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To comply with DMV regulations, please note that Certificate OL237 is issued by a DRIVING School and DL387 is issed by a HIGH School.
Effective January 1, 2006, a new law will increase driving restrictions for persons under the age of 18. You must be accompanied and supervised by a licensed parent, guardian orother licensed driver 25 years of age orolder or a licensed or certified driving instructor.
I have always believed that there is no excuse in not passing a driver’s license written test, no matter what state you are.
Drivers Ed is a free iPhone application that helps you test your exam knowledge and get yourself prepared for the exam as best as you can. In order to pass the test, you are going to have to read your state’s manual before your test.
If you are taking your driver’s license test soon and want to get prepared for the written part of the test as effectively as possible, Drivers Ed is a must have. Considering how many people write and speak Chinese, learning this language is not a bad move.
There is no better way to learn robotics than building your own robots and experimenting with them. You can’t expect to lose weight and get fit without a balanced diet and exercise program.
Our licensed instructors have helped thousands of teenagers complete the California driver's education requirements.
Finish Driver's Education in just three or four days.*Attend Saturday classes or one of our convenient Holiday Specials.
We now offer a DMV approved online option for the Driver's Education classes for those who cannot attend the classroom sessions. The DMV requires minors to be at least 15 years and 6 months old before earning a provisional practice permit. To earn your learner's permit (practice permit) at California High School, LA Serna High School, Pioneer High School, Sierra Vista High, Whittier High School or Morningstar Christian Academy, you need to complete an approved drivers ed course.
Online traffic school is an excellent option for Whittier motorists looking for an inexpensive, Los Angeles County Approved, and highly convenient way to dismiss a traffic citation. Drivers Ed Direct is not only the top driving school in Southern California, we are a highly respected driving school across all of California and have even garnered national media attention on such shows as The Tonight Show, Dr. Last week in Car Insurance 101, we talked about choosing car insurance for the first-time driver.
Interestingly, it seems to be true that boys tend to be more likely to take chances, log more miles, and collect more speeding tickets. Both male and female drivers under the age of twenty were more likely to be distracted than teens driving without passengers, according to recent studies. All states have specific Graduated Driver License (GDL) requirements, which establish the amount of supervised practice driving a new driver must do, as well as limit the number of passengers new drivers can have. As cell phone use has increased, the worry about teens texting while behind the wheel has gone up along with it. While many drivers believe hands-free devices are the answer to telephone distractions, studies have shown that this is not true. You already know that distracted driving is a big problem, but what you may not know is that some of the worst distractions are a little bigger than a cell phone, and a lot harder to put into the glove compartment. To drive more like a dad, just keep your responsibilities in mind when you’re behind the wheel.
If you’re interested in more great tips for better driving, start with our Top Three Mistakes Student Drivers Make and don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter, which will pour tips like these and much more into your inbox every month! Of course, all of this learning will only help you if you apply it behind the wheel, so be sure to keep your speed down, your eyes off your phone, and your following distance a solid three seconds. Safer driver: some carriers will issue a discount as high as 35 percent for drivers who go five years without a collision! Lifestyle: insurance companies offer discounts to certain groups, such as military personnel, national clubs, college alumni associations, and married people. Old car: a completely paid-off vehicle with low resale value may not need comprehensive or collision insurance. Less than half a cup of coffee later, I found out that I was eligible for a policy that will save me over $50.00 a month. I went to the site to check it out, and found that a two-member household that makes a maximum of $40,050 a month can qualify for a premium of only $376.00. You may or may not end up qualifying for this program, but if you’re a California resident it’s certainly worth your time to check.
You probably have more questions than just how you can save on car insurance, and we sure hope we can help answer them! In drivers ed classes, you hear a lot about the dangerous things you can do as a driver that will make you more likely to get into a crash. Unfortunately, we can usually only answer this question indirectly, by looking at the crash data compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and trying to figure out how frequently different factors are associated with collisions.
Now, thanks to a recent study of driving risk from the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI), we have a better idea of just how risky the risks of driving really are. Overall, the study found that nearly 90% of crashes involved a driver doing something wrong, either by committing specific driving errors, driving in a risky way, or being distracted, fatigued, or impaired. It seems, in other words, that we’re not just judging ourselves as better than we are. Our best guess is that it’s just too easy to overlook what people are doing wrong in the car, at least when you’re there in the car with them! Anytime you spot your driver doing one of these things, mark it on the checklist and make a note of the circumstances, so you can talk about it later. Doesn’t everything seem to take longer during the winter—longer to get yourself out of bed, longer to get yourself ready, longer to start your car and get on the road? For instance, do you really need to warm up your engine for several minutes before getting on the road?
