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The US Government is full steam ahead in using our taxpayer dollars to make it easier for you to get in over your head in student loan debt though, so we've got that going for us. Select your preferred way to display the comments and click "Save settings" to activate your changes. Who needs a college degree when today the most rewarding and promising job out there is “dope dealer”? Haha $200k for an MBA is money for nothing, about as worth much as a internet purchased degree. You don't need a degree to get a job, but you probably need a degree to get a good job. Who wants to wait tables or be in sales for the rest of their life? In years past it was those who didn't have pieces of paper that saw things in different perspectives and were able to do just fine.
Right, and that's the answer to the guy a few posts above who writes about the future being self-learning and vocational school.
Programatic screening and screening by HR types before the hiring manager even sees the applicants resumes is mostly a CYA event. My father was an engineer at both Lockheed California Company (L-1011 Tristar) and Rockwell International (B-1b Lancer). And today there is a 0% chance of doing this anymore- without the degree nobody will talk to you regardless of the skill level. Some technical fields require the degree and you actually learn something worthwhile in college for those fields.
The idea is to prey on people's hopes and desires, offering the yellow brick road to the American dream: an education and a better job. Argosy University, with 19 campuses, is owned by Education Management Corporation [EDMC], whose investors include Goldman Sachs and Providence Equity Partners, a Rhode Island private equity firm.
Instead of asking a bullshit question, because in fact for certain jobs you definitely need a college degree, why not ask WHICH DEGREES ARE WORTH SPENDING THE MONEY ON?
Funny though we were watching an old episode of All in the Family and Mike makes the comment that he needs a Masters because a Bachelors just doesn't cut it anymore. So, you're going to start and compete against someone who is already established and has workers who are massively fearful of losing their jobs? THINK OUT OF THE BOX!  Much of this is no more than a variation of the same, the same from a rapidly decaying paradigm. Same old, same old it appears obama wants to to screw investors rather then going after the banks who give SUB PRIME loans.
Private lenders offered student loans without confirming that recipients could pay them back -- then sold them to investors, thus protecting the lenders against defaults, a government study finds. How is it that private lenders get eaten, but public lenders get to impose debtor's prison?  There needs to be a loud voice of an intercom that each time things like this are proposed says, "Mr.
I never went to Auburn, but wish I had been able to take some courses in their economics department if Prof.
The University of Georgia appears to be another good one, if Prof George Selgin is any indication. If your college is Bob Jones or some other moronic reality defying Christian college, then it sure ain't worth it. I am always amazed by the number of parents I bump into whose children want to attend a film school.
Film schools tend to be located in extremely expensive universities such as Chapman University, Loyola Marymount University, USC, NYU and UCLA (for non residents). The dads who I heard from were worried that underwriting a film degree would break the bank.
Other directors who never went to film school include Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, Frank Capra and Bernardo Bertolucci.
For students who believe attending a film school is essential, I’d urge you to read this post from Ryan Bilsborrow-Koo, who has a blog called NoFilmSchool, which is devoted to do-it-yourself filmmaking. Coincidentally after I had finished writing this post, my daughter, who is a senior at Juniata College, got an assignment yesterday from her boss at the school’s marketing department asking her to write a story about the cinematographer of Weeds, the wildly popular cable show on Showtime.
Follow Lynn on other social media platforms or subscribe to The College Solution RSS Feed below. Okay, so I’m wondering you know anyone who went into an alternative film school like FIlm Connection which assign students into any studio in their hometown which a mentor who actually has experience in the film league and teach their knowlege in the filmmaking business to students? If you want to work on the Internet or to be an entrepreneur, I really don’t think you need to. I always tell my friends that if I had the mind that I have today (in terms of knowing what I want to do, and what knowledge and tools I need to do that) five years ago, I would not have enrolled myself in the university.
At the time I had no clue where I was going, however, so getting a degree seemed like the smartest choice.
I studied International Economics because it was a pretty eclectic degree, and it would allow me to work on virtually any business segment.
