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Doomsday Preppers star Jay Blevins was inspired to educate others after his appearance on the National Geographic hit show.
Jay Blevins has also appeared on Access Hollywood Live, The Steve Harvey Show, The Today Show and CNN Headline News‘ Jane Velez-Mitchell Show. The Inquisitr recently sat down with the Doomsday Preppers star to see what he has been doing since appearing on the National Geographic series and to learn more about his East Coast Preparedness Convention self-reliance education events. IQ: How is East Coast Preparedness Convention III different than the dozens of other preparedness events scheduled around the country for the summer and fall? IQ: This is the third time the event has been hosted, what has changed since you first began organizing the massive preparedness convention? Jay: Ryan and I are both passionate about prepping, and we wanted to take our strengths, combine them with the strengths of other experts like Scott Hunt, Tim Macwelch, Damien Gardner, Greg Smith, Dave Jones, and some of our other speakers, add that to some amazing vendors, and create a preparedness event where we could reach hundreds and thousands of people! IQ: Some hold a stereotypical view of so-called preppers and survivalists other appear to recognize the educational and insurance mindset many preppers hold.
Jay: Thanks for asking this question as it is at the core of why we have done all the shows, radio, and other interviews. IQ: What do you see as the primary concerns both prepper expo attendees and presenters are concerned about in 2014? Paramount Pictures invited a few folks from my group to come out and do a survival forum at the Washington DC premiere of World War Z. Scott Hunt is the owner of Practical Preppers, LLC, a company that specializes in preparedness solutions for individuals and groups. Damien is a custom knife maker, the owner of Calvary Knives LLC, a self-defense specialist, a husband, and father. Advanced Survival Training School founder and instructor, Tim MacWelch, has been professionally teaching a wide variety of survival skills to the public since 1997.
Presentation: Survival Food Storage -Comparison of freeze dried food and dehydrated food, Technique for preserving food for Long Term Storage, Hazards associated with improper food storage.
RyanMcCullough is the co-founder of SEPS LLC and the Founder and CEO of Liberty Union Metals Exchange – LUMEX.
Presentation: Essential Oils and Preparedness -Learn why doTerra Essential Oils are an integral part of your emergency preparedness plan. Holly Blevins is a doTerra Wellness Advocate dedicated to teaching others what she has learned on her journey toward health and independence from modern healthcare. From the breaking news you need to know to the hottest trends circling the Web, TheBlaze has it all.
Food storage is 50 pound bags of dusty, weevil-infested wheat, stale rice, and rock hard beans that I would never eat in a million years. Food storage is exploding cans of tomatoes, fermented juices, and salt-ridden soda pops that have been in the basement for decades. Food storage is stinky powdered milk that I wouldn’t eat in even the most desperate of circumstances.
Food storage is countless glass jars full of unrecognizable, dull hues of putrid green, pale orange, and some other color that simply is not natural. Food storage is just one more thing to worry about and is probably created by some maniacal male who has no aesthetic taste for home decor whatsoever.
Food storage is about as exciting to me as a scrapbooking convention would be to my husband—and probably just as painful too. I love that my pantry means comfort for just my husband and I or a hungry surprise visit from the local Scout troop. I love going into my pantry and pulling out the ingredients I need for scrumptious Fantasy Fudge, Spiced Walnuts, and Mile High Lemon Pie.  Yum! When I see my stores of wheat, I get hungry just thinking about the warm loaves of bread, hot scones, cinnamon rolls, doughnuts, pizzas, and calzones that I’ll get to make with that freshly stored grain. My mouth waters as I see the sprouts that will turn into fresh vegetables within a couple of days—accompanied by a homemade garlic dressing. I love the smell of my pantry as it exudes the fresh scents of chocolate, herbs, and spices that I have on hand. I love walking into the pantry and smelling Parmesan, Reggiano, Gruyere, Swiss, and Cheddar cheeses hanging all neatly—promising something delicious in the near future.