American Driver Ed presents the official online and behind-the-wheel driver instruction courses.

In order to receive a learners permit in Nevada, a high school student must attend a 30 hour course. A student may also select to combine the DMV required classroom course with the behind-the-wheel instruction.
If a student is under 18 and would like to get your drivers license, Nevada State Law requires that they first successfully complete a NV DMV licensed Driver Education Course. American Driver’s Ed course has been approved by the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles. The experience of teaching your teen to drive will be as lasting as the memories of bringing your child home after their birth, their first steps, their first day of Kindergarten and so many other firsts. American Driver Ed course content is supported with over a 1000 graphics, photos and videos. Imagine an airline pilot who only learned to control a plane on a simulator before flying passengers or a surgeon who has only studied a medical procedure out of a textbook for procedure he is about to perform.
ABC Driver Ed is now offering a 2 hour on-road parent instructional course to prepare them for instructing their teen to drive on the road.
At the end of each chapter, you will be required to pass a brief multiple-choice quiz designed to test your understanding of the material. At the end of the course, you will be required to pass a final examination in order to get your certificate of completion. If you're under the age of 18 and you need to fulfill your drivers license requirements, why not do it the fast and easy way? If you can parallel park a car and take your car with you without putting others in danger on the road, you can past that test as well. If you read your manual cover to cover, there is no reason you shouldn’t pass the test.
We teach students how to drive safely and provide them the classes and study materials necessary to gain the required knowledge of traffic laws and regulations. From singing lessons to football practice, their time is limited and some do not get the chance to fulfill their drivers education requirement because they simply do not have the time.
Deciding on what kind of coverage you want is a step in the right direction, but what’s the point of purchasing car insurance if you don’t have a car to insure?
For teens involved in collisions, 20% of females and 24% of males were distracted by something inside the vehicle immediately before the crash. Passengers who are engaged in perfectly safe behaviors can still bring out unsafe behaviors in the teenage driver.
49% of boys send and receive text messages while behind the wheel, while only 45% of girls admit to the same behavior. Especially for new drivers, who lack experience and are still building good judgment, phone use must be strictly prohibited. However, with a few simple rules, and the right approach to the early stages of learning to drive, parents and teens both can be confident that girls and boys alike will grow into safe, smart men and women behind the wheel. Well, that’s a great question, and perhaps we can get to the bottom of that another day. There’s no shortage of valuable tips for car maintenance out there, but a few basics are below. Simply put the penny into the groove of the tire, with Lincoln’s face toward you, and the top of his head pointing to the center of the axle.
We hope you enjoyed this quick roundup of driving like dad—or, at least, driving like dad thinks he does!
Lower-risk options are cars that are unlikely to be stolen or harder to steal, cars with a higher safety rating, and cars that are cheaper to repair.
It takes about ten minutes, and all the questions are things you’ll know off the top of your head. Because they can constantly obey the rules of safe driving, avoid conflict by communicating with one another directly, and eliminate the potential for driver error, self-driving vehicles are seen by manufacturers, experts, and safety regulators as a game-changer when it comes to reducing the risk of collisions.
We have a little change of pace for you this time around, with a guest post from one of our behind-the-scenes team members, who recently took a close look at how to save on car insurance. It’s a natural fit for us, because our goal is always to keep you safe and informed, and if we can help you save some money along the way, that’s great, too! California’s Low Cost Insurance Program helps make sure low-income drivers can still carry the insurance they need to be driving legally.
Take a moment to stop by our Insurance Center for more information, and for a look at some alternative ways to save on car insurance, read this article at I Drive Safely! This approach has a lot of limitations, however, not the least of which is the fact that this information is collected after the crash has happened. That means that nearly nine times out of ten, when a crash happens there was something that a driver could have done differently to prevent it.
Specifically, 85% of adults rate themselves as fairly or very good drivers, but only 33% rate their children as fairly or very good.
Think about that for a second: the last time you drove to the store, did you feel like one in 50 of the drivers around you was bad or at least not very good? This fascinating finding argues that most of us believe we’re simply more skilled than we really are, and this finding has been validated time after time, in carefully controlled experiments. That means that it can just plain be hard to know who the best driver in your family is, without some external guidance.
For every hour a student is learning behind the wheel, they may reduce their classroom requirement by 3 hours up to 15 hours.
The course teaches a comprehensive understanding into the driving skills and judgement a student driver needs in order to control a vehicle on Nevada roads.
During this time, you will be sharing your teen’s first real steps toward independence and adulthood, and this experience is a major milestone for any parent.
