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I just updated my Anti-Cancer Green Breakfast Smoothie recipe with a reduced number of dates and expanded instructions for preparation. Lunch is generally a very large salad using romaine lettuce with lots of chopped, raw vegetables on top. Best way to not miss salt I’ve found is to break out your spice rack & start experimenting!
I struggled against adding on another social media outlet, but I’m liking Pinterest so far! Carrie – I think it is very important to soak all nuts, seeds, beans and grains before eating. Anyways, I thought it was funny to come across your blog in my search for fuhrman friendly dressings and realize I already follow you on Instagram. Carrie, are you sure you listed the right amount of vinegar in the Creamy Avocado Dressing? I was really hesitant about using that many CUPS, so I did one cup and it was still way too vinegary.
So happy to have found your blog, Carrie (though I think I’ve stopped by before at some point?). I’m looking forward to browsing around and finding more tips & recipes on your site!
The eat to live diet and eat to live diet plan can be looked at as a preventative diet plan by Doctor Joel Fuhrman. If you are if concerned not only with weight loss but with your health, especially getting diseases like cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure or diabetes, or any of a plethora of other illnesses, then stop right here! I could not play with any of my children; because my fatigue and tiredness were unbearable. Apple Pie ( I don’t have time for recipes some days so I just eat the healthiest part of this recipe–THE APPLE! After your squash is done cooking , mix up the fruit in a medium-sized bowl and scoop into the center of the squash.
The best way to continue on this diet after trying the one day sample eat to live diet plan is to read the entire book by Dr.Joel Fuhrman because it contains valuable information about health which is way more than I can put on one webpage. My goal is to fill this blog with a year’s worth of Eat to Live daily menu plans because I want to make getting healthy and achieving health excellence as easy as possible for all of us! Now you have an easy answer for that ever-annoying question: What are we going to have for dinner?
Make sure you sign up for weekly emails so you can get these menu plans sent straight to your inbox (oh, and an awesome free eBook sent to you right away)!
Be sure to like MMTM on Facebook!  Join a community of Eat-to-Livers who are invested in achieving their health goals and rooting on others in the process! This day (Day 46) is a pitch-perfect day for eating on the 6 week Eat to Live program where you are only allowed 1 cup of whole grains (like brown rice, potatoes or corn). I suggest reading my 6 week Eat to live journal first, then move on to the first 42 days of Eat to Live daily plans, starting here! I have heard lots of success stories for people curing all kinds of autoimmune illnesses on the ETL plan–I wish you the absolute best!
PinspirationTAPDisclosureI use affiliate links in some of my posts in which I get a percentage of a purchase.

I also add a small handful of raw nuts or seeds, some avocado and sometimes some microwaved frozen asparagus.
My favorite after-lunch treat is to blend one-half of a frozen banana with homemade almond milk, another half cup of frozen fruit like strawberries or peaches, one serving of leafy greens like raw kale and a dash of vanilla extract.
I recently updated my FAQ page as well with answers to some miscellaneous questions about gluten and other stuff, too.
I also have a Carrie on Living Amazon affiliate store where I list all of my favorite beauty items, kitchen devices, books, and other cool stuff that supports my lifestyle. You might want to check out my post tomorrow (Wednesday) because I’ll be posting a photo diary of my actual meals over a 24-hour period.
It sounds like a plan I would love to try although I am not a fan of smoothies or consuming nuts.
Yes, you absolutely must get away from calorie counting…life is too short for that!!! I have seen these products in the health food store, but I try to stay away from too much iodine and, if I remember correctly, that has been my concern in the past. You have such gorgeous photos that I’m sure I’ll be pinning lots of your images!
I have also heard about the issue with almonds not really being raw, so I just started buying them from a grower in California where they don’t pasteurize them at all. My constant indigestion, stomach cramps, gas have almost totally stopped, except for the day I ate a whole can of pinto beans!
From what I’ve heard, tofu can be considered a minimally processed food (compared with some of the other vegan Frankenfoods out there), but I have cut back on my tofu consumption in recent months. It is a diet plan to maintain health and stop the progression or possibility of getting many illnesses. A 1 day example of the diet will follow, and if you want to continue with it I recommend you get the eat to live diet book.
Fuhrman’s 6 week plan, or interested in trying it out–you’ll find great (and easy-to-make) breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes and ideas here! I love getting these types of messages and I always try to answer questions or provide support whenever possible. Fat in the diet is certainly important, but I choose to use whole-food fats like avocados, nuts and seeds. I love hearing from people who read my blog, it is the most rewarding aspect of what I do here.
Rather than trying to cut out foods from your diet, why don’t you try making sure you eat plenty of vegetables (A LOT!) and fresh fruits and then see how much room you have for other, less healthy, items? It was a huge transition for both of us to get off salt, so I know what you are going through.
I think in moderation these items are probably okay, I will take a closer look at them the next time I’m at the store.
In regards to your question about soaking grains, nuts, seeds and beans, I am just starting to do more soaking. I spent $100 on 10 pounds and I’m storing them in the freezer and just keeping small amounts in the fridge to use. We’re re-committing to doing the extreme 6 week diet again, for the same reason as the first time we did it.

I have adapted this recipe over time and include at least half of the liquid as non-dairy milk.
I realize that not everyone is convinced about the need to follow a vegetable-based plan such as Dr. Because I enjoy eating lots of great tasting food that guarantees my favorable low cholesterol, freedom from heart disease, protection from cancer, and maintain my youthful vitality into my later years. It takes a LOT of effort to post daily, but it’s so rewarding that I make time for it. I still will have a pancake when out to breakfast & occasionally a cheese pizza but that is becoming less frequent. I will see if I can incorporate it into a post, but my best advice is to use a splash of vinegar (or fresh lemon juice) on your food, it makes all the difference and really compensates for the lack of salt. I always soak and rinse my beans before cooking and I’ve started soaking and rinsing raw nuts as well (I try not to eat any roasted nuts).
We want to renew our health and ditch our bad habits that we’ve at least somewhat reacquired… and most of all, I want to lose pregnancy weight! I don’t have any soy sensitivities so I still consume edamame and tempeh a few times a week as well. If you follow this diet strictly for 6 weeks you just might thank me that you found this page.
One of my favorites is my Creamy Avocado Dressing (see recipe below) which is just blended avocados with vinegar, garlic and onions. If we fill our stomachs with low-calorie dense foods, then we can get optimal nutrition without having to worry about eating too much. You can have your long-term goal to eliminate those items like sugar and dairy, but it might be easier if you take baby steps while drastically increasing your consumption of whole, plant foods. As far as grains go, I don’t consume a lot of them, maybe just some brown rice a few times a week. To be honest, I don’t use avocados that much in my dressings anymore, I find they are too fattening for me.
My 3 teen sons and my daughter all saw the results I’ve achieved and have each adopted the eat to live diet plan,receiving dramatic overall health improvements themselves. My concern with using the product you suggested (assuming one used it regularly) is that it would put my iodine intake over his maximum recommendation. However, I have read about the benefits of soaking rice and so I’m soaking some right now for the first time! Instead, I like to use a mixture of frozen berries, walnuts, dates, vinegar, onion and garlic. I don’t use it in dressings or on steamed veggies but sometimes want it on beans and in soups.

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