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The real measure of success of a school system is what happens to its students and how successful they are 10 and 20 years after graduation! Many of our epidemic adult health problems are due to lack of good health education programs in the public school system. What plans does a School District have to make in order for its education to be comparable with the best in the world?? Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance: YRBSS data were being used to measure progress toward achieving 15 national health objectives for 2010 and three of the 10 leading health indicators.
Our schools need to prepare youngsters not just to live in our society but to function in a competitive world! Fights between parents, players and referees during soccer and basketball games occur during recreation and school games.
We have an endless parade of national corporate, church, sports and political scandals and disturbingly high rates of cheating, violence and substance abuse among the young. School athletics have become the prep-springboards to university sports programs and professional sports.
Giving higher priority to interscholastic sports than physical education has taken away the opportunity from the many, who are overweight and physically unfit, and given it to the few who need it the least.
Our main priority in school sports should be in improving and maintaining the physical fitness of the majority of students and not the few super athletes.
Children need nutrition education throughout elementary school so they can graft good eating habits. We need to get everyone to start believing in the moral aspect of having educational accountability. We must monitor how we allocate educational monies to school districts, principals and classrooms. Grading is another issue to consider: In any school district [similar in other districts ] two teachers teaching the same course work can teach a different content and grade differently. Good teachers teach content and create an evaluation system to monitor student achievement and progress. It is ironic that although the two most important jobs in any society are parenting and teaching, these are given the lowest recognition and pay in United States.
Thus to get classroom discipline, teachers need to get parents to implement discipline in homes. The best way of doing this has already been mentioned earlier in this essay [ Parental pre-school classes ]. But it is the few who are weak parents that often are responsible for disrupting the educational process. Batey Anton, "The Trouble with No Child Left Behind," Ludwig Von Mises Institute, March 23, 2010. With California drivers ed classes from Drivers Ed Direct, completing your classroom and behind the wheel requirements has never been more convenient. At Drivers Ed Direct, our online California drivers ed program begins with our unique lesson plan and approach to drivers education.
If you are looking to gain the behind the wheel skills you will need once you are driving on your own, our behind the wheel instructors can help.
At Drivers Ed Direct our top-of-the-line drivers ed courses help more than just our students.
Completing an online California drivers ed course is also a great way to help the environment. Please take the time to review all of the California drivers ed course options that we offer. When I was a sophomore in high school I took a driver’s educations (driver’s ed) course that was offered at school.

There are licensed driving schools if your high school doesn’t offer a course or you want to go outside of your school for instruction. There is also a rise in popularity in online driving courses (of course this is only for the classroom instruction component). Taking a driver’s ed course can help teens better understand the importance of safe driving.
Sampson County Board of Education members recently received an update on the driver’s education program. During the 2014-15 school year, 709 students were enrolled in the program and the cost to educate each one was roughly $229. To educate the students, Sampson County Schools uses a motor fleet of about 11 cars, but one was lost due to damage. The average vehicle is about 12 years old, with an average mileage of more than 111,000 miles. During the meeting, Sanderson also brought up using an outside driving schools to educate drivers. He added that a lot of these schools use instructors who are not certified school teachers because it’s not a requirement.
Please view the options we have for Teen Drivers and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Related issues to our weak educational system are our dysfunctional politicians and corruption in Washington. In addition, education and health officials at national, state, and local levels are using these YRBSS data to improve policies and programs to reduce priority health-risk behaviors among youth. Teachers need to monitor the weekly progress of each student and then give this progress as feedback motivation to the students. As a professor, did research and wrote textbooks on how youngsters learn, how values develop, structuring curriculae, teaching methodology and other pedagogy. Involved in helping to develop educational accountability legislation in the mid-‘70’s in California.
Teen drivers train in one of our hybrid gas-electric vehicles, within a program designed to teach safe driving techniques and environmental responsibility. To learn more about our California drivers ed program, check out our course demo, or visit our California Drivers Ed Program page.
At Drivers Ed Direct we know how busy you are, and what an inconvenience a drivers ed class can be. With our California drivers ed course you can work at a pace that best suits your learning style. Our instructors communicate with students in a way that makes sense and is conducive to learning.
These vehicles not only look nice, they also come with the latest safety features available, to ensure the safety of our students. This innovative approach includes a number of tools to help teach the basics and fundamentals of safe driving practices.
Armed with the latest concepts and techniques, our instructors are equipped to provide the training you need to become a safe, responsible driver. Drivers Ed Direct instructors emphasize to students how much of a difference just one person can make. Aside from your completion certificate, online courses are paper-free because there are no workbooks, attendance papers, or paper quizzes and tests. I already had my instruction permit and had spent some time driving with my parents, but my parents wanted me to have a better understanding of driving.
Our instructor showed us horribly graphic films about automobile accidents and lectured us endlessly about the dangers of driving.

I live in Washington State where one of the requirements to get your license is that you have to pass a traffic safety education course. They also offer more one-on-one instruction and are less time consuming than school-based courses. These courses may include interactive instruction on freeway driving, the basics of turning and parking, and a discussion about the need for auto insurance. It also helps reduce insurance costs, helps make better and more responsible drivers, and most of all, helps save lives.
Herb Sanderson, director of transportation, presented figures from the current and previous school years. Hobbton, Midway and Union districts have two instructors each and the Lakewood area used three.
Locally, Clinton is using contracted services and Sanderson said Pender County is doing the same thing. Also, Sanderson believes parents, guardians and students may not get the same attention or service with a private company. Eric Bracy and other district officials will look at revisiting the pay scale, vehicle options or using the services of a driving school.
Our online California drivers ed course includes animated scenario lessons as well as professional writing and questions designed to engage students while ensuring they learn the skills they need to be responsible, safe drivers in the future. By collaborating with a California state certified defensive driver trainer, we have been able to make our drivers training program one of the most up-to-date and effective programs in the country.
Since our fleet of vehicles travels thousands of miles every month on California roadways, using hybrid cars and SUVs significantly reduces additional vehicle emission amounts from polluting the environment.
From making the choice to drive a hybrid vehicle, which produces 97 percent less emissions than today's nationwide standard, to paying a visit to your local recycling center, Drivers Ed Direct promotes the philosophy of a cleaner, healthier environment. Most of us were terrified at the end of each class, but the redeeming thing about the course was that it helped us to truly understand that driving was serious business. This type of course consists of classroom instruction, behind-the-wheel training and also behind-the-wheel observation. These courses are managed locally through the school districts and the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) oversees and certifies the instructors and curriculum for these programs.
Make sure to check a driving school’s licensing, curriculum, ratio of instructors to students, record keeping and if they’ve received any disciplinary actions for violating licensing laws or rules. They also offer pre-test instruction to help your teen pass your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles drivers’ examination. All are certified school teachers and additional certification is available through the Department of Motor Vehicles. In addition to our online California drivers ed classes, we also offer classroom taught drivers education courses in select cities for those who prefer a more traditional approach to drivers ed. Our behind the wheel California drivers ed course focuses not only on teaching the basics of learning to drive, but also the importance of defensive driving and collision avoidance, techniques often overlooked by other driving schools.
Therefore, there are fewer vehicle emissions being produced solely to support your drivers education.
Every state has different requirements for courses, so make sure you check into yours before you start a course.

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