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In the last year, I have refined the recipe to make enough for 2 people (with leftovers), or 4 people for dinner. And like I said last year, the less you handle the meat when it is raw, the better the texture of the finished meatball.
When baking is complete, place meatballs in a pot full of your favorite sauce and allow to simmer for at least 30 minutes. It’s slightly different from yours but, I think you and your readers will love it too.
I have been pondering meatball recipes and this looks like a winner… I will definitely be trying them in January (how could I not with such convincing pictures?!) My crockpot will thank you!
Well, I have had much trouble since moving, when it comes to finding the Frozen Meatballs I once was able to buy, so, I have turned to the Web.
I have to say for some reason and I think its from over mixing my meatballs in the past have been almost mushy.

Since that day, it has become my 2nd most popular recipe, next to my Beer Bacon Chocolate Chili. These have become an old stand by for crockpot days, when I simply skip the baking and just throw the raw meatballs in the slow cooker with sauce and let it go all day. So, when mixing the ingredients, work from the edges and kind of fold the mixture into the middle as you go around the bowl. However with baking, you can eliminate some of the fat, it is easier, and the clean-up is easier as well. I am not very technical savvy but I am going to do my best to follow you also I looked at your recipes and they all look AMAZING!!! Pour a 28 ounce can of crushed tomatoes in your pan, add 1 tsp sugar, a handful of torn up fresh basil leaves, and let it simmer.
Different types of meat have a different consistency that sometimes requires a little nudging of the recipe.

Once you add the meatballs to the sauce, they really bring out the light, wholesome flavors of the simple ingredients. By doubling the recipe, I think they became a little more dominating in the final version and I lost some of the meatiness in the meatballs. If I want to do the half and half mixture would you recommend mixing the meat first then layering? Thanks for blogging it is so helpful especially because I was never taught how to cook and I love family dinners!

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