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The next question is, who pays for the professional driving course bus drivers are supposed to undertake? In short, what guarantee is there that a professional driver, who has undergone training will not cause another accident in the near future.
It looks as if the problems affecting double-decker buses is not an easy question to solve after all. I for one, wouldn’t like to be in the shoes of whosoever is in charge of the Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board (CVLB).
For the CVLB to take into account all these, prior to approving permits is going to be an impossible task, if not a daunting one.
Regarding the tragic incident, in which 10 people where said to have died, Road Safety Department Director-General Datuk Sureet Singh, felt the decision not to suspend Sani Express permit and to allow them to continue operating was some thing “saddening”.
Being involved in such a tragic accident, where 10 people lost their lives, the driver has in fact had contravened Section 41 of the Road Transport Ordinance 1978.
As such, the driver should automatically be slapped with the above summons right away and banned from driving.
Whatever the decisions of the authorities maybe, it would take some time to determine the cause of the unfortunate incident which happened recently and which took place at the North-South Expressway, 5km from the Jelepang toll plaza. As for actions which would taken by the authorities upon the bus company and driver involved, we have to be patient and awaits its results. In the meantime, it is urnestly hoped, all express bus drivers should drive with utmost care!
We the public and the authorities cannot afford to have another similar incident taking place again in our country. Even before this article can be put up in this blog, the Star newspaper dated 30th December 2009 announced “Driver in the dock” will be claiming trail.

The driver of the double-decker bus, Mohd Kamal Mohd Rasyid, 37, has claimed trail for causing the death of 10 persons with “reckless” driving.
He was charged in a traffic court by judge Mohd Ruhizat Abdullah in Ipoh yesterday afternoon, that is 29th December 2009. This entry was posted in Driving Safety and tagged Bus Driver, Double Deck Bus, Driving Safety, Expressway Driving on December 31, 2009 by Cikgu Yap. Ahi: Dear cikgu, Is there any law that protect the taxi driver in malaysia when involved on accidents? Chong: Hi cikgu, Just a month ago, my boyfriend was killed in a car crash at the passenger side. Khaled: Dear Yap, Thank you for this good website, I am looking for an English speaking driving instructor.
Buying a franchise or buying a business from the outset doesn’t always have to be your first introduction to a company.
Nic Chaviaris, Driver Hire’s Gatwick franchisee first started working for the business as a recruitment consultant. Due to blind spots, drivers should shoulder check anytime before they are about to move the vehicle over more than about 1 meter. Does anyone see the driveway to the underground parking lot, where there could be a car about to turn left? Generally to do a shoulder check, a driver should peak over the left or right shoulder (whichever direction the vehicle is about to be moved) out the back-side window; although this may vary slightly with different vehicles, such as a convertible with the top up.
Before pulling over to the side of the road (You are driving down the road and you want to pull over and stop beside the edge or the curb). Before turning right (sometimes left as well) at intersections Right turns without stop signs.

Many moons ago, Carmen became an ICBC-approved driving instructor at the age of 22 in North Vancouver, and has spent many years working with new and experienced drivers around the lower mainland. On ICBC's website it states that if you take an ICBC-approved driving course in your L phase, it will reduce your mandatory time in the N phase from 24 months to 18 months.
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It was further reported that the road tax and license of the driver in question was still valid, even after the accident happened is simply baffling. He’d previously worked in the industry since leaving university and when offered a recruitment position at two different companies he chose Driver Hire. She can be found reading the Motor Vehicle Act for fun while receiving strange looks from others. If for the time being, they are not allowed to conduct trips, what is to happen to double-decker buses? The second short video is Nic answering a few questions about his Driver Hire journey so far. We can see a silver car in front, a black truck, a red porsche (nice!), and nothing in the left-side mirror, correct? Because he knew that one day he would have the opportunity to buy the business and become his own boss.

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