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The UK dubstep DJ Doctor P, also known as Shaun Brockhurst, brings another unbelievably hard hitting remix. Ed Sheeran's "Drunk" Remixes EP is released on 19th February and is available to Pre-Order now on iTunes UK. This time he plays his magic on Ed Sheeran’s ‘Drunk’, twisting the original soft track into a complete banger with an incredible build up that drops into filthy, crusty bass to stomp your stereo!
If you’re already a Doctor P fan you’ll notice how different this track is from the rest of Doctor P’s remix discography.

This remix is absolutely packed with energy and nasty sounds, but with Doctor P, that is pretty much always expected. The best slice from this remix is how two contrasting genres, electronic and pop, beautifully blend with each other.
Be sure to grab this track when it releases on iTunes February 26th, or pre-order it now here.
The second striking thing is the soft electronic build up which is immediately overshadowed by a hitchy bass; this makes this track a dynamic one.

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