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This homemade zombie inspired makeup recipe makes six natural cream mineral eyeshadows so you can share it with some of your favorite people – or easily halve the recipe to make less. This recipe is basically the same as my handmade 2 in 1 lip stain and cheek color recipe, but calls for different pigments and amounts to give you a bad boy bruise purple. Blog posts may contain affiliate links for which I receive a small commission when you make a purchase. DIY blogger, soapmaker, and mom with just the right mix of snark + moxie to keep things interesting. Just when you thought poker couldn't get any manlier, you come across Dan & Dave's Plaid Playing Cards ($6).
Go for a zombi-fied version of wedded bliss by following this fun tutorial on becoming a Zombie Bride. Saving the Family MoneyDIY, Recipes, Upcycling and Tips and Tricks To Saving The Family Money by Money Saving Expert Karen Rodriguez. October 12, 2015 by Karen This post may contain affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission if you click and make a purchase. Hubby had a work event that he wanted me to help him with so I did the zombie thing for him.
Start by weighing out the beeswax in a glass pyrex measuring cup, then heat the beeswax in the microwave until melted, about 3 minutes.

Mix well, then slowly pour the base equally into six (or seven) of the flower shaped cavities of your silicone mold. Then using a sponge or your fingertips, apply this cream purple mineral makeup under eyes, on eyelids around cheekbones and on lips!
You can also purchase limited edition products crafted from these DIY recipes from Rebecca’s Soap Delicatessen while supplies last. We’ve got small children, so this is the perfect amount to have on without scaring them to death! The DIY Zombie Customizable Action Figure Kit ($60) overcomes this by letting you decide for yourself. With decks sporting grandpa-stylish plaids, these regulation cards feature extras like an illustrated Buck for a joker, crossword puzzles, and even a recipe for the world's oldest known cocktail, the Sazerac. It creates a convincing bruise or death look, but with a hint of shimmer for the girly girl in you.
Carefully remove from microwave using a pot holder or kitchen towel, then stir in 28 grams of coconut oil.
Included inside are three eight-inch articulated bodies, five different heads, two pairs of hands, one pair of "just bitten" and one pair of "really rotten" arms and legs, an extra chest prosthetic, a business suit, some medical scrubs, a lab coat, two pairs of shoes, and instructions. They're printed by the US Playing Card Company on a premium stock with a cambric finish, and come in a snazzy leatherette box.

If mixture starts to solidify, place back in the microwave and heat for 20-30 seconds more until all ingredients have full melted. Go wild and blend a bit of red in with the purple under an eye to make your face look even more distressed. These are the types of benefits FoundersCard members receive from leading airlines, hotels, lifestyle brands, and business services. I’ve been married to my best friend for over 17 years and we have two wonderful children, a 13 year old boy and a 10 year old girl. FoundersCard is a community of more than 20,000 movers, shakers, innovators, and entrepreneurs.
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