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Ed Sheeran gives his suit a laid-back look at the 2015 Grammy Awards held at the Staples Center on Sunday (February 8) in Los Angeles. MTV VMAs 2016 Nominations Revealed!The full list of nominees from the 2016 MTV VMAs were just announced!
Yelawolf: There wasn't much left, Except for the last twenty sack, And the last twenty of my last cheque, I took a pill and went to sleep on the last step, Woke up and took it in with a half breath, Then a deep sigh, I struck a matchstick, I lit my cigarette, Feeling half dead, whisky on my mind, Then came the dead, Sherrif in the yard, here comes the rest, I sat like a ghost, they all passed by, My girl cried baby this'll be my last bye, Baby in her arms, She took a cab home, She told me I was only good for a sad song. Ed Sheeran kovetkezo evben, 2015-ben a koncert turnejanak keretein belul az angol fovarosba Londonba is ellatogat. Ha meg tobbet megszeretnel tudni a koncertekrol es a jegyekrol kattints a kovetkezo linkre: WorldTicketShop. Ed Sheeran keeps close to girlfriend Athina Andrelos as they walk hand-in-hand back to their hotel on Tuesday evening (December 2) in London, England.

See I'm the type of man, who can't stay out the bottle, If the sun is out I'd rather be in the shadow, Sadness is like a wound that I can't heal, Maybe I'll love blood, I just let it spiel.
And I never turned to church for a pray in hand, God's not going to land another saving hand, If the time came like it has time again, Then I would watch the clock and be late again. Ed Sheeran eddigi palyafutasa alatt szamos dijat nyert mar es rovid idon belul az egyik legsikeresebb es legnepszerubb enekesek egyike lett. Ed Sheeran meg 2012-ben tett szert a vilaghirnevre, amikor Taylor Swift albuman vendeg fellepo volt. Cover my eyes from the bright sun blaring, And through the fence I can see this little boy staring. Az elso koncert az angol fovarosban, Londonban a Wembley Stadiumban lesz majd megrendezve 2015.

Take the bible from the hotel drawer, Hell froze over ice cold hell's door, Knock knock, I'm on the salt road non stop. And the voice goes round and round, And I would take the bridge, But I can't forget the sound. Ed: London bridge is falling down, falling down And if it don't stop falling, then all of us will drown Then we'll crash, crash, right down again Oh we'll crash, crash, right down again.

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