Now the main argument of the university proponents is that apart from the knowledge itself, which you might or might not use later on, passing all those years studying will teach you how to gather, analyze and present information. That is true, the university will give you that, but I don’t think that a person that starts working straight out of high school would lose that. I honestly think that if I had spent the same years that I did in the university working with my own projects and trying to make a living online, I would have learned much more (and that knowledge would have been practical rather than theoretical). Another downside of universities is that they focus on giving you knowledge, rather than making you develop competencies and attitudes. I wrote about this sometime ago, on an article titled Knowledge, Competencies and Attitudes). John uses his time gaining as much knowledge as possible: he studies balance sheets, financial reports, accounting practices and the like. Should the financial services sector enter a downturn some day forcing both men to find another job, who do you think will have a harder time? As you can see I am not arguing that you don’t need to go to the university because you will learn everything working.
The knowledge that a university will give you is available for everyone, anywhere in the world.
Going to university is required because only when a person is in a group, learning and refinement of knowledge,competency and attitude takes place. Another thing, I just heard on the radio that plumbers are making about $60 an hour where starting teachers are making about $15 per hour with a 4 year degree. Good article, should be sent to every high school student so that they can make an informed decision. As far as the development of attitudes go, a university, a company and even a bar or a sports team can serve the purpose. For competencies and knowledge, often times just another person who can guide you will suffice.
But for many people, going to college is a way to clarify their thinking, expand their horizons and network and make contacts for the future.
Also, in an industrialized world in which many people in wealthy nations have access to a higher education, having a college degree is a way to ensure that you don’t get marginalized by the system. Who said you will not learn those things trying to bootstrap your own company, for instance?
In fact I think you will learn them much more efficiently, because your learning will come from real life and practical situations. I was writing my previous comment when you posted your list of famous people without college degrees. Actually, I think it would be great if industrialized countries stressed vocational education among young people. I learnt how to learn to do things, such as learning how to program, research techniques, working in teams, etc.
But you need to compare 4 years at the university with 4 years spent trying to create your own startup or trying to work inside a company. For example, suppose I was needing to hire someone for my company, and I had two candidates, both with 22 years. My son has been a web designer for several different Internet companies since before he graduated from high school. Yeah, I agree that the big companies are dinosaurs but they still hold tremendous sway over the minds of many people. To answer your original question, do you really need to go to college to be an internet entreprenuer?
As a business owner working in new edge tech, an applicant with a formal computer BS is a red flag to me. Now algebra is one thing, and it is very important, and you should have a solid grasp of that before leaving high school right? Another thing is to learn the principles behind integral calculus, especially if you are going to work online or start your business, as I stated in the article. You could say that the rule is to go to college, to start working for a good company, to do what your boss tells you to, to wear a suit because society tells you it is important, to shave your beard, and so on. In general, people that have college degrees earn a lot more money than people that don’t have degrees.
If money is important to you and you are not going to assume a lot of risk as an entrepreneur, then you should consider that stat. Earning a college degree doesn’t say that you are more knowledgeable in an area of study than someone else. There’s also something to be said about the college graduate who took 16-hours of classes per semester while holding down a part-time or full-time job. If you look around and look at the stats, the people with college degrees have many more doors to open and are compensated more for earning the piece of paper from an academic institution. Generally speaking, you learn everything you need to know to be successful by the time you graduate high school (before you start with the sticks and rocks, I said GENERALLY. College will help create opportunities for you, and no doubt will give you a chance for a good time, and GENERALLY, that’s it. But, I agree with you that if you can decide yourself, you don’t have to go to university.
So if you skipped out on uni, and spent your savings on a startup on that flops, you’re in a really bad position. But if you have a degree behind you, your confidence will be fine (You managed the long haul of a degree, and all the new experiences you had in uni.
And lastly, you have a tonne of free time during uni (Depending on your course xD ), so who says you can’t run your startup while you’re at uni?
I personally wanted a safety net after school to get a good job so I could buy my own place. While I agree with you that the model for sucess has changed (several times) over the last decades, and while I agree that college may not be necessary (I’m still not sure of that completely), I do think you are presenting a false choice with your Wall Street example. Footballers who enjoy their games never *retire*, the same applies to us web entrepreneurs. Renato, my advice would be: never do something because friends, family or society in general is pressuring you to. If you want to have a degree or think it would help your professional life, then go for it.
