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The Driver Education Standards of Learning for Virginia Public Schools provides the framework for the Curriculum Guide for Driver Education in Virginia.
Successful completion of a state-approved driver education program does not make a teenager a responsible, experienced driver. The purpose of driver education is to provide students with a detailed understanding of the fundamentals of driving and to foster responsible attitudes and behaviors. This Driver Ed DVD is a complete driver training course on one DVD, and the perfect compliment to your behind-the-wheel driver training class!
Our all-inclusive Driver Ed DVD breaks down the various driving lessons in separate and understandable sections. Proper vehicle maintenance is an important factor in keeping you safe and extending the life of your automobile.
The video combines live-action with 3-D animation and interactive quizzes, which can be taken using a remote control. Emphasis is placed on linking visual search skills, space management, and maintenance of balanced vehicle control to risk-reducing driving strategies.

Traffic safety education involves family, community, industry, government, and personal factors such as motivation, maturity, and perception abilities. The video includes interactive quizzes, a study guide, alcohol and drug awareness, hilarious bloopers and out-takes! You can repeat and review any of the sections in the video until you’re totally comfortable with the key points of that particular lesson.
Commercial driver training schools are approved and licensed by the Department of Motor Vehicles as prescribed by VR 485-60-9201, and they follow the same course content as public and private school driver education programs.
Significant attention is given to risk awareness, driver alertness, driver distractions, the social and economic consequences of driving, occupant protection, positive interactions with other roadway users, and the physical and psychological conditions that affect driver performance. Students apply basic driving skills in low-to-moderate traffic environments and progress to demonstration of skill proficiency in more complex traffic situations. It’s your choice!Your results are recorded, so you can track your progress and review your incorrect answers. When possible, teachers are also encouraged to use simulation and other technologies that will enhance student learning.

The family, not the school, is in the best position to have a sustained effect on minimizing the risks faced by inexperienced drivers and encouraging responsible behaviors. From running stop signs to cutting off other drivers in traffic, watch as these first-time drivers make every mistake in the book and learn how to safely avoid these mistakes before getting behind the wheel of a car. Throughout the course, emphasis is placed on extensive supervised practice with a licensed parent or guardian to develop precision in the use of skills, processes, and responsibilities. With Drivers Ed Virginia, you can download the Virginia Driver Manual to your device anytime!

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