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Mr McBride writes: 'The team around Gordon, which had always been remarkable for its unity, suddenly developed fissures.
Ed Miliband might not look like the archetypal teenage heart-throb, but try telling that to the infatuated young girls behind Twitter’s latest sensation – the #milifandom. Fandoms are usually reserved for the realm of pop culture, whether it’s for TV shows like Doctor Who and The Walking Dead or celebrities like Benedict Cumberbatch and One Direction.
However, the Labour leader’s Milifandom is gathering pace on Twitter, trending for much of the last 24 hours. The self-appointed leader of the Milifandom – AS Level student Abby – has nearly 15,000 Twitter followers and even received a response from the man himself.
In the wake of Joey Essex interviewing political figures, the Milifandom is another example of young people showing their interest and engagement in politics. A fandom centered around David Cameron – #Cameronettes – has been started in response to Milifandom’s success, but is receiving considerably more ridicule than traction as a result of its suspiciously non-teenage voice. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Mentioned three times in Mr Miliband's 2014 speech, Gareth is "high up" at a software company and has a five-year-old daughter.
Exactly two years ago, Ed Miliband stumbled and fell while walking along a coastal path during a holiday with his wife, Justine. Ed Milibanda€™s chief spin doctor, Tom Baldwin allegedly told BBCa€™s Nick Robinson that the Labour leader had seen the HSBC scandal as 'another Milly Dowler momenta€™My first rule of political scandals is that they dona€™t matter unless people are talking about them in the pub.Any important scandal needs a moment that turns them from a storm in the Westminster teacup to a topic of debate in The George. In 2004, I was warned by a Revenue official that his staff were planning to present a A?100,000 tax bill to a pop star while he was signing records in London. Ed Miliband was said to have seen it as an opportunity to stand up to the powerful, just as he did when the hacking story involving murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler (pictured) brokeIn December 2012, George Osborne announced a deal with Switzerland that he called the a€?largest tax evasion settlement in British historya€™.
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Despite wrenching his knee, the Labour leader returned to make a series of speeches, attend a conference in Copenhagen and deliver a Commons tribute to Lady Thatcher, who had died a few days previously. That was no small matter: the A?5 billion the settlement was forecast to raise allowed the Chancellor to claim that Government borrowing had fallen not risen in 2012.

Coming from a figure so central to Mr Browna€™s political operation, the book will hugely embarrass Ed Miliband and Ed Balls, the former prime ministera€™s two closest allies.The pair were in constant contact with Mr McBride, raising urgent questions over what they knew of his brutal tactics.
It should have been the Treasury demanding to know what was going on, who was involved, what revenue was at stake, and what action needed to be taken.
Are we expected to believe that he and his officials prepared that deal without ever asking HMRC what they knew about tax evasion in Swiss banks?I am reluctant to believe the Treasury is lying, and I do not believe they are wholly incompetent, so I am forced to a third uncomfortable theory.
Baldwina€™s thinking betrays a man who has played the Westminster chess game too long and thinks only of tactics and gambits. The memoir will send shockwaves through the Labour party ahead of next weeka€™s annual conference. They were never told because they chose not to ask, and put their fingers in their ears when HMRC tried to tell them.
As someone who was a liability in my job long before I was forced to quit, I know the signs, and the fact Baldwin could not even hear how appalling his analysis sounded is one.As it is, he has ensured that if the puntersa€™ conversation in the pub does turn to this weeka€™s scandal, the cynical comparison with their anger over Milly Dowler will be what is best remembered and most guaranteed to offend. The damage turned out to be so severe that medical staff at first assumed they had picked up another patient’s X-rays.
The reality is that a€“ whenever a case is deemed sensitive, either because of the individual or company involved, the scale of the evasion, or in HSBCa€™s case, both a€“ the taxman will find a way of informing the Treasury, not least to cover their backs if it all goes wrong.
Ed Miliband told me this story on a train journey to Cambridge only hours after surgery to put a titanium plate in his shattered wrist. They will usually do so face-to-face rather than in writing so there is no record of taxpayer confidentiality being breached. Because in government, once you officially know something, you have to publicly do something, or you will one day be accused of a cover-up.In this case, Stephen Green would need to have been sacked, donations to the Tories from tax evaders would need to have been returned, and prosecutions brought against those 1,000 wealthy individuals, rather than settlements agreed with them. Instead, the Labour leader was diverted into a demeaning squabble over the tax affairs of former Tory Treasurer Baron Fink, and then broadened his assault to the entire practice of tax avoidance.
That prospect, horrifying to his critics, fails to electrify even those allies who think he has fallen short of the radical change he promised. Beatrice and I were on our way to the ponds for a swim, and I insisted that we talk to him!" Ms Bazell added: "Yes, I believe I did say 'black hole' (we were talking about jobs and financial security)" According to her Twitter profile she is a researcher on Victorian women's bodies in art, photography, and literature and is doing a Phd at Birkbeck university. Every morning, soon after dawn, Mr Miliband is collected from his home in Dartmouth Park, north London, by a member of his campaign team.

Most days, he is on a train by 7.30am, on his way to join the battle bus ferrying him around the UK. Even during the campaign, his team has a rule that he sees none of them at weekends so that he can have some semblance of a normal family life. From the moment he emerged as the unexpected winner of the Labour leadership, the charge of strangeness clung to him like an odour. His hobbies (pool and baseball) are not intended to be cool, and the records he chose for Desert Island Discs (anyone for a-Ha?) were so toe-curling that his more culturally savvy allies made a point of stressing they had nothing to do with his choice. All subsequent criticism has seemed a pinprick compared with the trauma of the family tension unleashed by the leadership battle. In 2012, with Miliband installed as leader, Sandel was invited back to address the Labour conference. Sandel’s central theme, the moral limits of markets, had become the defining strand of what his new disciple stood for. At the New York climate change summit in 2009, he shared a stage with Tony Blair, he took his entourage round street corner diners and bought lurid neckties for himself from street traders. While Barack Obama swept into the summit in a motorcade, Ed the eco-warrior travelled on foot.
By consistently exceeding the lowest of expectations, he has ensured that even modest successes look like triumphs. Labour’s poll lead had evaporated, confidence in the leader had seeped away, and the decline was symbolised in the bacon sandwich picture that seemed to epitomise hapless failure. Written off in advance, he has performed well in all three, leaving his team satisfied that he now looks and sounds prime ministerial.

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