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In many places the whitetail deer hunting seasons are winding down and as any deer hunter wants to know, were there any world class deer taken this year. You mean that stack of Congressional promissary notes thats dates back to Woodrow Wilson and includes the current bailout conundrum ? Yeah, and then we can drive bamboo shafts under your fingernails, pull your teeth out one by one, soak your body in propane and light a match because everything that does what God designed it to do deserves to die, right? Probably the same DumbAsses that are trying to do away with everything they don’t believe in !
Yeah, I knew a guy who went camping in the Ozarks that shot a 37 and 17 point with an hour. This thing looks like the rack has been photo shopped because it’s huge, but it looks like it is really on there. Turns out it’s not the wolves decimating the elk, but BEARS who can no longer find the shallow-swimming fish that have been overrun by deeper-swimming trout put there by sport fishermen! The illegally introduced lake trout in Yellowstone Lake have negatively affected the native cutthroat trout population that spawned in tributary streams which bear did fatten up on prior to winter hibernation. Thats right, the elk ran and ran and ran then just exploded out blood guts and bones all around them. I just got a call that a cow exploded down in the Wood River Valley and the strange thing, her calf blew up too right beside her!
I notice you cut the snap shot off before it got to other possible ways the tapeworm may have ended up in Idaho.

It’s no concern to us if we can prove that Echinococcus granulosus was introduced by the Canadian wolf non-essential experiment.
These western folk whom you say they must coexist with wildlife both predator and prey have done so since settlement.
I will shoot any wolf on site tag or no tag and then carve it all up , put razor blades stuck in all the meat along with soaking it in anti-freeze so not only will the wolves coming to eat their buddy they to will get cut all to hell they will also die from the anti-freeze LMAO !!! Thats right, the bears left all of those elk strewn all over the forests during winter because they were bored with hibernating.. After the non-essential introduction of wolves from Canada, wolves were artificially and mechanically injected into our ecosystems, this mechanical injecting of wolves into our states, continued into the late 2005 USFWS reports. The only disease vector proved to be the wolves that were sent in for sampling of Echinococcus granulosus G8 and G10. The only secondary hosts of this disease were ungulate samples that were sent in that formed Hydatid cysts from the Echinococcus granulosus genotype strains that were inside the wolves intestines, G8 and G10. This means wolves are the only disease vector spreading G8 and G10 to our wildlife (ungulates.).
Building your farms right in their territory and you think your cattle won’t get killed? After release we had Echinococcus granulosus G8 and G10 spread rapidly into our wildlife ungulate populations, and it’s aggressive. Since we intellectual and intelligent beings require some regulation for the preservation of wildlife it should seem obvious the beast of the wild must require some regulation as well thus insuring abundant prey species for the predator who constantly requires the use of the prey species for its and its species survival.

Supposedly, this deer had killed a pit bull, two land rovers and six hunters in the last two weeks alone.
If we had G8 and G10 before our cervids would of already had Hydatid Disease, but they didn’t. I notified Tim Kemery that you are continuing to discredit this information, and he said for you to call Dr.
Just because you believe in an unproven untried new model of management does not make it true nor right. Especially when the model you believe in causes major changes in how those of us living here run our businesses and manage our propertiesAnd has an observable devastating negative effect on game populations, including predators, hunting seasons, economies, and a wide range of small businesses.
Her team conducted the genotype studies of the DNA extracted from the Echinoccocus granulosus tapeworms, and the Hydatid cysts. Ballweber’s team is the one that conducted the DNA genotype lab work studies in the lab at the Colorado State University.
In two months of merely traversing Wilderness for the purpose of viewing the real damage you folks think is made up fairy tales I did not see one legal elk.

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