Today, it’s the parents who have been handed the responsibility of instructing their teens to drive in traffic. Stephen Shaw is a full time behind-the-wheel teen driving instructor, author of 2 texts on driving and motorcycle safety and 3 online Driver, Traffic and DUI courses. The app allows you to keep track of your progress and find out about your mistakes as well.

This app gives you access to manuals that apply to your state and even provides you with flash cards to help you get prepared for your test.
Not only do they prepare you for your permit test; they will also prepare you to be a safe and responsible driver. With Educational Online Drivers Education, teenagers in Whittier can complete the course because it's available whenever they have time.
Once this California DMV approved course is complete, your teen will be eligible to take the DMV written test.
That’s why this week we’ll be talking about choosing a car for the first-time driver so buckle up! These behaviors can be particularly unsafe for a young driver who is still building the experience and judgment necessary to drive safely. Monitoring and structuring practice driving may be the most important thing parents can do to ensure their teen learns good habits and masters important driving skills. Older teens are more likely to take their attention from the wheel for text messages than younger ones, perhaps because they feel more confident in their driving skills: 58% of eighteen-year-olds will text while driving, while only 24% of fifteen-year-olds will engage in similar behaviors. The best way to do this is simply to turn off the phone and put it away for the duration of the trip.
What this means is that you need to get in touch with your inner dad and make sure any passengers you’ve got are keeping quiet and not interfering with your driving. Answer Financial affiliated agencies are not insurance companies, but act as agents for certain insurance companies. Will we have to learn new skills or adopt new technologies if we want to stay in charge of our own driving experience?
He put one of our special offers to the test, and followed it up with some interesting research. I do currently have insurance, so I chose that, entered my zip code, and began the process. As a result, it’s hard to figure out exactly what the driver was doing before the crash that may have caused it. Adults also rate their parents as worse drivers than they are, grading 40% of their mothers and 44% of their fathers as fairly or very good. If it’s taking you too long get on the road in cold weather, it may be that there are steps you could be doing more efficiently, or steps you could be skipping altogether!
Operating a motor vehicle is a serious step into adulthood and we take our responsibility to new drivers seriously. Once the course is completed, a certificate of completion will be emailed to you as a JPEG image within 24 hours of completing the final with a 70% or higher. Think of how you would explain to an new teen driver how back out of the driveway, turn into the correct lane on a street with traffic, how to make a left turn across traffic and how to drive a car in a parking lot. In reality, parents who intend to instruct their teens to drive are at a disadvantage before their teen receives a driving permit.  Parents may know how to drive very well, but can they translate the complexity of controlling 3500 lbs.
In addition to a 2 hour on-road one on one instruction for parents, the course includes a textbook explaining in a step by step process the important skills a parent will need to guide their teen to on-road competence, confidence and skill. I do recommend taking a marathon test (30 questions or more) to make sure you get as many challenging questions as possible.
Proof of completion is a requirement, and will provide the proof your teen needs once the course is complete. The California DMV has other helpful suggestions for isolating teens in the car from their phones. Answer Financial’s affiliate Right Answer Insurance Agency, LLC (CA License #0H52358) operates as an insurance broker in California and an agent in all other states.
So if the driver gets into a crash, the researchers can figure out what exactly he or she was doing when it happened.
You may know how to drive safely, but you will need to learn how to translate your driving skills and experience into words the teen will be able to apply while they are learning. Why is this education critical for both parents and teens?  Because driving a vehicle on U.S. Answer Financial is paid commissions and may receive other performance-based compensation for its services. The information they asked for was pretty basic, but I definitely recommend having a copy of your current insurance policy with you when you’re filling out that section. Your teen will need to complete at least 1 lesson with an approved driving school in order to activate the permit. The compensation received by Answer Financial and its employees may vary by insurance company.
Student's who live in South Whittier, Pico Rivera, Santa Fe Springs, Hacienda Heights, La Mirada, East La Mirada, Avocado Heights, Montebello, South El Monte, La Puente, La Habra, Norwalk, El Monte, West Puente Valley, and Downey are eligible to take the course. In this course, Section 27 was written specifically for the parents who will be investing the time teaching their teen to safely drive on the road. Section 27 is a step by step guide for building competence and confidence in your teen while reassuring yourself that they are entering adulthood as responsible individuals.
Lastly, I would encourage you to sit with your teen while they are going through this course. Competent driving skills begin before your teen sits behind the steering wheel for the first time. I promise that you will discover that taking this course with your teen will be some of the most enjoyable and rewarding time you will ever spend together.
I wish you and your teen the same wonderful experience that my wife and I enjoyed with our two sons.

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