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Over the course of this semester, we have heard from current students that the new House Dining program represents a major change for their communities. This plan will apply only to 2012 and 2013 students who live in or move to in Baker, McCormick, Next, and Simmons. The new House Dining program will become self-sustaining over three years, rather than all at once. You may opt to enroll in a meal plan that offers more meals or more flexibility, but you may not choose a meal plan with a lesser commitment.
The new program allows MIT to offer an array of options and services that did not exist in the current system.
MIT has had meal plans in the past for the residences with dining halls; restoring them to the campus represents a change.
Drawing on this experience, we will evaluate the House Dining program on a continuing basis, working with students and Housemasters to maintain excellence during the transition and to hone the program for the future.
When MIT enters into an agreement with an outside company to operate the dining system, the contract will contain explicit provisions for food quality, level of service, and other factors to ensure excellence. Use the comment and suggestion box in every dining hall to communicate directly with the food services manager and executive chef. Work with Campus Dining, the unit in the Division of Student Life that oversees all dining operations at MIT.
The following houses will be covered by this program: Baker, Maseeh, McCormick, Next, and Simmons.

To help ease the social and financial stress of the new plan, rising juniors and seniors (classes of 2012 and 2013) who stay in or move to Baker, McCormick, Next, and Simmons are being offered a transitional ANY 7 meal plan with the lowest total financial commitment and the most flexibility for when they can eat. This graduated approach is a direct response to concerns we have heard from students this semester. The hours for each meal will be set in cooperation with the Houses; it has been agreed that at least one dining hall will be open past 8 pm to accommodate athletes and other late diners. As with students in House Dining residences, there is a minimum commitment based on your class year.
See this handout for step by step instructions on choosing a meal plan and on what your options are for selecting a plan above your minimum. Students, faculty, staff, visitors, and others may eat in the dining halls for any meal, using cash, Tech Cash, or Dining Dollars.
The Enrollment Management Group, which considers issues around tuition, student expense budgets, and financial aid, is aware of the new plans and the projected prices. Once the new House Dining program opens, it will remain in place, but will inevitably evolve as we learn what works best for the House Dining and campus communities. The Senior Associate Dean for Residential Life and the Director of Campus Dining will oversee the implementation and ensure that the House Dining operator adheres to the contract and builds an excellent program.
Everyone who uses the system should be aware of how to pass on constructive feedback in order to maintain high quality and to ensure that standards are being met. Thoughtful feedback is very helpful to the dining hall staff—and you may be surprised at how responsive they are to requests and suggestions.

Sharing your experience in the dining system is critical to our ability to maintain high standards and quality.
For example, if you are on a BASIC 12 plan in the fall semester, you could opt-up to a ANY 12 plan (more flexibility), a BASIC 14 plan (more meals) or a ANY 14 plan (more meals and more flexibility) for the spring. Once you return to campus, if you live in a House Dining residence, you must enroll in a meal plan. The minimum plan for juniors and seniors who live in non-dining dorms and who wish to enroll voluntarily is the ANY 10 meal plan (see above). In order to ease the adjustment for current sophomores and juniors, the new system offers a transitional plan for the classes of 2012 and 2013. Although details remain to be decided, the Institute and the Enrollment Management Group are committed to setting a financial aid dining allowance that makes the new meal plans affordable for any student.
Each residence with House Dining holds regular meetings with the dining hall manager and other staff to discuss problems, answer questions, make suggestions, and otherwise ensure that the program is meeting the residents’ needs. During that period, Campus Dining will work to become self-sustaining ahead of schedule by building a high-quality program that attracts additional participants. Ordinarily, these decisions are not made by the senior leadership of?the Institute until after the first of the year and are announced in the late?winter or early spring.

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