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Na Let It Rollu vystoupi techstepovi prukopnici Ed Rush & Optical!Ed Rush & Optical jsou stejne nerozlucna dvojka jako nebo Laurel a Hardy nebo Tom a Jerry. Jejich debutove album Wormhole v roce 1998 navzdy zmenilo budoucnost drum and bassu a dodnes je povazovano za jeden z nejvyznamnejsich milniku na ceste k tomu, cemu dnes rikame neurofunk.
Po Wormhole nasledovalo krom bezpoctu desek jeste dalsich pet vybornych alb, z nichz to posledni, No Cure, vyslo teprve ke konci lonskeho roku.
Some artists and labels prefer certain tracks to be purchased as part of an entire release. Not that reddit existed back then, but this sort of thing would have never happened in 1994 or even 2004. Six months after his reddit AMA, Optical taught a masterclass for Digital Labz, a music technology school based in Bristol, England. He continues, “To be honest, I’m not the cutting edge of music now, but I also don’t have anything to prove. Uz pred dvaceti lety se jejich solove kariery zkrizily, aby spolu privedli na svetlo sveta prosluly label Virus Recordings.
Ostatne, jejich track Alien Girl se dostal hodne vysoko v zebricku 100 nejzasadnejsich dnb tracku v jak v DJ Magu, tak v KMagu.

Zalozenim labelu Virus ale nastolili diktat, jez je nerozlucne spojil a trva v mnoha ohledech dodnes.
2009 saw them tackle the release of their fifth long player, ‘Travel The Galaxy’ a project which once again proved them as true masters of their trade and many claimed was their best work since wormhole. Even if it’s wrong, it’s going to be right in the long run because it’s what you wanted to do. The reddit AMA session served as a primer, helping Optical develop his 90-minute, in-person seminar held at a movie theatre in Bristol attended by approximately 100 people. And like Optical, he’s after original sounds, not falling back on software synth presets and writing by numbers. The duo are currently working on their latest album a project which promises an eagerly awaited injection of that classic Virus future funk with a blend of today’s production techniques that will prove hard to resist.
During this stretch, the legendary drum & bass producer gave each query a carefully detailed response, one that paid respect to the question and the person asking it. These range from tips, such as a good solution for a high-pass filter (which he created and made available for free), to obscure plugins that he loves, and most recently, a multi fx macro he himself put together which he put up as a free download—and that’s just in the last month.
Digital Labz’s unique feature is its instructors, all of who are recognized and respected producers within their styles of dance music.

Both from the preface to the questions and from the comments to Optical’s replies, the participants’ appreciation is tangible. If you had the deep pockets to invest about $15,000 in a studio set-up, other than reading the gear manuals, there was nowhere to turn to for help. These posts are accompanied with an easy-to-understand explanation that is geared toward fostering other producers. As well as Optical, Digital Labz has hosted Break, Krust, Mefjus, Mind Vortex, Octane and DLR, just to name a few.
All of a sudden you’re not like, ‘DJing is everything in the world and I will protect it with my life.’ I don’t mind giving away a few tricks. Now, not only does it cost next-to-nothing (free, if you’re using cracked software) to have a working, in-the-box studio, but a quick search on Google will turn up oodles of information including countless video tutorials that walk you through how to use any piece of music software.

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