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Last night was quite spectacular and I wanted to share some of the photos from the evening ahead of the rest of my Burberry Shanghai experience. Na semana passada soltamos aqui o teaser de divulgacao do mega evento de inauguracao de mais uma loja da inglesa Burberry na capital mais movimentada da atualidade – Xangai. Para levantar o astral da nossa manha e deixar um gostinho de ‘queria ter visto isso’, um pouco do que foi essa loucura de lancamento com 1500 convidados, transmissao online, cenarios, projecoes, apresentacoes musicais, desfile e ate Cara Delevingne voando a la Mary Poppins! Formada em Artes Cenicas pela Faculdade Teatro Escola Celia Helena, e em Desenho Industrial pela faculdades de Belas artes de Sao Paulo, a paulistana Tatiana De Gruttola Pilao soube unir suas habilidades e interesses a veia comunicativa para criar o site Circolare, em 2008. Agora em carreira solo, ela parte para uma nova aventura no mundo digital, na qual promete falar de temas como moda, design, arquitetura, viagens, gastronomia, arte e muito mais, sem deixar de lado sua veia social e as conexoes nos meios mais badalados. The British luxury brand Burberry celebrated the launch of its new Shanghai flagship store, Burberry Kerry Centre, in a Broadway-style musical event with the British model Cara Delevingne flying afloat the audience with an umbrella in hand as the highlight. The Shanghai Shipyard on the banks of Huangpu River became the backdrop of the brand’s immersive journey in a series of emotive, musical scenes featuring Burberry family of musicians, models and dancers, blurring the physical distance between London and Shanghai with digital technology.

Dancers wearing iconic Burberry trench coats and tailoring performed a specially choreographed dance. A storm stirred to the ‘drip drip’ of a live percussion by British DJ Gary Powell, introducing the romantic melody of an umbrella waltz, followed by lightening and thunder. A dreamlike beauty sequence began with magic windows light up and silhouettes applying make-up. A live performance from British musician Ed Harcourt introduced the Burberry Bloomsbury girls including models Cara Delevingne, Suki Waterhouse and Qin Shu Pei. Hand-painted patterns filled the event space, followed by British musician Paloma Faith performing “Only love can hurt like this”. I attended a private dinner before being escorted to the Shanghai Shipyard on Pu Dong Yin Cheng Road for the Burberry Kerry Centre Grand Opening evening and after party.To house the evening Burberry created a massive structure that took 2 months to build.
The Burberry Kerry Centre, the eighth store to open in the city is the largest in China so far bringing the spirit, creativity and heritage of the brand from London into the heart of Shanghai.

The space then transformed to reveal a magical scene of London’s Regent Street merged with Shanghai’s skyline.
Ed Harcourt performed “You can’t stop the rain” live, a globally exclusive track specially written for the event.
The two level Burberry house was built around an existing shell like structure to hold their Kerry Centre Grand Opening presentation. The whole experience began with a Heritage video which then moved into a Art of The Trench Shanghai video.

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