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Erectile Dysfunction (impotence) occurs when a man can no longer get or keep an erection firm long enough for sexual intercourse. As soon as you feel you may have an erectile issue, you should set up an appointment to speak to a physician.
Male sexual arousal is a complex process that involves the brain, emotions, hormones, muscles, nerves and blood vessels. We at Atlas Men's Health are proud to be members of the American Board of Obesity Medicine. Though the holidays often seem romantic, all of this eating and drinking combined with short days and low temperatures can turn down the heat in the bedroom for a lot of men. The holidays are often a stressful time of the year and stress can make your blood vessels contract, leading to difficulty sustaining an erection. As a registered pharmacy all medicine supplied is UK licensed and supplied via a regulated and accountable supply chain. Have you read the erectile dysfunction medical information?Please read the medical information.
Are you over weight?Use this BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator and answer 'yes' if the result is over 30.Use this BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator and answer 'yes' if the result is over 30. Are you aware if you have a continuous erection for 4 hours or more you should seek immediate medical advice?This is unlikely to happen and is rare.
Online prescriptionsOur doctors will review your order information and issue the prescription online direct to our pharmacy.
Having erection trouble from time to time is not necessarily cause for concern, but if it is an issue that persists, it may cause stress, relationship problems, and affect your self confidence.
Up to 39 percent of men in their 40s have experienced trouble getting or maintaining an erection, and almost all men over 70 are affected. If you would rather spend the morning tending to your partner than your hangover, it’s best to keep your alcohol consumption to a minimum.

See the patient information leaflet links above for full details of cautions and interactions. Even though it may feel awkward speaking with a physician about erectile dysfunction, go in for an evaluation. The ball may be dropping in Times Square, but there’s no reason for others things not to stay up.
Stick to heart-healthy foods such as fish, berries and veggies and steer clear of fatty and fried dishes. Most men with erectile dysfunction are in reasonable health, although erectile dysfunction may be a symptom of problems with circulation.
Psychological or Physical Most normal men have 3 to 5 erections each night, according to the National Institutes of Health. Find an office that specializes in erectile dysfunction and men’s health issues like Atlas Mens Health Institute located in Las Vegas, NV. Sometimes a combination of physical and psychological issues can also cause erectile dysfunction.
Fortunately, there are steps you can take to make sure it’s truly the happiest time of year.
It is important to speak to a provider about problems getting or keeping an erection because these symptoms could also be a sign of other health conditions that require treatment, such as heart disease or poorly controlled diabetes. For example, a minor physical problem that slows your sexual response may cause  anxiety about maintaining an erection, The resulting anxiety can lead to or worsen erectile dysfunction. These medications work by enhancing the natural reaction to stimulation, opening up the blood flow needed for erections. If an erection problem does not bother you or your partner, you may choose not to call your doctor. There are simple tests that can be explained by your doctor to find out if you are having normal erections at night.

Other treatments for ED include injections into the penis, surgical devices and counselling. A single episode of an erection problem is often a temporary and easily reversible problem. See Your Doctor If you are concerned about physical erection problems, a visit to a physician or urologist can help you find what is causing the problem, advises the National Kidney and Urologic Diseases Information Clearinghouse.
A face-to-face assessment with a doctor is particularly important if symptoms develop over a period of weeks or months, or even suddenly, without an emotional event to set them off. A medical history and physical exam helps medical professionals understand what may be the cause and what you can do about it. Erectile dysfunction can be a complication of previous operations or a side effect of some prescribed medication.Starting treatmentIt is best to start with a lower strength tablet and build up as needed (see how to start treatment).
Lifestyle Adjustments Getting back to a healthy lifestyle can improve the functioning of your heart and subsequently your sexual performance.
For many men, conquering their erection problems may be as simple as starting an exercise regimen, eating a healthier diet, giving up smoking or click here quitting unhealthy practices such as drinking too much or taking recreational drugs. You may like to try out different tablets to see which ones suit you best.Sexual stimulation is required for tablets to work. Without it tablets will have no effect.You can request more than one type of tablet at a time.

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