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If you wanted to know what Ed Sheeran sounded like before his 6x platinum record + or his sold out tour with Taylor Swift, now is your chance. Sheeran proves with his latest release his talent for writing beautiful and clever lyrics and strong melodies is nothing new. The collection takes you through the joys and pains of falling in love, breaking up and walking in the streets of London.
He tackles the internal debate anyone who has ever been in love understands all too well, “Do I love you? While his lyrics and melodies have grown in complexity and layers in his last two studio albums, 5 shows a beautiful simplicity and vulnerability. Enter your email address to subscribe to TYF and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Alle Zeichen deuten daraufhin, dass wir in Zukunft auf ein weiteres gemeinsames Projekt von 187-Member Bonez MC und Kontra K hoffen durfen.

So after some creative differences…lol ( all with love tho), we came up with this idea which went on to be used for the album cover.
Sheeran previously released all five EPs himself before he was a household name under Atlantic Records. The variety in his music adds to the story of the lovable, smart redheaded Brit we all want to be serenaded by. Sheeran’s words and melodies transports the listener into his world and lets them see the sights, feel the emotions and understand the passion behind his songs.
Most of her time is spent pretending to be best friends with celebrities, eating cereal and professing her love for one of the Franco Brothers.
Specific details and simple rhymes are refreshingly honest and tell an elaborate story of Sheeran’s past.
I hope you all enjoy this album, which as I type is at number 2 on itunes…incredible!

Sheeran is sharing a special gift with his fans by granting them insight on his journey to become the artist they know and love today.
He’s a modest, down to earth, kind friend whose humility makes him all the more endearing. I went down to Sticky Studios to meet up with Ed who had been going 12 days straight working on the music.

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