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Australian Early Warning Network - subscription to postcode-aware SMS warning system that includes tsunami warnings from BoM.
28 Aug 14 Uni Queensland: South east Australia most prone to tsunami threats along eastern coast.
1 Oct 09 ABC: 'No agreement' on [Australian] tsunami alert system - Emergency services experts say Australia's tsunami warning procedure is still lacking an effective alert system [following the Samoan tsunami]. 25 May 2015 New Scientist: New Zealand's worst earthquake fear confirmed by sediment survey - evidence of a huge megathrust earthquake crossing segment boundaries there some 500 years ago [source of the mega-tsunami on the east coast of Australia?] BSSA Abstract.
4 Aug 15 ABC: Wide Bay region earthquakes spark disaster plans reminder - yes - the earthquake off the coast from Fraser Island could have triggered an undersea landslide.
18 May 15 Japan Times: Researchers unearth traces of massive Nankai Trough tsunami from 2,000 years ago. 19 Dec 14 Canberra Times: Don't be complacent, tsunami experts warn 10 years on from Indian Ocean wave. 21 Dec 12 ABC: Reef's collapsing sea floor could trigger tsunami [Queensland coast] Be prepared.
18 Apr 12 Nature: Tsunami simulations scare Japan - Updated risk assessment warns country to prepare for much larger earthquakes and waves.
As hilarious as it was, I  think it was really smart for my dad to make sure that our house always had an emergency plan and that we always put safety first.

I’m challenging my west coast friends, especially those of you that live along the San Andreas fault to get prepared.
Not related to earthquakes but the beginning reminded me of your skirt that had to have the pockets sewn because they were a safety hazard :)! Feeling helpless, weak and insecure while being in rush is the most common condition under which we tend to forget things. Note this paper does not refer to Charles Mader's modelling of a Magnitude 9 earthquake near Tonga.
Major earthquakes have caused death and destruction before, and some seismologists say another quake will happen soon.
But there were some qwerks that I’m just curious if any of you experienced growing up. I thought if I called it sexy I could at least get some of you to read this boring post…lol! Starting a kit can be really daunting at first, but you just have to start somewhere. If you already have a kit, go check it out and make sure that everything is in working order and that nothing is expired.
If I were in California you might have finally inspired me to put together my earthquake kit!
It’s a typical Saturday afternoon and you are doing your chores, all of a sudden you hear someone making a loud alarm sound and yelling  “THIS IS A FIRE DRILL!

There are some great resources out there on how to put a kit together but the truth is that there isn’t a one size fit all kit. All across the board what seems to be most important is making sure you have nonperishable food and water for at minimum of three days, but if you want to take safety 101 from my dad you should have enough food and water for 30 days.
Again, I know that sounds super daunting but this isn’t the time to spend a bunch of money putting together gourmet healthy meals, you will just need sustenance.
Or tell me this, did your dad ever interrupt your slumber party to tell your friends that they need to move away from the door because they are a fire hazard.
Supposedly you can buy a case of 48 Top Ramen for about 10 bucks at Costco (watch out for the salty packets though, those will just make you thirsty). I’ll tell you where I was, I was at home with my family with a stock pile that we had built up all year (1999)!

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