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Now, when I look at a mushroom or a berry, I imagine a tiny red superhero cape flowing in the back, and guess what?  Knowing exactly how powerful these superfoods are makes me want to eat them even more!  Winning!
So, lets tackle these 6 superfoods, one by one, so you can learn just how powerful they are! I promise you, once you know what G-BOMBS can do it will change your dietary decisions (or at least make you feel pretty darn guilty before you stuff that burger in your mouth). Why have a surgeon go scraping out the gunk out of your arteries when you can have kale and Swiss chard do the dirty work for you?  And, I promise you, they charge waaay less!
Yup, that sounds pretty darn magical to me, and I definitely want mushrooms in my body working for me!  Hello, they are also delicious!  Can you say win-win? We all know that we need to keep blood sugar low to protect against diabetes and to keep our bodies running as efficiently as possible.  Well, mushrooms can do a lot of that heavy lifting for us! Berries and pomegrantes have the highest nutrient-to-calorie ratio of all fruits–so you can eat a lot of them and it ends up being far fewer calories than say an apple or banana.
So, what if we just ate tons of kale and onions and mushrooms, cause we know that they are seriously amazing superfoods.  They are perfect by themselves, right? Not only do these superfoods bring their own awesome phytonutrients to the table, they also increase the absorption of the protective nutrients in  vegetables eaten at the same meal.
Does this mean if I dowse my cheeseburger in raw sunflower seeds the fat will just end up in the toilet and not on my hips?!  Probably not.
PinspirationTAPDisclosureI use affiliate links in some of my posts in which I get a percentage of a purchase. Ian on Whole Wheat Sourdough Bread ExperienceDrick on Fliet of Beef, Quinoa Scampi Pasta, Creamed Spinach. If you enjoy the recipes and like reading Cajun Chef Ryan please consider making a contribution to support my efforts through Pay Pal.
With over 35 years of cooking experience, 21 years of them in the restaurant industry, and now 9 years of experience in information technology and away from the production side of the biz my focus now is to document and record in digital format the vast knowledge base that has accumulated over the years. While I still offer the occasional cooking demonstration at local specialty and gourmet shops, my cooking is primarily at home.
It is my hope to inspire others who want to pursue a career in culinary arts, restaurants, and the food service industry.
Last night we ate a soup and salad combination for dinner and I made a batch of hummus dip that turned out great. We each ate a small side salad with a dollop of tuna salad on top leftover from the weekend before we started the ETL diet. Last night I spent about 30 minutes playing tennis and bowling on Wii Sports again, then spent an hour in the kitchen preparing the salad, hummus, and pureeing the soup.
Eating healthy and nutritious meals of raw and cooked vegetables satisfies, and results in less cravings for junk food or snacking. Today’s lunch Monique has a salad with the fire roasted tomato dressing, a small bag of sliced cucumbers, hummus for dipping, one ounce of walnuts and macadamia nuts mix, an immunity drink and a Clementine. Tonight I am going to steam some fresh spinach and cook down some kale with onions and celery.

