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Paul Springer, Judy Burnfield and Natalie Williams at the Alexis Verzal Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital in Lincoln, Neb., where they are researching the impact of massage therapy for parents whose children are in rehabilitation. When Alexis Verzal first arrived at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital in Lincoln, Neb., her future held many more questions than answers. To help families like the Verzals, researchers from UNL’s College of Education and Human Sciences are embarking on a project to reduce stress for primary caregivers whose children are recovering from a severe injury or illness. Led by CYFS faculty affiliate Natalie Williams, the project provides massage therapy to caregivers during the first three weeks of their child’s inpatient rehabilitation at Madonna.
Researchers aim to ease parents’ transition and improve family functioning—which may ultimately influence outcomes for recovering children. The project also aims to bridge a critical research gap within rehabilitation contexts, Williams said. The project’s research team includes Judy Burnfield, director of Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital’s Institute for Rehabilitation and Engineering Sciences, and Paul Springer, associate professor of child, youth and family studies. The team is also collecting data from movement-tracking armbands, worn by participants for 72 hours, to track sleep quality.
While the current study supports adult caregivers, it may also guide future research aimed at helping other members of the family.
Tiffany Verzal serves on the study’s advisory board and has experienced that stress firsthand—and its profound ripple effect. When Alexis was 13 months old, she suffered a traumatic brain injury at a Texas daycare and was soon transferred to Madonna.
The Verzal family then made a difficult decision: Tiffany and her husband, Brandon, would quit their jobs in Texas, relocate to Nebraska and continue Alexis’ treatment at Madonna. Yet as Tiffany and Brandon cared for Alexis, they began to notice changes in her response to each parent.
The difference between the two reactions, Tiffany said, was her outward stress and residual anger toward the family’s former daycare provider. The Verzal family’s experience helped UNL researchers develop their study as they aimed to encourage self-care without placing additional demands on parents’ time. With the massage therapy study now underway at the Alexis Verzal Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital, the girl who inspired its name has moved on. As that chapter closes for her daughter, Tiffany Verzal views the massage therapy study as the beginning of another—one that will elevate the importance of positive family care. View the original article on The Nebraska Center for Research on Children, Youth, Families & Schools' news page. Vinyasa Flow is a mind-body movement practice that combines dynamic flow, strengthening and stretching techniques, conscious breathing, mindful awareness, and relaxation in a comprehensive practice that will improve strength, stamina, balance, mobility, posture and body awareness while reducing tension, stress, and poor postural habits. Suitable for the general population, Vinyasa Flow can be modified to meet the needs of a wide range of participants and in a wide range of environments. Since 2006 Yoga Trinity has delivered successful Vinyasa Flow Instructor Training programs to yoga teachers and fitness professionals in face-to-face trainings, and we are now making this program more accessible with a Distance Education module. It is our aim that when you complete this program you will be able to clearly demonstrate each movement, guide the general participant safely through a balanced sequence of techniques, and instruct simple breath-work exercises. If you are already a registered yoga, Pilates or fitness professional yes you can teach right away under your current professional cover.
You are welcome to teach this sequence as it is instructed in the course, or blend the movements into any mind-body movement class, private training session, or movement training session. No, there are no licensing fees, no ongoing costs, and no certification renewals required for this program.
No, this program is a continuing education program for those who have a background and certification in movement instruction. Visit the SHOP to find heaps of free yoga podcasts, videos, and resources to stream and download free. The past few months I have been celebrating my 10 year anniversary of facilitating yoga teacher training programs.

