 2013, Sheeran received the news that ‘The A Team’ had been Grammy-nominated for Song of the Year. After that breathtakingly raw duet, which took place in February and was watched by over 28 million viewers in the U.S.
Still slouched back in the sofa, Sheeran explains how Swift’s staggered schedule is perfectly suited to what he is looking for right now, as it gives him more time off than he is used to, allowing him to focus on other ventures. Sheeran says that the album he is working on is ‘a weird blend of a lot of things.’ And despite rumors saying that the it is set to be more hip-hop-based than his previous work, the artist is still unsure.
Should this record be a success, it will further cement Ed Sheeran’s reputation in the music industry as a world-renowned singer-songwriter at just 22. ED SHEERAN has previewed another new song for fans, this time releasing a live acoustic video for 'One' which was filmed in an empty Wembley Arena. About the new song, Sheeran has said: "‘One’ is the first track I wrote for my second album, shortly after + came out. The follow-up to his 2011 debut + features 12 tracks, with production from Pharrell, Rick Rubin, Jeff Bhasker, Benny Blanco, Snow Patrol’s Johnny McDaid, and Jake Gosling. Following her appearance on "Letterman" last week, Kelis paid a visit to "Conan" on Thursday. HZO is a good mix of news, gossip, photos, videos, opinions, reviews, interviews, and more!
Last week, the British singer-songwriter debuted a new acoustic number "One" in a live music video.
First, the singer-songwriter announced his second studio album "x" alongside a new single "Sing," tracklist and album cover. Yesterday (April 10), Ed Sheeran revealed the cover for his second studio album X, and this is one bright green monster. Kevin Parker, Massive Attack, Merkin, Mermaids, MersteriouS, mix), Mixtape, Nina's Charm, NYCROPHONE, Op. Such was the influx in traffic – a clear indicator of the fervor that surrounded Martin’s latest release: the LX1E Ed Sheeran Signature Edition – the company’s website had crashed. As we meet, it is four days after the launch of his signature guitar, 26 floors high above the Manhattan skyline. With a combination of early starts and telling the world about his new pride and joy, it is no surprise that the occasional sign of tiredness slips out. The process started a few years back with what Sheeran now describes as somewhat of a stab-in-the-dark request, he says.
5 on the US Billboard 200 towards the end of the year, the discussion process culminated in a meeting between Sheeran and Martin’s representatives at the start of 2013.
And, well, I guess that was that, really,’ said Sheeran with a relaxed shrug of the shoulders that hints at the simplicity of the deal and the willingness for both parties to work together.

So I made it the same as the one I play now and decided just to customise it a little bit,’ Ed explains. The first, a “+” sign – emblazoned twice, both on the head of the guitar and just below where the neck meets the body – was a homage to Sheeran’s debut album.
EACH is close to the area of Suffolk were Sheeran grew up, and having recently bought a house there, he muses about how he hopes to one day raise a family.
He also opted for a very simple, and cheap, plain black back, which he came across in a rather unconventional way. Though 22 is hardly old aged, the host of the show described how Sheeran was not thrust into the limelight at a very young age, instead working his way up in the industry to create a level of euphoria stateside that some have described as akin to that of boybands. A year later, he had played a grand total of 312 gigs, sometimes to crowds as small as five people, all in the hope of gaining more exposure for his work. 5 Collaboration Project, which featured tracks with grime artist such as Wiley, JME, Devlin and Sway. Off of the back of this deal, Sheeran released the single ‘The A Team’ which, with its indie-folk-meets-soul feel, peaked at number three in the UK charts, going on to become the best-selling debut single of 2011. The album gained mostly-favorable reviews from music critics, with the overall response, especially from the public, being extremely positive. And soon, sell-out tours booked, other artists from around the world would be taking note, too.
Backstage at the Belfast Odyssey, he received the news from Elton John, who runs Sheeran’s management company, explaining some rather unexpected news. They are very easy guitars to travel around with and really easy guitars to play,’ he finishes.
Contact Westside Distribution for ordering details, or visit your nearest authorised Martin Guitar dealer. He helps the website run smoothly everyday and keeps you updated on the latest music, TV, movie, & celebrity news with daily articles on HZO. HZO's goal is to give you up-to-date, fact based articles from the world of pop music with unique spins you might not see elsewhere. Kept under wraps for nearly a year, the most recent name to be added to the long and illustrious list of Martin’s signature artists – Clapton, Cash, Mayer, Knopfler – was not one of a veteran with decades of experience in the music business, but that of a 22-year old from Framlington, Suffolk. For everyone following the rumors surrounding this signature model for the past months – Sheeran, in a moment of excitement, prematurely tweeted a snap of the guitar from Martin’s factory – opening up this webpage would put all those unanswered queries to rest.
The reception of Atlantic Records is plastered with posters of Sheeran – face shots, shots of packed-out arenas, the cover of his platinum album  – and, over his shoulder, there is a clear view of the Rockefeller Plaza, where he has just played a free gig for 10,000 fans for NBC’s Today Show. The second was the word “each” in lower case, stamped just above where the neck meets the body. The old model seems like, I don’t know, I guess it’s like comparing an Aston Martin to a Golf – it would be like going back to that. The record reached number 2 in the iTunes chart – a great achievement considering Sheeran was only 19 at the time and still not tied to any form of promoter or label.
5, Osunlade, Panda Bear, Peacock, Podcast, Podomatic, Qool DJ Marv, Romare, Royksopp, Sam Prekop, Schonefeld, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Silver, Skyward (original mix), Teardrop, The Sound (feat. A name that’s now classed as “household” in the UK, and one that has started to make those same reverberations in the United States, too.
Some fans started queueing for the early morning show two days ago; extreme commitment considering that doors don’t normally open until 6am on the day of the event.
The sound of it plugged in is twice that of the regular one – I think it’s because it’s a mahogany top, which it makes it deeper and richer. Whilst there he drew the attention of Jamie Foxx; but it was via the internet that his fan-base really grew, catching the eye of superstars such as Elton John. But plugging it in today at the Today show, I was, like: “Woo, this has a bit of body!”’ he says.

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