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If you are eating foods that have a lot of fat, sodium, or other not so great additions for a kidney safe diet, try to cut off the worst parts of the dish.
You can make some substitutions to your holiday meal so that it will still be enjoyable but still much healthier for your kidney disease diet. There are a few extra tips and techniques that can make eating healthy during the holidays a little easier.
The most important thing to realize is that although the holidays are nice and important to you, your health is the most important thing. The holiday season is like a war zone for skinny people.  They know that a caloric attack is behind every invitation to visit with friends or dine with relatives. Beware of foods loaded with butter and cheese: Steamed broccoli is healthy and low in fat, but when smothered in cheese and butter, it can pack an additional 215 calories and 16 grams of fat in just one cup!
Watch out for salads: Leafy greens and salads seem like a healthy choice, but when loaded with high-fat, high-cholesterol cheeses and dressing, such as a Cobb salad, these verdant concoctions contain more than 1,000 calories and 71 grams of fat! Avoid saturated fats and fried foods: These are guaranteed to heavily increase the calorie count. Wear a watch: Keeping track of time and eating slower will help you notice when you’re getting full. Drink Water: This may seem like a no-brainer, but drinking a glass of water before a meal can help you eat 20% few calories. Incorporate papaya and pineapple: These super foods have digestive enzymes that assist with digestion and help you feel less full after a large meal. Of course, the holiday season is just one span of a year-round and lifelong struggle to stay skinny.  These tips make sense in November and December, but can also be used all year long. With all sorts of food around you, it can be a bit challenging to avoid temptation.  Here are some of our tips to help you avoid the unnecessary weight gain during the holidays. Allure-Kauai offers a variety of luxury vacation rentals in Kauai, Hawaii for your perfect holiday. With the holiday season upon us, it is easy to overindulge in the sweets, treats and goodies that can be found at holiday parties and gatherings. 3. If eating soups, avoid those topped with crackers, croutons, bacon, cheese or cream cheese.
6. Look for healthier entree options such as wild caught fish or game, lamb, organic or pasture-raised meats.
7. If it is an option, feel free to make special requests on how your food is prepared and ask to substitute steamed or grilled vegetables instead of items like French fries or mashed potatoes. This chicken dish will not only be a hit, but will have everyone asking you for the recipe! Remember to focus on the real gifts of the holidays like time to slow down with family, friends and those you love, and you’ll find it much easier to keep yourself from overindulging. Filed Under: Health and Fitness, Life About Jordan RubinJordan Rubin is regarded by many as the most respected and beloved natural health expert in America. Once I was at my mom’s group, and a friend jokingly remarked, “I don’t know how she stays so skinny . When I first started really practicing portion control about a year or two ago, I can admit that it was very hard. By doing a combination of these three things, it is possible to enjoy the holidays while still watching your waistline. Lauren Holmes is a Christ-loving mama of two who enjoys being a wife, a mother, a friend, and a Jesus follower! Planning meals allows you to think ahead about the nutritive value and calorie content of meals to be consumed.
You know you will be having lunch or dinner at a relative’s house, and chances are you will be having dessert, then you should skip the 2 teaspoons of sugar in your porridge or tea and reduce your staple serving by one at breakfast. When at lunch or dinner, look at the foods in terms of their food groups, then mentally measure out how much to consume, and put only that amount on your plate. So if you know you will be doing some last minute shopping, in anticipation of the traffic and long lines, pack a ripe banana and an orange or some carrot and celery sticks with a bottle water to munch on at some point during your rushing. The World Health Organization states that each person is allowed sugars of up to 10% of their total calories daily.

