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The deadly Ebola virus which causes the Ebola Virus decease (EVD) is an exotic pathogen, yet the pathogen itself is not particularly robust, and can be seen off with soap and water. The virus requires contact with the bodily fluids of a victim – their blood, urine, faeces, vomit, saliva or sweat – to leap into a new human host.
Photo: Health workers place the body of a man, inside a plastic body bag as he is suspected of dying due to the Ebola virus as people, rear, look on in Monrovia, Liberia, Thursday, Sept. The deadly Ebola virus can fell its victims within days, delivering severe muscle pain, headaches, vomiting, diarrhea, weakness and, in most cases, unstoppable bleeding as the patient’s organs break down and blood seeps out of their bodies – from ears, nose and mouth. Monrovia, the Liberian capital, is facing a widespread Ebola epidemic, and as the number of infected grows faster than hospital capacity, some patients wait outside lying near the hospital gates facing imminent death.
Reports say that more than 300 Liberians have been infected by the tropical virus, which has been raging in West Africa’s forests, including Sierra Leone and Guinea since the start of the year. The ‘Giant of Africa’, Nigeria, is still in the mild throes of the decease which is far from an epidemic in Africa’s most populous and probably the richest country (after South Africa) that is, after the country ‘rebased’ her unstructured economy chaperoned by corrupt politicians whose existence are mostly dependent on political patronage and elitist-cum government-backed entrepreneurship. Photo: Health workers attend to patients that contracted the Ebola virus, at a clinic in Monrovia, Liberia, Monday, Sept. Again, the ignorance of the ordinary Liberians living in the villages and remote areas of the country pose a major problem. Many rural people, and some experts say, that even some western educated Liberians believe that the Ebola is a western or the white man’s conspiracy to wipe out the black man or the Africans.

A Liberian Lawmaker, Peter Coleman, the head of Liberia’s Senate Committee on Health, says the poverty endemic across the country has been a major obstacle to spreading reliable information to debunk some of the myths about the Ebola. If the people of Liberia come out to seek medical help when afflicted with the virus, at the early stage or state, they will survive. GMB condemns attack on GEJ’s campaign bus in Jos 1:14 am By admin Irate youth set President Goodluck Jonathan’s campaign bus ablaze in Jos the capital of Plateau state .
GENEVA, Aug 6 (Reuters) - The death toll from the world's worst Ebola outbreak has risen to 932 after 45 patients died between Aug. The number of suspected, probable or confirmed cases rose by 108 over the same period to 1,711.
Guinea, where the outbreak was first reported, had 10 new cases and 5 deaths, while the number of cases in Sierra Leone rose by 45 to 691, with 13 newly reported deaths, bringing its death toll to 286. In Nigeria, the fourth country to be affected, the number of suspected cases climbed from 4 to 9. The WHO figures also did not contain any mention of Saudi Arabia, where a man died on Wednesday after returning from a business trip to Sierra Leone. The WHO is holding an Emergency Committee meeting on Wednesday and Thursday to decide if the outbreak constitutes a public health emergency of international concern and, if so, what to do about it. WHO Director-General Margaret Chan briefed national representatives on Tuesday, the WHO statement said, and outlined a threefold response: intensifying measures in the four affected countries, steps to reduce the international spread, and treatment of one area of West Africa as a "unified sector". That area - on the borders of Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia - would be subject to "public health measures meant to reduce movement in and out of the area", the statement said. Ebola Virus Spreading: Ebola Virus Outbreak, Where Ebola Virus outbreak from and from which animal.

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Reports say that in a new clinic set up by the charity Samaritan’s Purse in the capital, Monrovia’s ELWA hospital, up to 10 new cases are registered every blessed day.
In the fight against the Ebola, education is key and is as important as medicine in saving lives.
In Liberia, the people are facing desperate times and are waging losing battles for survival.
Ancient History The need for some principles and rules of conduct between independent states arises whenever such states enter into mutual relations. Of the newly reported deaths, 27 were in Liberia, which has had 516 cases and 282 deaths from the disease since the outbreak began in February.
The WHO data included one death in Nigeria, of a man who collapsed shortly after he arrived by plane from Liberia, via Ghana and Togo. Many Liberians harbor myths about the Ebola and fail to see the ravaging effect of the virus.

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