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This is a go-to dish when you need something hearty when on the Eat to Live plan.  Filled with fiber, protein and phytochemicals, this dish is nutritious and delicious.
Add the baby kale and reduce heat to low.  Mix together well and remove from heat once kale leaves are just wilting. On Day 25, I made this delicious kale, garbanzo, tofu and avocado wrap with this recipe!  The hummus and the Trader Joe’s flaxseed wrap changes this stir fry into a real lunch dish! PinspirationTAPDisclosureI use affiliate links in some of my posts in which I get a percentage of a purchase.
My goal is to promote veganism, help save animals and fill bellies with lots of delicious cruelty-free foods. Enter your email address to subscribe to The "V" Word and receive notifications of new posts by email. The “V” Word Cookbook E-BooksGet your copies of these full-color e-books today! Vegan Desserts is filled with 31 amazing, decadent and delicious vegan (and mostly gluten-free) dessert recipes.
Plus you will get The "V" Word Cookbook Preview e-book with 15 vegan & gluten-free recipes for FREE!
The e-books are available for purchase at Woodstock Reveries under "Books." Click the photo to be directed there. I love that this salad uses some pre-made elements, so it makes it quicker to prepare!  I usually have all these ingredients on hand in my pantry so I can make the Mexican tofu at any time–it goes great in a wrap too!  See full recipe in bold below!
This is what your tofu mixture will look like after you’ve added the diced tomatoes and just before you add the tomato paste!  Yum!
I learned to use salsa instead of salad dressing when I first started following the Nutritarian plan–it is a game changer! Check out what I was thinking and how I was feeling during my fifth week on the Eat to Live plan! November 2, 2015 By Amy Leave a Comment I think the easiest way to make sure you stick with this program — not just for 6 weeks, but for life! You really can’t overeat when it comes to nutrient-dense foods, so feel free to load up a big bowl and dive in!
Breakfast:          Since I made up a batch of quinoa on Friday, I used it up over the weekend. Breakfast:          I finished up the quinoa and had it was a banana, frozen pomegranate seeds, frozen raspberries and black currants. My grocery lists each week are pretty much the same, although I found some fresh black-eyed peas in the produce section this week that I couldn’t resist! Cook the rice per package instructions (about 1 cup rice to 4 cups water cooked for 40 – 45 minutes). Place the tofu, mushrooms and onions in a non-stick wok pan with 1 cup of water and 2 teaspoons of Braggs. This was the result of a failed attempt to bake a layered dish, so everything ended up in the soup pot, which turned out really well! But I get it if you want to skip the science-y stuff–just head to the end of the page for the delicious printable recipe!

So, even if your typical scrambled eggs breakfast consisted of 2 eggs, you’d only be at 12 grams of protein. The beauty of these tofu scrambled eggs is you can literally gorge yourself on them to your heart’s content because there’s nothing bad in them! Well, unless you think loads of plant-based protein, iron, calcium, vitamins and amino acids are bad.
Try gorging yourself on half a dozen eggs in the morning and tell me how you’d feel–certainly not light, tight and ready to forge through your day! Nutritarian Tofu Scrambled Eggs2016-01-06 12:27:37 Serves 2 Ready for the perfect high-protein breakfast without the cholesterol, saturated fat, or sodium in traditional scrambled eggs? NotesYou can add in fresh veggies like tomatoes and spinach after seasoning the tofu scramble. I hope you give this tofu scrambled eggs recipe a try and incorporate it into your healthier lifestyle!  Even replacing one breakfast a week can have a positive effect on your health!
Sign up for MMTM weekly post round ups to get more delicious, health-promoting recipes like this sent straight to your inbox! The more I make it, the better I’m getting at it and by better, I mean the more it tastes like take-out but better. Crispy pan-fried cubes of tofu covered in a thick, flavorful sauce topped with toasted sesame seeds and scallions. If I had eaten it out of a take-out container, I would have sworn it came from a really good Chinese restaurant. Move them around with a spatula every so often and make sure to keep an eye on them so they don’t burn. I share my life with a rescued Westie mix named Benoni and a rescued husband named Tom who went on the vegan journey with me. But I will try it again, for sure.Even without the crunchy coating it was so so good.Thanks! Because if you can have the foods you grew up with, the foods you always loved, the foods you crave in a healthier and compassionate way, why wouldn't you? My Yiddishe Vegan contains 50 vegan Jewish recipes that are perfect for the holidays and any day. We are an all breed rescue, specializing in seniors and animals with special medical needs.
Furhman’s Eat to Live plan again, (yup I did this before and lost over 21 pounds)!  My goal is to reach my ideal weight by doing the 6 week Eat to Live plan by Dr.
Out of habit, I used to drop a few glugs of oil over my salads without thinking about whether I really needed it.
Then reduce the heat to low, cover with a tight-fitting lid, and cook for about 30 minutes until all vegetables are cooked. You’ll get my free eBook, The 7 Day Salad Cleanse, sent to you right away for subscribing! These are delicious and I’m so excited that I have a savory option for breakfast now!!! I like knowing what’s in my food and having control over which ingredients and spices go into it.

I also use gluten-free tamari but if that’s not an issue for you, any low-sodium tamari or soy sauce will do. Now I don’t have to miss Chinese food anymore but I need to learn how to make gluten-free fortune cookies. It is my hope that I can spread the "V" Word to bring more compassion into the world and it is my dream to become the vegan Rachael Ray.
Time is short and creating a vegan world has become crucial to saving it from possible destruction. When possible we step up to help save the lives of those that are in most danger of being left behind to die on a cold shelter floor.
Fuhrman  until I reach that magic number!  I will be posting the meals I eat with the goal of getting an archive of 100 days of Nutritarian meals on the blog!  If you are currently on the plan we would love to hear from you–please comment and post pics below! And for some weird reason, having a light salad and soup for dinner makes me fall asleep faster and easier.
I had a bag of wild rice I’ve been wanting to use and just started pulling things out of the fridge to see what would go with it. I used peanut oil in the marinade because I only had toasted sesame oil but feel free to use sesame oil if you have it to amp up the sesame flavor even more. Remove the tofu cubes from the marinade, shake off any excess and coat the tofu in the arrowroot. When I became vegan, there were no places in my Bronx neighborhood to eat so I had to learn to cook, mostly from watching cooking shows on TV, especially Christina Pirello and Rachael Ray. It has become everybody's business what we eat."Shirley Wilkes-Johnson "Any food from animals is accompanied by the fear, brutality and disrespect that accompanied their lives and deaths" Gabriel Cousens "Poor animals! It seems like it should be such an easy thing to do, but if I don’t set aside a specific time for exercise, the day just flies by and I forget about it. And although I like to crisp up my tofu for a stir fry in oil, seasoning the tofu with Braggs Amino Acids or soy sauce is a fine substitute. In fact, he encourages you to eat as much as you want of almost all kinds of fruit and vegetables. I’d walk into the restaurant next to my apartment building and they knew what I wanted without asking.
The sauce was a little spicy, a little tangy, a little sweet and a whole lot of scrumptious. Casey Brennan"Animals are not asked for their permission to take their own bodies' products, their freedom or their lives.
Cook the tofu cubes in the oil until they are browned and crisp on all sides, about 7 minutes. We teach our children not to ever take something that doesn't belong to them without asking first.
When I lived in the Bronx, there was a Chinese take-out, pizzaria and nail salon on every single block.

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