But I don’t have one and am doing rather well and have worked in technical positions in huge companies like AOL and Microsoft. Those of you who went to college and complain that you only use a fraction of what you learned; life is a journey.
I think that people should focus on what they want to achieve and use that as their compass to guide them into real action in the real world where you get paid in direct proportion to your ability to evoke positive emotion in the world-In other words you get paid to create value for others.

There was a time in history when it was believed that you could learn anything you want just by reading the right books and doing research by yourself. In todays world especially, it should not be difficult for someone to educate himself in almost anything if he wanted to. College certainly isn’t for everyone in my opinion, and only a limited number of people I know have really benefited from their college for their carrers in my opinion.
Honestly, everyone has to go to university to attend a degree, a degree helps you with getting really good jobs and you get payed alot of money and a good education which is nice.
My son wants to go to uni, he doesn’t really know what he wants to do, he has decided on machanical engineering. Growing up we are told to study hard and collect as many degrees as possible so we can pursue a career and eventually settle down. Unfortunately, the job market is in a state of ruin, and real-estate prices continue to increase, surviving is becoming more and more difficult.
You hear of the success stories from people who dropped out of school and went on to create multi-million dollar businesses. Nowadays it can be very difficult to find a job that you enjoy and also has a decent salary and benefits. So if you have to work, wouldn’t it make sense to spend your time on something that makes you feel fulfilled and has the potential to make you a lot of money? When I was a teenager, I discovered a truth that made it possible for me to pursue my dreams.
For instance, electricians are almost always in demand, there’s always electrical problems to fix. Business owners can charge their own rates, and if their work is excellent, there will be plenty of people who are willing to pay for excellent work.
Most people are afraid to create their own business, it seems like a massive hill to climb, a challenge that’s too difficult. There are plenty of tools, books, and resources available that make it incredibly easy for anyone to create their own business. Of course, all businesses need a website, but new business owners are rarely familiar with online business topics. There is a online business training course that takes you by the hand and explains how to create a profitable website. There are thousands of businesses that started with one or two people that grew into massive million dollar businesses in a few years. Eventually, as you collect more clients, it might be possible to remove yourself from the equation and hire employees to take your place. That’s the dream, create a business where all the cogs fit in place, and the machine can run without your instructions. The first steps are the hardest, but once you take the first few steps you will become addicted, and the dream of being your own boss will be much closer. If you want to be your own boss, college is not necessary, in fact, some people would say that a college degree is close to worthless. One of the best ways to make money is to learn a skill or trade and then turn that skill into a business. You might even find problems within the industry that open doors to new business ideas and more opportunities. Of course, students can work on their classes while building their business on the side, it’s what a lot of students are doing nowadays. It gives you a sense of accomplishment and pride, and those feelings motivate you to work harder, and harder, until you have created a highly successful business.
If you focus, work hard, and fill your mind with as much useful information as possible (like, with a online business course) then there is no limit to what you can achieve. Todd is a full time online marketer, avid traveler, Occupational Therapist, and currently lives in Medellin, Colombia. Right on Adrian, you’re a great example to those considering to go to college or not. But if any niche can be brought into the online world, you can create something special that allows you to live a life few get to live.
If you can enter the Wealthy Affiliate education center with a college bound mentality, you’ll be so impressed at what you can create online. The difference in learning internet marketing with WA compared to going to college is incredible. It’s certainly true if you plan to be your boss that you would not require all the additional secondary education that we have been traditionally told to do. Picking a trade or business venture for a skill or trade then to pursue it as your own business is usually a much better option than becoming and staying an employee for somebody else all your life. As a matter of fact, determination seems to be the number one factor in how well one does in life and the success they achieve. I didn’t go to college and I have still managed to accumulate a property portfolio, share portfolio, travel the world and work in some really cool places.