Tonight Monique goes back to Curves for the circuit workout and then we both will walk this evening. This tuna salad is really good, and it was left over from the weekend before we started the ETL diet, and using it up soon.
Special thank you to Flickr, the Flickr API and the Flickr One Letter Group for the header blog name letter images. So go ahead and blend up some Honey flavored Core Power, a teaspoon of coconut oil and some blueberries and let me know what you think! First, we will share with you a recap of yesterday’s meals and activities, and then a preview of today’s exciting culinary adventures.
We each ate about a whole pound of salad last night with a homemade dressing and some baked kale chips that added a great crunchy texture in place of what we normally would have with traditional croutons.
These salads are about one pound each of greens and vegetables, following in the simple guideline that Joel Fuhrman gives early in his book, “The salad is the main dish”. The salad greens were a mixture of Bibb, romaine, and baby spinach, then some broccoli florets, cucumber slices, sliced button mushrooms, tomato wedges, peeled and sliced kiwi fruit. Last night I spent about 30 minutes playing tennis and bowling on Wii Sports, then spent an hour in the kitchen preparing the salad, dressing, and kale chips.
Today we both ate a Clementine with three Medjool dates, a cup of tea sweetened with 2 teaspoons of honey, and a splash of skim milk, and a half-cup of orange juice. Today’s lunch is about a half-pound of salad for each of us that was left over from last nights meal, a half-ounce of walnuts with a half-ounce of macadamia nuts, a Clementine, and an immunity drink. Making a batch of hummus tonight and will be serving a half-pound of Anti-Cancer Soup along with a half-pound of salad. Yesterday’s post Eat To Live, It Starts you may remember that I had found a great recipe for kale from Smitten Kitchen, well my modified recipe with no oil and no salt came out great.
Several weeks ago a shared my Fire Roasted Tomato Sauce and this dressing utilized that very sauce as the base for this excellent tasting salad dressing. Can’t believe you guys are doing this – it is so much fun to get these updates!
November 17, 2015 By Amy Leave a Comment I have to admit that my appetite came back in full force today. I had a sprouted grain tortilla wrap stuffed with Middle Eastern Salad and tahini dressing (get the recipe in this post), along with a large bowl of Vegetable Soup with Kale & Butter Beans.
Because I had such a large lunch, I wasn’t that hungry for dinner, so I just had more soup. Several boxes of manuals, binders, notebooks, recipes, etc, and with 350+ cookbooks and reference material in my library, my current focus is transforming this personal hard copy document collection into digital format. However, in addition to my current focus of writing about food and cooking (Cajun Chef Ryan Blog), I am also working on developing a line of artisan spice mixes, sauces, and dressings for future marketing and mass production. I am also brainstorming about the possibility of opening up a cooking school and going back to my true love of all things culinary.
Along with a recap of yesterday and a preview of today, I will share a few recipes including the hummus dip, and a tuna salad recipe, then finish with a preview of what today has planned with recipes and activities.

The homemade fire roasted tomato dressing along with some more baked kale chips rounded out the salad.
Once Monique returned from her 30 minute workout at Curves, where she burned 459 calories we then both went on our regular evening neighborhood walk, which was another 30 minutes of good aerobic exercise. I ate a bowl of the Anti-Cancer soup with some baked kale chips on top, an ounce of the walnuts and macadamia nut mix, and a few dates. In addition, I will also get back on the Wii Sports and will try to get some Wii Fit workout also.
In the meantime, check out this list of seven “super foods” that are really beneficial for your body! All the ingredients, which weighed over two pounds, with the exception of the tomato wedges and kiwi all coated with a half-cup of Fire Roasted Tomato Dressing. Worked 15 hours today, and I could certainly use something healthy like this awesome job here thank you!
I get many questions on my blog about whether bananas are allowed on the Eat To Live program, and yes, they are.  But are you allowed to have 2 in one day?
I also took the Anti-Cancer Soup and ran it through the blender to smooth it out even more, now it has a perfect consistency similar to a nice split pea soup.
We ate dinner, and then Monique and I went for our neighborhood walk, which is typically 30 minutes, then we cleaned house for another hour or so.
We are still weaning ourselves from eliminating dairy and fruit juices from the diet, however, Dr.
But this morning, I felt back to normal and woke up pretty hungry.  I ate a whole banana before I even had breakfast.
On the ETL diet you can eat fish up to two times per week, so this tuna is going to be our first portion for the week. Fuhrman says that slight modifications to the diet depending on individual metabolism is recommended. And by lunch, I was still hungry and ate almost double what I normally would have, but everything I had was still on the program, so I’m not feeling guilty at all.
Fuhrman gives a list of fruits you are allowed to eat liberally, and bananas are on the list.
If the past is any indication for me, having 2 bananas in one day shouldn’t be a problem. I also garnished the soup with some little heart swirls of the fire roasted tomato dressing, which tasted great in the soup as well. That means nutrient dense foods because in actuality, these foods are some of the most delicious.

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