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To ANYONE who has had Preeclampsia, can you tell me exactly where in the "upper abdomen" the pain would be? I have never had it but i was going to post about the swelling part of it and ask about that how much swelling is a sign because i know that most preg women have swelling in their feet and ankles so how do you know when there is a problem? Well I can only say that I personally am a bit worried about swelling as well, because my feet and legs are like tree trunks right now, and my feet are a weird hue of ghastly whitish purple.. The upper abdominal pain will be a searing epigastric (liver) pain and would be ABOVE your baby bump. A 22-year-old man is on a volume-cycled mechanical ventilator on a day when the barometric pressure is 755 mm Hg.
Increased red blood cell level is the body's way to attempt to compensate for low oxygenation.

The right side of the heart is part of a normally low pressure system, generally is thinner than the left heart.
This is more often a symptom of HELLP Syndrome and in my case the pain was horrific and accompanied by vomiting.
I have had a headache at least once per day since January 9th, and that is after not having any headaches at all for months.. Except my feet are waaaay bigger and my toes are so swollen they rub against each other lol.. When it has to work harder the right side hypertrophies - but it is difficult for this chamber to handle the work so blood gets backed up into the venous system resulting in right heart failure. I had an appointment with my new OB on the 25th but I rescheduled to the 18th so I could mention all of this..

I did gain 15 pounds of water weight the last few weeks but didn't have any significant swelling.
It wasn't until I took a 24 hour urine test that it showed a very large amount of protein in my urine.

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