This will give anyone a realistic perspective of what it takes along with the duration and expected income potential. Wealthy Affiliate has designed a program that works for everyone who’s leaning towards online business, and yes, without the 30K to 100K of debt that college costs these days. The devaluing of the college degree is also quite depressing as is the focus on results and tests over real learning. But absolutely, you don’t really need to go to college if you have a passion and want to turn it into an online business. All you need is the right motivation, training, and support just like any good college education should provide. Someone might feel proud that graduated from college, but then will struggle for many years to pay the debts accumulated to graduate. Whereas someone who learned some practical skills or learned how to make money online might become financially independent fast. My belief is that college education, with or without, does not define success in the business or corporate world. If you have formal education, then just use it to your advantage while developing other skills, if not, then leveraging a program like Wealthy Affiliate would be one of the best ways to develop skills for a successful online career.
I would say just to keep pushing towards your goals no matter of the failures you are going to face. There are so many successful people that have done what I have and the difference in the cost to a traditional college education just blows my mind after going through Wealthy Affiliate’s training center for just over 2 years. You get to write about a topic you’re interested in and what is better than working with your passion! And if you can tap into something you love, and turn that into an online business at a young age, you can potentially create an online cash cow very early in life and that could free you up to pursue other cool things, like traveling. Thanks for your feedback, one just needs to ask themsleves what they want out of life in order to decide if they really need to go to college or not.
I’m starting to think that training on how to build extra income online should be a prerequisite course for life. The HR chick goes down her checklist and when you don't get that box you go into the garbage, no matter what real life skill you may have. The education I received in the Navy cost the tax payers over 1 million dollars during the two years I spent in those schools (in the early 80's). Another point on how I completed my education is just how inefficient collages have become. Then 18 months ago I started working on the Internet with my own websites and with other entrepreneurial projects, and I guess I have being using 5% of what I learned in the university, if that.
He would also learn how to gather, analyze and present information, and he would also gain a framework, but those would come from real working experience rather than from theoretical classes and lectures.
If you want to be a doctor or a civil engineer there is no alternative to going to the university and learning what you need to there. Both of them are eager to succeed so that they spend lots of time trying to grow professionally. Other than that, he uses his time to improve his writing skills, his ability to solve problems, his ability to understand and empathize with other people and so on. Focus on developing the right attitudes and competencies, and grab the necessary knowledge as you go. IF we are going to be looking at purely making money, whether you have a degree or not is not important. This may be the case in foreign universities but many American universities stress and focus on the practical aspects of getting a higher education. Sometimes, in fact, it is not until you actually start working that you realize what you like and what you don’t like to do. The one important thing about all of those people you listed is that they are (were) entrepreneurs who started their own companies. Right after university I went to work first for a consulting firm and afterwards for a telecommunications multinational. More and more people will start working independently or organized in small virtual teams over the Internet.
The first went to the university for 4 years, while the second one spent 4 years trying to create his own online business or his own offline company; I would go with the second one any day. At least not until (if it ever happens) colleges update their course offerings and content to include actual modern technology. It means I have to pour through their transcript and talk at length about what they actually know. I much prefer candidates for jobs who have a general degree (say in business or marketing) or just a whole lot of home grown tinkering experience with tech. You make friends that can be helpful in the future, you may be exposed to ideas and ways of thinking that you wouldn’t have been otherwise.
If college is so vital to one’s success, how did people manage to succeed all those years without college? GENERALLY, all our present education system accomplishes is to create good employees for someone else.
But again I think that is because the way our society is structured, and this is changing very fast.
Your confidence will be totally shattered (Was skipping uni a really bad decision??) and without a degree, you aren’t going to get many well paid jobs that will help you towards your next startup. In order for people to take me seriously as a professional, I usually need the piece of paper saying I went to school. Passion will uncover the real talents within thus lead us to our goal and the ultimate joy in life.
If you don’t go to a University, you should at least find ways to get some good experience in your chosen fields. Whether you realize it or not college has helped to shape you into the individual you are now (at least it did for me). For example, Nathaniel Greene, the American Revoultionary War General, who was an avid reader, bought books and read widel on the arts of war, and proved a competent commander (more than a number than some professional British military commanders) though he had never attended military college and actually had a physical limp. The benefit to me seems to be the knowledge gained through study, but I dona€™t think it has much effect on the earning ability as far as the Internet goes.My son has been a web designer for several different Internet companies since before he graduated from high school.
