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The English styled roof line has been designed with additional height to ensure an internal ambiance of space. This feature is well complimented by the traditionally styled Georgian barred windows and doors. The Village Hall is versatile enough to suite a number of outdoor building functions, expanding the available living space within your garden. The 70mm version provides a higher rate of insulation and added structural stability with an additional timber width of 26mm.
The BillyOh Village hall utilises a set of fully double glazed doors with included optional Georgian bars.

The six windows used are also fully double glazed side opening tilt and turn and come in a large size, with the Georgian bar option included.ConstructionWith the buildings solid construction method, utilising the traditional method of interlocking logs combined with secure double locking method, maintain the buildings secure feel. The high roof-line made from substantial joists and 19mm thick T&G roof boards provides an internal feel of quality.
This coupled with highly detailed crafted windows and doors, provides plenty of ambient natural light proving to be a versatile and luxurious space. The use of cutting edge technology in both the design and manufacturing processes results in a building of very high quality. The Cabin can be assembled over a period of two days, following the provided technical details and general instructions.

Upon completion it is imperative that the untreated building is treated with a quality wood preservative to ensure longevity and durability for years to come.
Log cabin provided with fixing kit ensuring easier assembly.Spacious interiorDesigned with a high roof-line, fully double glazed double-doors and eight large opening windows ensuring this log cabin has a light, spacious interior. Cut to 19mm thick timber with substantial roof supports crafted with precision CNC machining.

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