Staying active may even be just walking around to get those last minute gifts, or putting the final touches to create that Christmassy ambiance at home, all contribute to burning calories.
Eating healthy during the holidays is not always easy, in fact it is often very difficult, but gluten free holiday eating can often be even more challenging. Everywhere we go there is so much food and often it is food we cannot eat. We will be hosting our annual Christmas Party for my husband’s staff and families next week and I will serving these.
Over on my main site I am sharing a fun dip to serve with Way Better Chips and it can also easily be made into a main dish for a quick dinner.
Note: I have been selected by Way Better Snacks to participate in their Brand Ambassador blogger program. Get additional gluten-free information from Lynn's Kitchen Adventures delivered to your inbox for free! I started Lynn's Kitchen Adventures in 2008, but then in 2009, after years of health issues, I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance.
Many typical holiday meals are full of sugar, sodium, and lots of other stuff that you should be monitoring with your diet.
Especially if you are eating items that might contain a lot of sodium, potassium, sugar, or other ingredients that are potentially dangerous when you have kidney disease, keeping your portions small is very important.
For example, in casseroles that have rich sauces, try eating all of the vegetables out of the dish and leaving the extra sauce, cheese, and other toppings aside. For example, skip the ham or roast beef and choose to eat a lean cut of turkey without the skin.
Have a healthy and light breakfast and lunch that day, so you don’t arrive for the big meal so hungry that you gorge yourself on too many unhealthy options. Get your entire family involved and set parameters, such as lean, low sodium and low sugar options and more healthy plant based side dishes.
Use these tips to keep your metabolism high while everyone else catches a carbohydrate coma.
They will help fill you up, and the antioxidants can improve your artery function and reduce inflammation.
Wait a couple minutes before returning for seconds – this will give your body the chance to digest food intake.
If you feel bloated, have a glass of peppermint tea instead, which helps prevent the feeling of being extremely full.
The holiday season is filled with parties, gatherings, and lots and lots of food!  It’s tough to stick to healthy eating habits you’ve worked so hard to follow all year. Many of these gatherings are catered or hosted at restaurants making healthy choices difficult at times.
Avoid foods with descriptions like: fried, buttery, creamy, rich, au gratin, scalloped, bernaise, Newburg, BBQ, sweet and sour, teriyaki or breaded.
If going to a pot luck or “dish to pass” type of gathering, feel free to make items that fit your dietary needs. His personal account of his battle and triumph over Crohn’s disease has resonated with millions around the world and is one of the most dramatic natural health stories ever told.
While I am not so much of a “sweets” type of person, I love anything savory; be it steak, guacamole, queso, pot roast, or anything warm and hearty. Up until my mid-twenties, my metabolism burned everything that I ate, so as long as I exercised somewhat, I could eat whatever and whenever I wanted and never gain any weight. Instead of packing my plate full, I’ll try a spoonful of all the good foods that I want to eat.
I’ve definitely already picked up a few unwanted (and unneeded!) pounds already, so this hits home. Run the update (Its Free) or Upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to experience this site. For instance, if you normally have three servings of staples (2 fingers of green banana and ? cup of chow mein) with lunch, you should keep that same number of servings when at the buffet, despite the myriad of options that will be available.
People who eat three balanced meals and two healthful snacks daily, tend not to overeat at any meal and therefore are most likely to be closer to their ideal weight for height.
You can eat as much as desired for raw vegetables, which can help you to feel fuller on fewer calories.

Therefore, a little sugar each day is permissible, and will usually decrease any cravings that may arise. Even more effective in burning calories would be including some structured work out time with family and friends, thirty minutes for three days each week.
Always drink moderately and responsibly; two drinks per day for men and one drink per day for women.
I love serving these to people who eat them, love them, and then ask about them, because when I tell them what is in them, they are shocked they taste so good. Way Better also has a Holiday Recipe Board on Pinterest that has some great recipes using Way Better Chips.
While I have been compensated for my time, my opinions are my own, and I have not been paid to post positive comments. After all, when you think of the holidays you likely think of things like putting up decorations, wrapping gifts, and what you are going to cook for your big holiday meal. For dessert, instead of potassium rich pumpkin pie, choose a more kidney safe dessert like angel food cake or a low sugar fruit pie.
As a kidney disease patient, you know the discomfort you feel when you aren’t taking care of yourself.
You then know the ingredients of the dish and know that you are offering a healthy choice to all guests. A successful entrepreneur, New York Times best-selling author, international motivational speaker and television personality, Jordan’s message of health and wellness is a beacon to the masses who are looking for answers to help take control of their health. And with the holidays coming, I am trying to be mindful of eating right and using portion control (even with all of the Christmas and holiday parties, potlucks, and dinners). That way, I am not denying myself the enjoyment of holiday foods, but I’m still aware of how much I am eating. Since I’m on my feet most of the day, sometimes I’m too tired to do Zumba (which I truly love), so I will instead do stretching, ab work, and Pilates on the floor while watching late night TV or after the children are asleep.
I did snap myself back into reality today though and stared working out again and nixing all the candy and sweets!
The short answer is no; especially for people living with Chronic Non Communicable Diseases (CNCDs) such as Diabetes and Hypertension. It’s wise then to fill the plate as much as possible with vegetables at meal time, thereby leaving less space for dessert and seconds.
These taste great and I love the fact that I can offer a healthier alternative to your normal holiday chip and dip type foods. Eating healthy over the holidays is not only safer for you, but it can be just as enjoyable. This allows me to relax while lying down for the most part, but I am still working my muscles. But this year, I am determined not to pack on any pounds, even with all of the fun festivities. For example, at home, I eat mostly fruits, vegetables, soups, smoothies, fish, and lean meat (and I go easy on the carbs.) I also try and eat small portions throughout the day.
Now, I still eat yummy foods, but I’ll just make sure to eat smaller portions and to allow myself healthy snacks in between if I get hungry. I will also do squats with weights and light Zumba moves while the kids are playing during the evening or watching cartoons before bed. So when it comes time once every week or two to go to a party, I will allow myself to indulge (but not overeat), because denying myself would probably only cause overeating (and anger that I can’t taste the yummy foods!). Some examples of meals might be a smoothie and a boiled or fried egg for breakfast, followed by some fruit and nuts for a snack. So I will allow myself small portions at a party, and even go back for seconds or a small plate of thirds.

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