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Are you showing yet?: Yes, but I am at that awkward stage where I can see people staring just wondering if I am pregnant or not? Looking forward to?: Painting the baby's room, getting our bathroom tiled and finding out the gender. For anyone who is wondering (or is pregnant) I will post some pregnancy workouts in the upcoming posts.
Maternity clothes: Yes, work pants and then leggings are my choice (not maternity leggings yet though). Best moment of the week: Going to our NT Scan and seeing the little peanut on the ultrasound for about 30 minutes. Movement: I am feeling little tiny bits of movement but its so infrequent and light that I can't tell if its the baby for sure. Looking forward to?: Painting the nursery and seeing all my friends at a close friends baby shower. My husband and I are shopping for a camera so we can take pictures of the nursery and when they baby is born and growing up. I know from experience that this type of recipe will keep little hands busy – rolling, filling, folding pastry – all perfect activities for keeping little hands out of trouble ?? and secondly, because the boys had done such a great job working with phyllo to make samosas with Charmian Christie a few weeks ago I imagined they would love this!

Because Emily understands priorities when cooking with kids (keeping everyone busy at the same time!), she prepped the filling before the boys arrived in the lab – we used parsley, pear, a little bit of whipping cream, breadcrumbs and a goat cheese log with cranberries and cinnamon already incorporated. I definitely feel they are ready to cater their parents’ cocktail parties this holiday season! I know I say it a lot but honestly, if you set the bar high with kids, 99% of the time they will come up to meet you there.  Although this could have potentially been a messy session with less-than-perfect results (one of my colleagues said “The boys are going to work with phyllo?
Thanks again, Emily for taking the time out of your busy schedule this holiday season to work with the boys. Check out Emily’s latest cookbook “Get in The Kitchen and COOK!” – a book to get you in the kitchen preparing tasty meals quickly so you can enjoy time with family and friends both for weeknight meals as well as casual kitchen entertaining with friends.
LPC’s great looking hors d’oeuvres make me feel that I could work with Filo pastry and have great results too! I can see it now on the auction table at one of the school’s charity fundraisers: an evening soiree, catered by LPC! Not too intense but I will go for a walk on my lunch at work in the skyway and then sometimes at night I will walk on the treadmill with a 7 incline. Movement: I thought I felt a little flutter in my stomach this week but I am not sure if it was baby or not.

Check out what Emily’s up to by visiting her website or check out her blog and follow her on Twitter ERiscooking. It is always such fun and I’m always so happy to see their faces at the end when the recipes they make look as good as they taste. I took a picture every week and kept a log of how I was feeling but never had the energy to upload them to my blog. So I am trying to play catch up and I will be posting one or two more posts before I am all caught up. I was so lazy and tired all the time in the beginning that it feels good to get up and move.

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