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The book under review addresses the pathology of the heart and cardiovascular system from a forensic perspective, an aspect not dealt with exclusively in a book. The book begins by describing the basic functional anatomy of the heart, combining views on examination from clinical and pathological perspectives. The book critically reviews pertinent facts, revisits pathologic findings and compares them to etiopathology.
First four chapters are important as they deal with basic medical sciences in relation to forensic medicine. Chapter 5 is a very important chapter which deals with specific heart diseases and sudden death.
Chapter 13 entitled "cardiac surgery and forensic medicine" deals mostly with surgeries that are carried out on heart. Chapter 14 deals with a rarely discussed subject - Drugs of abuse and pathology of the heart.
A unique aspect of the book is that it assists the forensic pathologist in the presentation and interpretation of the sequence of events in a court of law. The book is richly illustrated by more than 150 color photographs that demonstrate forensic aspects of cardiopathology.
All of us encounter a number of deaths related to CVS causes, and we all needed a comprehensive single source where we could get all our information from.

It then goes on to systematically examine patho-physiologic changes and specific heart diseases and emphasizes the benefits of communication between forensic specialists and clinicians in determining cause of death.
It even proposes new etiopathologies substantiated by previously misinterpreted or ignored facts. After a brief introduction in chapter 1, the authors go on to discuss the functional anatomy of the heart in chapter 2, Examination of the heart in chapter 3 and basic pathophysiological changes in chapter 4. A thorough discussion of several conditions appear here - among them unstable angina, chronic coronary heart disease, myocarditis and cardiomyopathies of unknown nature. It is well known that thoracic traumas are of great importance, second only to craniocerebral trauma as a cause of morbidity and mortality.
One learns, for example, about several myocardial revascularization methods - venous grafts, internal thoracic [mammary artery graft], radial artery graft, gastroepiploic artery graft etc. Effect of cannabis on 5 drugs of abuse is discussed - cocaine, MDMA and MDEA, narcotic agents, androgenic anabolic steroids and cannabis and its analogues.
I would highly recommend it for all forensic pathologists, especially as it offers a single source of pertinent information that is essential for every forensic pathologist to have when investigating a cardiovascular deaths. It is essential to read this journal - and especially this review as it contains several tables and high resolution graphics - under a screen resolution of 1600 x 1200 dpi or more. Anil Aggrawal, Professor of Forensic Medicine, at the Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi-110002.

There is a discussion of extramural and intramural coronary arteries and their preponderance, which is very useful in understanding the pathology of the heart. An especially interesting section is on "orthotopic transplanted human heart", where the author discusses pathological lesions in transplanted hearts.
This is necessary for forensic pathologists to know when encountering deaths of persons having undergone cardiac surgery. I particularly enjoyed reading the effects of cannabis on heart; this information is rarely found elsewhere. There is a histopathological picture on page 135, which shows massive acute rejection in one of such transplanted hearts. The chapter gives mechanisms of injuries and pathological pictures of non-penetrating trauma, penetrating trauma and iatrogenic traumas. It is strongly advised to switch over to this resolution to read this journal - and especially this review.

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