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Before high-tech tsunami information was available, people who lived along the gulf coast and in Caribbean nations had no way of knowing that one had occurred until it arrived on their shores. The most recent example of a tsunami in the Gulf of Mexico happened in 1946, when a magnitude 8.1 earthquake ripped through the Dominican Republic and ultimately killed more than 1,800 people. For people living on the gulf coast, the possibility of a tsunami is understandably frightening. During the BP oil spill, for example, there was a rumor that a massive methane gas bubble could burst and cause a killer tsunami. By understanding the basics of how tsunamis develop, you'll quickly see that the likelihood of a major Gulf of Mexico disaster is very low.
They are typically caused by earthquakes, and earthquakes happen when tectonic plates shift. A comprehensive assessment of tsunami potential in the Gulf of Mexico was produced by the U.S Geologic Service in 2009 (see link below). If a tsunami happened in this part of the world, a Gulf of Mexico tsunami warning would be issued.
Turn on your radio to learn if there is a warning if an earthquake occurs and you are in a coastal area.
The Survival earthquake evacuation emergency preparedness kit is a deluxe two-person kit for 72 hours. One of the main essentials the body has to have is water and the pack comes with 48 packs of Datrex water, which can be stored for five years. Food is another priority when disaster strikes and the pack offers 48 pouches of 200 calorie food bars, which again can be stored for up to five years. The Survival earthquake evacuation emergency preparedness kit is packed with items specifically related to surviving a disaster, there is a hand crank radio to keep in contact with the outside world through news. The Survival earthquake evacuation emergency preparedness kit is a great collection of everything you could want in an emergency, packed neatly into one bag, it is convenient and saves you the time of having to search for and buy everything yourself separately.
Managing social media profiles for your company or brand is a must in today’s business world. Deal with any mistakes as soon as they are brought to your attention because waiting even a few hours to apologize gives the situation an air of insensitivity.

Bad grammar, spelling, incorrect links or posting personal statuses can all be quickly dealt with by providing an explanation and correction, and laughing at yourself if you are able.
Releasing announcements too early can be joked about or seen as a bonus to your audience, although you may be in some hot water back at the office.
Best practice for social media disasters is to have a long history of respect, accuracy and correctness to back up your brand. To clean up the error, the Red Cross tweeted that this was a huge mistake and “the Red Cross is sober and we’ve confiscated the keys.” Acknowledgement, apology, humor and even sneaking in a message about safe driving were key in turning that disaster into a funny moment.
Checkerboard Strategic Web Development received three Graphic Design USA Design Awards for 2013! However, a tsunami can technically happen in any large body of water that experiences a major earthquake or another cataclysmic event.
If a large enough one develops, a United States tsunami could affect the Gulf Coast of the country. Unfortunately, there are alarmists out there who take advantage of people's fears to make them even more afraid. A fault line, which is the border between two tectonic plates, runs between Central American and the Lesser Antilles. The kit is packed full of items to help four people survive in the event of an emergency and is suitable for the car, home or work. But having enough social savvy to run your company’s social accounts probably means you also have a personal account, which leads to opportunities to mis-post. Telling your audience the honest truth about what occurred, or what your intention was, is the most genuine and respectful way to clean it up. Typos that become offensive, inappropriate opinions and insensitive statements will take a bit more explanation and an apology as you can expect your audience to be offended. False rewards can be tricky since it depends on what part of the reward you can’t own up to. Explain the account has been hacked and apologize for whatever was posted, then bring in a professional to secure your account settings! Don’t be afraid to show that you have a team of brand ambassadors working to amend the mistake because it humanizes the company and connects with your audience.

Better yet the beer brand that was named, Dogfish Head, jumped on the opportunity by asking its fans to donate to the Red Cross by providing a link and using the hashtag #gettngslizzerd.
This means that the pack lasts twice as long as others, which can be a lifeline should disaster strike.
It also has a rechargeable flashlight which is hand squeezed, a survival whistle, flint starter, container that is water tight, matches which are waterproof and a fire starter. With Facebook utilizing your personal account to sign onto to your business page and Twitter’s “keep me signed in” feature, posting something personal (or just all-around disastrous) onto your business account is a consistent job hazard. While your audience may forgive what happened, the worst aftermath of a hacker is the possibility of it happening again. What better way to end the day than turning a social media disaster into a laugh for your audience and an opportunity to do something good!? It weighs in at 32 pounds in weight, with all items being fitted within a duffel bag for easy and convenient storage and carrying. There are 40 water purification tablets, with each of the tablets being able to purify up to 1 litre of water, making it drinkable.
There are four Mylar sleeping bags, emergency ponchos with hoods, a tube tent for two, 16 function knife multi-tool, leather gloves, a rope of 50 feet and hygiene kit for four. Trying to tell them that the mistake wasn’t so bad or that you are technically in the right about what you stated, won’t win you many fans. Someone representing the American Red Cross accidently tweeted about finding a certain brand of beer and was going to be “getting slizzered”, a phrase created to rhyme with blizzard that means a state of high intoxication, made popular from the rap song Like a G6 by Far East Movement.
There are four N95 masks, kit for first aid, shut off wrench, which is very useful when it comes to shutting off the water and gas supplies or to open up doors and windows that have become jammed. Explain, apologize, and offer something else if you can such as a discount or future contest.
The kit also supplies a can opening device, waste bags, water bag with capacity of 2.5 gallons, four 12 hour light sticks, a portable stove and fuel tablets, some survival candles along with a pack of playing cards.

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