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India's yoga guru Baba Ramdev speaks at a news conference in New Delhi (file picture)ReutersControversy erupted on Wednesday after an article in a national newspaper claimed that Yoga proponent Baba Ramdev had put up an advertisement on his website offering a 'health pack' to cure Ebola. Senior journalist Shekhar Gupta was also caught in the episode when he tweeted the article published by The Hindu on Wednesday, and slighted Ramdev for the alleged claim to 'cure Ebola'. However, Ramdev immediately took to Twitter to claim that the website did not belong to him. While The Hindu article suggested that Ramdev had put up the advertisement on his own website, the website has a disclaimer that reads – "This website is not an official website of Swami Ramdev and Divya pharmacy or Patanjali Yog Peeth, Haridwar.
Meanwhile, Gupta announced on Twitter that he spoke with N Ravi of The Hindu who was checking the story. He also later 'thanked' Ramdev - for letting him argue over topics they disagreed on, including homosexuality. Minister of State for Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises, Babul Supriyo touches the feet of Baba Ramdev during a charitable football match, in New Delhi. Baba Ramdev with MPs during a charitable football match between Bollywood actors and parliamentarians, in New Delhi. Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev kicks a ball ahead of a match between celebrities and parliamentarians in New Delhi. Vice President Hamid Ansari with Swami Ramdev during the International Conference on ‘Yoga for Body and Beyond', in New Delhi. Yoga guru Baba Ram Dev, leads a yoga session at a rehearsal ahead of International Yoga Day at Rajpath, in New Delhi. Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu gets tips from Yoga exponent Ramdev during a yoga camp ahead of the International Yoga Day on June 21, at Rajpath in New Delhi.
Yoga exponent Ramdev and Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu practice Yoga along with others during a yoga camp ahead of the International Yoga Day on June 21, at Rajpath. The Baba, who has popularised yoga like no other businessman-sanyasi, talks about being the next FMCG giant, about political vendetta and ‘intolerance’.
NHRC issues notices to Union Home Secretary, Delhi Chief Secretary and Delhi Police Commissioner.
Kashmir has been the scene for massive protests following the killing of Hizbul commander Burhan Wani on July 8. Did The Hindu run a completely false story on Ramdev claiming to have found the cure for Ebola? Arunabh Saikia studied mechanical engineering, wanted to be a poet, but became a journalist.
What do Chetan Bhagat, Yo Yo Honey Singh and Baba Ramdev have in common (apart from the fact that they’re all supremely successful men)?
But then what goes up on the Internet stays forever – the link, though removed since, continues to have a cache version. So, was the disclaimer put as an afterthought post the story?  Or was the disclaimer not as prominent as it is now? If the primary source of the story is one website, the authenticity of which is suspect, The Hindu seems to have erred. All our articles are run through a software to avoid the possibility of unattributed work finding its way into Newslaundry. One of many promising compounds, used with the proper dose ( read very high dose ) is Ascorbate ( aka Vitamin C ), usually applied through an IV.
Perhaps the only Yoga that is acceptable to NL Team is the one done by a Secular Senior Journalist while moving up and down a lift and trying to insert his fingers up a woman’s vagina. Potentially intelligent men with the meagre Resources of a RSS Pracharak can never be inclined to be the Prime Minister of the World’s largest democracy.
One look at the vast business empire of Baba Ramdev convinces me that he has the resource to start research.
You are factually correct but my point was to highlight homosexuality in Islam which was missing in SumneNeeve’s comment.
The history of Christianity is far worse than Islam when it comes to violation of Human Rights. Just because ramdev has been able to create a business empire by selling so-called-ayurvedic stuff, does not make him (or his organization) capable of discovering remedies for medical problems.
No one is blind u moron if a BJP govt does not perform out they go but in the present circumstances they r the lesser devil. And your empty rhetoric shows your a dog, who only knows to bark and can’t prove what he says. Your language personifies a person who must be called sonia-slave or a jihadi because you presume before even other person says anything.
To advertise first rule product needs to be good, even Rgandhi had Japanese firm on overdrive but what to do the product sucks!!