I love looking in my pantry—like a pallet of fresh paints, just waiting to be created into a comforting masterpiece on a canvas. My pantry brings me great satisfaction and comfort—like being curled up in a fleece blanket with a cup of hot cocoa on a cold, brisk day. If you still associate your preparedness efforts as “food storage” then I suggest you alter the methods you’re presently using.

You just want to make sure that it's not cold so that it doesn't create condensation between the coldness of the cheese and the hot cheese wax.
Just this evening for dinner I made my vegetarian daughter some sushi with my sprouted lentils. Claudia, I'm sure I made lots of beautiful friendships before I was born on earth when we were just hanging out in heaven, waiting for our turn to come down. My Mom always stored food during the summer so we'd have something if thing got tough during the winter.
I love prepping because when a big bill comes up, I walk down to my basement and have food.
Patricia, so long as you credit Preparedness Pro and Kellene Bishop you are fine to repost it with the link. What if you turn your food storage into a really big extension to your pantry (in other words, giving it a nice floor, drywall, and proper lighting.
Hi Kellene~ On the topic of "waxing cheese", do I need to buy "fancy" cheese from the gourmet section of the grocery store, or will regular "Kraft-type" packaged cheese work okay too? Considering that the world of prepping can appear quite dominated by males, I'm actually tickled to see the wide demographic we've got here on all topics. Please note that the name you use in the "Name" field above will be the name displayed on your comment.
Could The Trans-Pacific Partnership Intensify Income Inequality And Make Governments Subservient To Corporations? Blevins is once again playing host a prepper expo rooted in self-reliance training and informational presentations. We just wanted to put on a local show to reach people in our community, and give them a place to come to discuss prepping.
There will also be over a dozen awesome giveaways from gift certificates for gear, training opportunities, bug out bags, food, and two grand prizes.
Unemployment numbers are steadying not because jobs are being created, but because people have stopped looking. How has your appearance on the preparedness series during its early seasons impacted you both personally and professionally? We wanted them to see some people who are well researched, intelligent, average Americans who see the need to prep for various reasons.
A mechanical engineer, Scott shares his experiences and knowledge through teaching, training and consulting. He is passionate about the quality and performance of the custom blades he makes for his clients and sharing his skills with others. Before there were survival TV shows and before there were preppers, MacWelch has been teaching the best of survival skills to all who were willing to learn. Together they run their business, raise their children, raise livestock on their family hobby farm, are church board members, active in local volunteer organizations and continue to research with the best and brightest in the survival industry. Holly will introduce the top 15 oils for emergencies and teach how and when to use each one.
She is a prepper, a wife, and a work at home mother of three who has been featured on Doomsday Preppers, Steve Harvey Show, and local TV and radio shows. Army and retired Army Chemical Officer, David Jones taught nuclear biological and chemical warfare defense to military personnel all over the world. This sample pack is also great for campouts, hiking or even setting up your 72 hour emergency kit. I have to admit that I feel a bit puffy-chested knowing that I can whip up some amazing Shepherds Pie, Fettuccine Alfredo, Green Beans Almondine, Chicken Poppy Seed Casserole, Clam Chowder, Big Beef Chili, Chunky Ratatouille, and so many other yummy dishes any day of the year without stepping one foot in a grocery store. They aren’t working for you and in fact, they are an obstacle to you being prepared in this particular aspect. There is a sense of peace, serenity and even holiness because I know that God inspired me to prepare my family for whatever life brings. I love reading your blog, for a beginner at this pantry collection task I feel faith and hope as I read your blogs, not fear. Blevins is a former DC area Deputy Sheriff and SWAT officer, current author, business consultant, speaker, prepper, father, husband, and believer. His published works include Survival and Emergency Preparedness Skills – SEPS, Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Readiness for Uncertain Times, and The Last Fall.
After we appeared on shows like Doomsday Preppers, Today, Access Hollywood Live, Steve Harvey, and others, we received a lot of emails and calls where people wanted to join our network.
