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On the plus side, most shooters already know and own everything that they should include; for the most part, it’s the same stuff we keep in our range bags—minus the melted Snickers bar and used ear plugs.
But you don’t have to fill your bag with bottles of powder solvent, copper remover and a one-piece cleaning rod.
Safariland’s Precision Shooter is easy on space and weight, and the pen dispenser provides pinpoint placement of CLP exactly where it’s needed.
The 62-grain Fusion round is also extremely versatile: Since the projectile was engineered for deer hunting, it serves well for both self-defense and putting food in your belly. Doomsday - Survival Day – шутер с видом сверху где вам предстоит уничтожать орды зергов нападающих на вашу планету.
The Doomsday Survival Handbook can serve as a conversation piece or as a simple break from the doldrums of your daily routine.
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Disaster looms, and whether it’s via super volcano or a super virus, it pays to be prepared.
When society falls apart and it all hits the fan, guns will get filthy, require cleaning and always perform better when properly lubed.
You can look through your gear and assemble a travel-size kit from what you have on hand, or you can consider one of the compact cleaning kits on the market today.

Plus, Otis supplies our folks out on the front line—if it’s good enough for military pros, it is absolutely good enough for me.
Plus, when it comes to lube, it’s hard to find a more tried and tested product than Break Free CLP. Because the X400 is LED-based, there’s no need to include extra bulbs, and it will burn fewer batteries—this saves on space, weight and cost. This newer, adaptable model is attractive because it includes the hardware needed to convert it from an OWB to an IWB, depending on your concealment requirements.
Bad guys don’t wait for you to recharge mags, and you might even drop one during a mag change along the way.
This particular ammo uses 115-grain FTX bullets, and its stellar performance (even through bulky clothing) makes it a very capable 9mm load. Having the right tools in your bug-out bag is important, but you don’t have to drag around the whole toolbox. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser. Dalam game untuk Android ini kamu adalah anggota yang masih hidup terakhir dari skuad elit melawan penjajah asing.
The following will help you ensure that your bug-out-bag is not only properly equipped to feed and protect you and yours, but to maintain the tools that do so. In addition to these supplies, many people consider firearms to be an essential part of their kit; however, proper firearm supplies are often omitted from bug-out bag shakedown lists.
Most include everything needed to keep your firearms working properly and come in a variety of sizes, applications, calibers and prices.

It can be quickly moved from a handgun to a long gun—eliminating the need to purchase and carry a second weapon light. I recommend keeping The Doomsday Survival Handbook in mind this holiday season — it would make a great stocking stuffer! You’re the norm, the prudent solid citizen preparing for the time when the evening jaunt to the corner grocer may be fraught with peril that has little to do with the indigestion left by those heavenly spicy mini-tacos.
Having a sling in your bug-out bag that can quickly adapt from single to multi-point is especially helpful. Similarly, firearms can become a burden and a liability if you do not have a reliable way to keep them safe and secure. There is a balance between having your firearm in your hands at all times and keeping it buried in your pack. The Concealable Belt Holster holds my Glock 19 tight enough that it never budged in any of the shake-it-loose tests that I performed.
This book will help you separate the threat from the chaff with its handy dandy checklists and recommendations. This configuration allows me to keep both hands free while also keeping the gun in a very secure, yet accessible location. While it is important to remember that survival is not guaranteed, this book will certainly* improve your odds of survival.

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