There are plenty of people with college degrees who work and McDonald’s and other minimum wage jobs, struggling to stay afloat. But you assume they were born into riches or they had some secret insider information, they must have had help from somewhere. Take a quick look at some past college dropouts that made it big time – do you notice a few of these names?

He strives to help people make a better life through self education, determination, and following their passions. You just need to know what you want to do with your live… or you will end up being a pawn. I think you really articulated it well that you just need to find a niche in life and explore it. And the reality of it is that it’s one of the coolest things I have achieved in my life, but anyone can do it if they work at it. It’s practical and you start immediately learning and then applying what you learn to a real online business.
I totally agree with you, time and time again you meet people that have created successful careers based on their creativeness, hard work and determination. You don’t really need to go to college if you want to start your own online business, all you need for that is the will to learn and take action. Honestly, why would you bother going to college if you could build your own money making business online? It is becoming more like some kind of certificate of achievement, but in practical terms not really useful.
It depends on the character and mindset one developed over the time spent receiving formal education. The person and the work ethic and willingness to learn new information is what I think really makes someone successful regardless if they went to college or not. I think more important than a college degree is the will to persist in whatever you’re trying to achieve. I think the majority of college kids don’t know what they want to do, many switch majors numerous times.
I think it's a lot harder to convince a highering manager that you don't have a diploma but learned what you need on-line than some people seem to think. But; back to the CYA, screening on some objective binary check box like having a degree keeps hiring managers out of court. In any event, I'd venture a guess that the real hurdle would be professional liability insurance. At the end of those schools we were able to apply for a bachelor's degree for the equivalent semester hour credits at an Engineering Collage. MY total collage campus time was about 2 weeks taking supervised qualification tests and various rounds of paperwork drudgery. Kids think they want to major in film in high school, but odds are they have no idea how the film world works. The education is just as expensive this side of the pond (and a lot less opportunities for aspiring Spielbergs). The only difference is that if you do this on your own you will be able to focus on the competencies and attitudes that you know you need to develop. The real purpose is to learn how to think, learn how to manage one’s time, process information, compartmentalize, become independent but also learn how to work as part of a team, etc. But if you try to get a job inside a corporation and expect to rise through the ranks, you will find your path to the top impeded by the lack of a college degree. A lot of young people don’t realize that they could earn a great living doing manual labor. And I only figured that after working, the university gave me no clues of what I would like to do for a living.
I personally did a software engineering degree and got myself a very good job with a respected software company.
Everything is connected with one experience leading to another, building on top of past experiences. And of course, you learn, well some learn, how to survive on a jar of peanut butter and tube of crackers.
Be to class (work) on time, do your homework (work) without complaint, take lunch when the bell rings, learn what I say without question, etc.
Some of us have the mind and opportunities available to us where we don’t need to go to a University. That being said, there aren’t very many jobs waiting at the end of the line for a history major, so I split school and became self-employed. I am not sure if I want to continue with college, considering I still have about 4 years left, due to my lack of dedication, or I could stop going to school, and I could start doing something productive for my future.
On the other hand, although I only graduated about 7 months ago…I only use about 15% of what I learned in school in my daily job functions.
The problem is that i can not stand the social pressure of people looking at me condescendingly just because i do not have a college degree, so i am thinking seriously to re enroll just to get a diploma and public acknowledgment. That doesn’t mean attending military college would have been bad (it certainly instills discipline), its just that it goes to show that there are other avenues of learning other than college.
Went to college for one semester and decided it wasna€™t for him and he is making probably 20xa€™s the money on the Internet without a degree than I was with a degree outside the Internet. He is confussed as to whether he wants ‘ loads of money’ or enjoy something he likes doing? If that niche means being a doctor, you should be going to college and focusing on that passion.