The first grand prize is a Taser C2 gold package, $400 value, courtesy of our national sponsor Taser International, and the second grand prize will be a signed copy of all books available from speakers like Scott Hunt, Myself, Tim Macwelch, and more!

They will have knives, medical gear, silver and gold, gas masks, bug out bags, tactical gear, self-defense weapons, trainers, and much much more!
Practical Preppers develops infrastructure plans that range from basic hand pumps for wells to complete off-grid survival retreats. Damien has years of prepping experience, is a former federal law enforcement officer, and has the ability to reach people with his laid back and engaging speaking style. Natural and man-made disasters are unavoidable, but experience has taught Greg that survival and blessings are all about everyday people making every day choices. Try a few of our favorite meals and get to know the gourmet taste of Legacy Premium Food Storage.
Others have said it has too many duplicate or unnecessary items that would add up to too much weight.
He has more than a decade of serious prepping experience and is passionate about his faith, his family, prepping, and reaching people about important life issues.
The shows that I would consider failures were the ones where organizers were just out to make a buck, and weren’t even preppers. Well, obviously we can’t take in everyone, and so Ryan and I decided to put together a one-day show where people could come and learn, meet other preppers, and get a little gear. Holly Blevins will share about essential oils and prepping, David Jones about CBRN, Greg Smith will teach us about long term food storage, Ryan McCullough about financial considerations like bartering, alternative savings, and the effects of economic collapse, and yours truly will round out the show discussing the importance of mental and spiritual preparation by looking at real life case studies of some amazing preppers and survivors from the past! I’d love to mention our sponsors, most of whom are vendors as well: Taser International, Blue Ridge Thrive, Survival Food Plan, Get Ready, Golden Seal Enterprises, and Appalachian Outdoor Readiness and Essentials!
Corruption in government and the inability of those in power to do much of anything is a scary thing. So the main impact it has had on our personal and professional lives is that it has given us an opportunity to reach a larger audience and tell them why we do what we do, and for them to consider it on a more level playing field. Scott’s extensive background in Homesteading, Sustainable Water and Energy systems is a key factor in his analysis of whether the proper infrastructure is in place should a disaster occur.
He spent the next 22 months in the Middle East traveling to 16 different countries conducting vulnerability assessments on US interests in the area. Even with some suggestions of what the pack should get rid of or add, it still has more than 130 likes in less than 24 hours. Learn ingenious, yet simple ways to obtain, filter, and purify water and alternative energy in emergency situations. Greg is also an EMT Life Member of Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad, a business owner, production level food handler, food storage menu review board member and father to children with extreme food allergies and medical conditions.
David is now an emergency management specialist working for the Department of Homeland Security at Mount weather and has worked with Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency, NASA and US Air Force Global Strike Command where he was the only civilian on a nuclear weapons accident response team. But I love having and confidently USING foods that I can store for years in my pantry, which I and my family love and enjoy. The legitimate or good shows to me are the ones where attendees, vendors, speakers, and organizers can all walk away and say it was time and money well spent. We crammed speaking and vending all into one area of about 3,500-square-foot and it was a great time, but it was clear we needed to do more. The powder keg that is the middle east could go off at any minute with situations like ISIS in Iraq, the Israel and Hamas conflict, the Ukraine crisis! We have a chance, like the Watchmen of old to sound the alarm for the people to be prepared when danger is coming. The only question is … how much time until the alarm no longer sounds and how long until the time for preparing crosses over into the time to survive? His most amazing accomplishment to date was that he became a father for the first time at age 50. Frankly, we are different, and part of the movement of good shows because Ryan and I are preppers.
Now, we have two days worth of speakers, dozens of vendors, national sponsors like Taser International, and will reach our goal of raising $3,000 for the fire department. It’s hard to say what one event will be of most concern, but I’d say as a well rounded prepper, be informed, and prepared for whatever might come your way!
We are also spending about eight times what we did before on marketing and advertising to get the word out to more preppers and those curious about it. And we have heard it time and again from attendees and vendors … they love the show and keep coming back.

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