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The book includes the story of his success starting from his childhood all the way up to the release of X. ED SHEERAN will release will release his first ever book, 'ED SHEERAN: A VISUAL JOURNEY' - which was illustrated by Phillip Butah - in New Zealand on October 14th, 2014. That’s right, Ed Sheeran wrote an illustrated masterpiece with the help of his childhood friend Phillip Butah. He explains early music influences, tastes, and even information on the earliest of his performing career.

A huge influence on his music was when his dad bought him an Eminem CD when he was nine years old.
It is an incredibly motivational story for people who are struggling following their dreams. I work hard to fund my love of concerts and festivals taking time to binge watch Netflix in-between. He even gave insight into what he was like as a child in school and how his focus was always on music from a very young age.

Lover of all things fandom whether it’s the boys, other artists, TV shows, or a book series.

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