Personally I think some people are happy going down the career path, and sometimes I wish I was like this. There is probably a YouTube video out there that will teach you the skills you’re looking to learn.
I hope some of my ex-vocational students read your post so they are more encouraged to survive depending on their specific skills! But excellent point, it’s almost an interim position to enter the real world going from high school to adult living.
Many of the universities that have popped up in the last few decades exist solely to milk the public purse of funds.
Plus, you wouldn't even get to the hiring manager because the computer program that pre-screens applications would weed you out. I continued my education over the next 4 years utilising off campus study through that Engineering Collage. It’s also better in graduate, regardless of your major, without being burdened with six-figure student debt.
The amount of time, money, ,knowledge, experience, and information that’s necessary in knowing before trying to break into a job in the film industry is crucial.
Without that experience, they would be lost and have no clue about what they should do for a living. Employers use that little piece of paper as a way to sort and weed out employees, like it or not. That is absolutely necessary and will also bring the best out of you as you are in a desperate and tough situation.
If you know how you can create value for others and you are disciplined enough to take action and do what it takes to succeed in the real world of business then you don’t need a degree.
Recently I read an article on how important it is to have a side business in the world economic climate, that seems to be what your saying. As it happens, a year ago I had to take a waitress job again and believe it or not, I made more money than with my college degree.
I bet they have no idea how many hours go into preproduction alone and the amount of extremely detail oriented planning. But in 2008, being a young teenager fresh out of high school….do you need a college degree to get a well-paying job working for somebody else (like a big corporation)? The fact that you cant get a cozy job would help you to focus on the venture you began inspite of the difficulties. I am very independent, and I don’t see myself ever working for a huge corporation, so I think in my case, it would be reasonable for me to drop out and begin my career path. But I wish those that create the curriculuum actually get what is needed in professional careers. Everyone can’t be self employed and the simple fact is a LOT of employers require a college degree. But I must add that if you need a degree to operate in your preferred industry then of course you should go out there and get one. So if a degree is 4 years before you make money how long could it be before a person makes money online with the right attitude and online education? I totally agree with what you said, nowadays, creating a website,be your own boss and do the niche marketing is the way to earn passive income.
I'll agree also that many degrees are not marketable today but ultimately its down to the individual. By the time I completed my 6 year enlistment I had a Masters degree, which cost me nothing. Never even thought of going to college, which I would have done had I gotten into the Navy. Not only is the production hands on element important, but film studies courses alone to learn and draw from ideas from the early times of the 1900s when film drew its roots in America to become the country everyone looked to as the main source of cinema globally. My issue is with people who have a choice, who don’t need a degree to do what they want to do, but think that it’s going to make life in the real world of business a breeze! We as parents are confussed, his father is thinking of telling him to get a job, which I know would devastate him as we have always encouraged him to want to go to uni. It is definitely not necessary to buy the most expensive paper (College Degree) in the world unless you want to get some public approval and self respect. Failure at any point got you kicked out of school and sent off to the fleet at whatever level that was completed for a qualified slot.
Having a degree in something, anything, ensures that you have one less thing to worry about when competing against another employee for a promotion. Many people use university as an excuse to extend their school years they want to party and be in a safe school like environment that doesn’t put them in a position of responsibility. If you completed the entire course of study you ended up on one of the new Destroyers or Cruisers with fully automated computer controlled systems and air conditioned engine and auxiliary rooms.
These days you can get the piece of paper without the extra hassle of going into a university just by being self sufficient and going to an open university.
Junior Officers often complained that engineering Petty Officers were treated better than they were, and we were.
I went to uni for a year and quit when I realized I was learning more from the books I bought through my own research and efforts than I ever could of in university!
Now I still learn more applicable knowledge reading one book every week no matter how busy I am. Why re-enlist when you can go to work the day after your honourable discharge in a job with a 6 figure income? My objective is to help people to lose the shackles of conformity and peer pressure and find out what they truly want from life so they can be a success in their own eyes. That’s what success is all about, being who you want to be whether that means being a plumber having a farm or competing with microsoft is irrelevant because success is happiness and happiness comes from being yourself.

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