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Our Classes and Instructors Inner Dance Yoga Studio, serving the Anchorage Available at Inner Dance Studio Acupuncture Julia Moore M.Ac. Medicine Providers (CAM) (Naturopaths, Acupuncturist and Licensed Massage First Choice Health Provider Directory South Anchorage Physical Therapy, Inc.
This entry was posted in Massage Therapy and tagged borealis massage therapy anchorage, massage therapy anchorage, massage therapy anchorage ak, massage therapy anchorage alaska, massage therapy anchorage school. At e-Training for Dogs we have partnered with Treetops to offer students a comprehensive program in Canine Massage Therapy. Prerequisites: A basic knowledge of dogs as well as enthusiasm and interest in providing supportive health care through the use of massage to dogs in need. Possible career opportunities on completion of this diploma program: Self employment as a canine massage practitioner or as a employee within a veterinarian clinic, animal rehabilitation facility, humane society, rescue or other supportive canine care facility. Accreditation: Since there are no formal Accrediting agencies in the United States or Canada for Canine Massage professionals, we have done our best to make sure that our courses are approved by the top organizations both Nationally and Internationally. This provides a unique opportunity to come back to each lesson with questions, concerns and insights after completing your homework assignments. Students must successfully complete the canine anatomy and physiology course before enrolling in the introductory canine massage course. A Test Out Option from the anatomy and physiology course is available for qualified students.
Students must successfully complete the introduction to canine massage course before enrolling in the advanced canine massage course.
Homework assignments and video submissions in both of the massage courses that will ensure you master the massage skills.
There will be a knowledge assessment at the end of each course that ensures students have successfully completed the course requirements and have a level of training that ensures they will be safe when working on their own animals and doing the case studies.
Lastly students must complete 40 case studies – this means massaging 10 different dogs at least 4 times. Diploma program length: Students must successfully complete all three required courses as well as the submission of the case study massages. Students must complete the ENTIRE Canine Massage Certification Program within 24 months of enrollment. Canine Case Study Submissions (students will complete this as part of the course work in the Introduction to Canine Massage Course and the Advanced Canine Massage Course). Access to wide variety of friends and families dogs for practicing canine massage techniques.
A large flat canine dog bed and assorted covers upon which to safely and comfortably practice canine massage. While her parents Tiffany and Brandon Verzal grappled with these unknowns, this much they knew: their world had been turned upside down.

That initial timeframe can be demanding and emotionally challenging for parents, who are adjusting to new family routines, responsibilities, and financial stressors. Many existing approaches emphasize changes in parenting behaviors or practices, rather than reducing parents’ stress and promoting positive coping skills. To understand massage therapy’s effect on the mind, the team is assessing parents’ self-reported levels of anxiety and depression. Parents will receive either one or three massages per week as researchers examine the impact of massage frequency on their psychological well-being and biological response.
The Alexis Verzal Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital at Madonna is named after her daughter, Alexis. Massage therapy, with its existing empirical evidence for stress relief, was consistent with that goal, Williams said. After seven years of rehabilitation, Alexis graduated from outpatient recovery in May 2015 and is currently a third-grade student in Lincoln, Neb. Suitable for fitness, yoga and Pilates studios, private sessions and group classes, for elite athletes and older adults, this practice can be adapted to meet varying levels of fitness, balance, and body awareness. We are enthusiastic about continuing to bridge the gap between fitness and yoga, and make continuing education training more affordable and accessible. As well, we encourage each Vinyasa Flow instructor in demonstrating the philosophies of Vinyasa Flow in their practice, and professional and personal interactions.
If you belong to another yoga or fitness organization, speak to them directly about using this program towards continuing education credits. If you do not carry certification as a yoga or fitness professional, you will require a minimum of 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training or your Certificate 3 in Fitness before you can teach professionally.
There are no rules about how you can use this program, no ‘set choreography’, and we welcome you to use your knowledge, experience, and creativity with Vinyasa Flow to create balanced and effective programming for your clients. If you wish to become a Registered Yoga Instructor, a face-to-face training of a minimum of 200-hours is required. The massage oil blend is light, glides easily over the surface yet provides enough drag to be excellent for deep tissue work.
Organic products have been grown under the supervision of the USDA via a regional certifying agency. To understand its effect on the body, they are measuring parents’ levels of salivary cortisol and alpha-amylase—biological indicators of the body’s response to stress.
Very concentrated, a small amount of this oil will provide several minutes of workability and your clients will leave the table feeling like their skin has just been moisturized, not greasy. Current regulations forbid genetically altered or engineered products in the growth or make-up of the plant. Massage Today called Raymond Blaylock, "One of the true pioneers and innovators of the Seated Massage concept and a producer of a top-selling video on the subject". You will be asked when you register if you have read them and will not be allowed to take the course if you do not agree to the terms. The processing and packaging must meet a standard of cleanliness similar to that of kosher certification. Students must send a request in writing to the course instructor requesting an extension no less than 30 days BEFORE the term ends. The purchase of organic products helps fuel an economy that ultimately benefits your body, the farmer, and the earth.

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