The advertisement on the website asserts, “There might be an herbal cure of Ebola virus that has recent repapered to the world.
According to experts, ayurvedic medicines can only strengthen the immune system but not fight Ebola.
The United Nations had already declared the Ebola virus disease outbreak in West Africa as an International Health Emergency.
Despite its origins in India, Yoga used to evoke mixed reactions among Indians even till the late 1990s.
However, by the early 2000s, thanks to a baba who chose to go mainstream, India began to witness a subtle Yoga revolution. Within 2 months, the communists had to eat crow, as the investigations revealed that the accusations were baseless.
Meanwhile, talking about media, it has always been on the offensive against Ramdev, misreporting his statements, attributing wrong websites to him, to portray him as a dumb, insensitive maniac.
As we can see from the above news screenshot, the newspaper quotes it from a website which is not officially associated with Ramdev. There have been attempts to defame Baba Ramdev by hiring a look-alike and circulate images of the look-alike dancing with glamorous girls.
In Oct 2014, several Indian newspapers carried out false reports of Ramdev claiming cure for ebola, and even eminent journalists started making a mockery of the baba on social media, without verification. To receive updates and notifications of insightful articles, consider subscribing by entering your email address here and confirming it from your mailbox. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
La Coree du Nord a cree une drogue formidable, qui ne guerit pas seulement le SIDA, mais eradique aussi Ebola et le cancer, selon l’agence de presse du pays, reprise par the Independant. La Coree du Nord annonce aussi avoir le remede au MERS, au SRAS… Alors que justement son voisin, la Coree du Sud, ou la maladie est apparue au mois de mai, a confirme cette semaine un nouveau cas de ce Syndrome respiratoire du Moyen Orient (Mers). La propagande absurde de la Coree du Nord sur cet enjeu sanitaire repond donc bien sur aux problemes de son ennemi. En revanche, jusqu’ici, les annonces peu croyables venues de Coree du Nord ne consistaient pas a valoriser le dictateur. Ainsi sur Kim Jong-Un, on avait appris qu’il aurait peut-etre fait fusiller son ex, ou pas, fait executer son oncle, mais sans doute pas en le livrant a devorer a des chiens, ou quantite d’autres informations difficilement verifiables. Alors que son pere, Kim Jong-Il avait en revanche fait lancer quantite de rumeurs valorisantes sur son propre compte ou celui du pays. D’autres exemples: Kim Jong-Il avait soit-disant invente le hamburger, sauve son peuple de la famine grace a des lapins geants, trouve le secret de la jeunesse eternelle… Il ne renierait sans doute pas la derniere invention du regime mene par son fils. Shd be useful to ask Swamiji if he believes this also caused by homosexuality," Gupta had tweeted on Wednesday.
And if I were in Ramlila Ground, instead of being awake writing this, I am sure there would be tears too. Doctors and health-care workers who have been infected while treating patients probably did not follow the protocol. For that is the only justification that The Hindu could possibly have for carrying a story on its first page without any quotes or confirmation from the party concerned.
The desk should have cross checked and not gone ahead with the story just for the sake of bashing Ramdev, as seems to be the case now. A hypothesis is the body’s response to Ebola results in all the ascorbate being consumed.
Abhinandan following others and opening his mouth before verifying or Baba Ramdev asking Coupta to refrain and completely ignoring Sekhri. Then what would you recommend for Islam which considers homosexuality not just as a sin but also major crime with stoning as decreed punishment. What is it with people thinking that the RSS is in any manner or form a representative of the Hindus? Did you even look at the amount of advertisement money that was spent to make Modi PM (I do not discredit his determination hardwork along the way). I hope you realize that one of the pre-requisites for any research work is to have an open mind (and Ramdev can hardly claim to have an open mind). The website stoked controversy by publishing an advertisement offering a special health kit for preventing the Ebola virus. For example, in 2006, media planted a story of Ramdev’s comments on AIDS and attributed it to a website which does not belong to him. Moreover, while quoting from the monthly magazine, it be noted that the statement clearly says experiments are still being conducted, but the newspaper sensationalized it with a misleading headline to peddle lies against him. Doctors who wanted to take on Ramdev legally had to later drop the idea when scientific community also started talking in the same tone as that of Ramdev.

Apparently, it was a claim made by website which was not associated with Ramdev, but the media has no problem in using an irrelevant site’s claim to use the baba as their punching bag. It was a naive controversy because the term Putrajeevak is the ayurvedic & botanical name in which putra just means offspring and does not refer to any particular gender. The Congress party whose president whose educational qualification has always been a matter of controversy leaves no stone unturned in attacking Ramdev over his qualification. From an unknown baba in 1990s to a popular Yoga guru in 2000s to a Yoga (and ayurveda) empire moghul, he has certainly come a long way, despite being the favorite punching bag for communists, seculars & media. Hindu consolidation slowly removes cast barriers and the secular vote banks get punctured.
Une annonce qui explique que la cure miracle se compose de ginseng et d’autres ingredients… Et multiplie les details faramineux. Mais cela suggere aussi une evolution plus notable dans la communication du leader nord-coreen. Mais rien qui n’aille dans un sens du culte de la personnalite potentiellement mirifique du leader nord-coreen. On se souvient par exemple de celle selon laquelle il serait devenu une icone de mode… Grace a son uniforme.
Authenticity and genuinety [sic] of the information mentioned on the above page is purely at the user discretion". The scale of protests have led to frayed tempers in the mainland with many resorting to high-voltage jingoism. As our pro bono outreach programme we’ve agreed to listen to his poetry as long as he writes good pieces for us.
It was almost that ultimate certificate of a man’s loony-ness for a set of people who had have already declared him loony.
Well, to go so far as to say he concocted it might be a touch harsh, but it was definitely a case of careless reporting.
Then the body generates ascorbate by breaking down collagen protein, which liberates ascorbate. Either way, the honorable thing for both of these exemplary journalists to do is to apologize.
Your disenchantment & frustration, some of which is well grounded, of congress governments is so high that you can hear nothing bad about the bhagwa gang.
Indian doctors and scientists believe that there might be an effective cure of Ebola virus through herbs. With the proliferation of cable TV which had become affordable to majority of the Indians, Baba Ramdev used every possible opportunity to bring awareness of Yoga. Since collagen is what holds us together, including the blood capillaries, failure of collagen eventually causes the internal bleeding common to Ebola and Scurvy. I would rather have people expose the (ramdevs, popes, mullahs and swamis), so that everyone realizes how these guys exploit gullible people to serve their personal interests. You do not care to look back to see the history of BJP govts in central govt and state govts and their track record.
His association with Aastha channel helped him bring Yoga & Pranayam directly into the drawing room of millions of Indians and there was no stopping.
Despite all the clarification over the Putrajeevak herb ayurvedic naming convention, the communists still want him to be prosecuted. A certain post on the website (now removed) seems to have carried a post selling packages for Ebola cure.
The story has been online for more than 18 hours now and according to its own website, it has been shared almost a 1000 times on social media. Because they knew that the level of marketing required to sell Modi would require huge money (from corporate & other murky sources). It is time we should wake up to realities and get further consolidated as a religion, culture and Nation. Solve the bleeding problem with Ascorbate therapy and give the ebola victim a chance to mount a successful immune response. Atul Gogia, Consultant, Internal Medicine, Ganga Ram Hospital said, “Drugs to treat Ebola are still under trial, vaccines too are not available.

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