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Compre este libro porque me empezaron a gustar las novelas paranormales despues de leer la serie de Twilight, la verdad nunca pense que me volviera a gustar una novela de este tipo pero fue una sorpresa esta historia. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site.
Ita€™s up to you, Doctor X!To diagnose these pale patients, youa€™re going to have to use some new tools and strategies!

Use the different pairs of special tweezers to remove any thorns, and pliers for any silver bullets! When your vampire gets a little bloodthirsty, youa€™ll need to quench their thirst with an infusion!
Vampires can be tricky to care for, but you can heal them!Once you know whata€™s making them sick, ita€™s time to take care of them!
Just dona€™t get too close-- theya€™ve got sharp fangs!Features:> Diagnose the vampires with the help of awesome measuring tools like the thermometer, stethoscope, x-ray, tweezers, pliers, lamp, and infusion!> Treat the vampiresa€™ injuries from wooden stakes and silver bullets with special sets of pliers and tweezers!

Filled with innovative and engaging activities, each application inspires creativity and imagination in a way that is uniquely enjoyable and stimulating.

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