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Shredded beet, carrots, cauliflower and Pink Lady apple, served over a bed of chopped greens and sprinkled with raw sunflower seeds, fresh blueberries, and a few currants.   Also delicious with a little lime juice sprinkled on top!
Before you go running to the closest Panda Express and order up some Honey Walnut Prawns, remember that the key to getting the most nutrients from nuts and seeds is to eat them raw, and sparingly.  Buzz kill, I know!
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PinspirationTAPDisclosureI use affiliate links in some of my posts in which I get a percentage of a purchase. Meanwhile make the dressing by combining lime juice, cumin, chili powder, chipolte chili powder, vinegar, and garlic.
Fuhrman’s New Cookbook Coming Out October 8th!I am committing to make every recipe in the book and post a photo and review of each here.

Mash the beans in the food processor or with a potato masher and mix with the sunflower seeds.
Remove from the oven and let cool slightly, until you can pick up each patty and compress it firmly in your hands to re-form the burger. This creamy soup recipe is full of all highly nutritious ingredients--broccoli, onions, garlic, mushrooms--and it's got a wonderful taste and texture. No, but I would stick with the lower volume of nuts like I used when I made it this first time. Place something heavy on the top plate to help with this (a large can of beans work well) .
Fuhrman’s latest book, “The End of Dieting!” Made creamy with good-for-you walnuts and sweetened with raisins, this is going to be your new favorite nutritarian dressing recipe!
I have just today started exploring an anti-inflammatory diet for my RA I have been diagnosed with and I think I’m going to find a lot of what I need here.
Most of the information on this blog is based upon my own personal experience and research.

After 10 minutes of cooking the veggies, fill the pan with about 5 – 7 cups of water, add 2 tablespoons of rice vinegar, and 3 tablespoons of miso paste (I use white miso). I've been passionate about it ever since, and I've finally arrived at freedom from food addiction.
That's why when I received this e-mail I didn't hesitate in sharing it here on HGK, in the off chance that some of you live in or near Charlottesville, Virginia. The talk is on cancer prevention and all proceeds benefit the Nutritional Research Foundation, which is the non-profit he started and is the research director for. It's a winning formula and I'm pretty stoked to add it to my Plant Based cooking technique repertoire.

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