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Kimi Raikkonen's manager has revealed the Finn will take a sabbatical from Formula One in 2010 as he was unprepared to join a team that could not mount a realistic world championship challenge.A  The 2007 world champion had been in discussions with McLaren after being released a year early from his contract with Ferrari, the Scuderia having signed Fernando Alonso to partner Felipe Massa from next season.
Robertson rejected speculation that Raikkonen's sabbatical has been triggered by McLaren's pursuit of Button, saying: 'Kimi was definitely their first choice. Allstar Motorcycle Training is giving the skills and knowledge you need to get your Victoria motorcycle licence. Then they started to look at other drivers.'The decision to call a halt to Raikkonen's negotiations with McLaren would appear to smooth the way for world champion Button to move to the team next season, with reports today indicating the Briton could sign a deal later this afternoon. I don't have my P's yet (for car), but i was wondering can i still get my motorbike L's and ride. You'll need to pass the road test before it expires- otherwise, you'll have to repeat both the knowledge test and motorcycle skills test.

The test route goes through different riding environments, like city streets, commercial areas, highways, and intersections with stop signs and traffic lights. You'll show your examiner you can use controls like turn signals and high beams, and demonstrate hand signals.On- road manoeuvres. These may includeriding through and turning right and left at intersectionsentering and leaving trafficentering and exiting a highway or freewaychanging lanesparking at the side of the roadreverse stall parking. While you're performing these manoeuvres, you demonstrate these See- Think- Do skills: observation, speed control, steering, space margins and communication. During the test, you'll be asked to pull over to the side of the road and identify all the hazards you see within one block in front of you, and immediately around you.
Tuning Up for Riderspractice hazard perception by naming hazards while someone drives you in a car, andconsider taking rider training from a professional school.What to bring.

When you come for your test, bring: a motorcycle in good working order with an engineA over 2.
If you use a motorcycle under 2.If you use a three- wheel vehicle, you'll be restricted to only driving three- wheel motorcycles. If you have no other drivera€™s licence and take your road test on a limited- speed motorcycle, you'll be restricted to limited- speed motorcycles only.
If English isn't your first language, you may bring a translator for your feedback session after the test.

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